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  1. If it's no fans and racers and crew only, I think the tracks/series that have a strong social media presence and have done streaming and live broadcasting racing in the past would obviously benefit the most when/if we go back to racing this year. I would gladly pay regular admission price to watch from home. Hell I watched STSS races in my living room on a gorgeous summer night just a year ago, would kill to do that now in April. I think some tracks that have a lot of seating and pit area could limit capacity and spread people out. I mostly frequent the capital region tracks and could see how the Valley could make this work. Lots of seating and a massive parking area. Could pit some classes outside the speedway in the dragstrip area and tape off bleachers and concession lines to maintain proper distancing. In the end who knows what's going to happen as this is an unprecedented situation and also very fluid, changing by the hour it seems. I just hope we are back at the track soon and that we don't lose any more speedways. 🏁
  2. Dale Jr. mentioned on his podcast that they tried to work something out to get Stew in an Xfinity car at JR Motorsports for a couple races this year but couldn't get a deal done. It will be interesting to see if that is something that happens next year. Another option could be the 23 GMS Xfinity car in 2020, however there have been rumors of that team shutting down.
  3. You can as long as it has a web browser which it should if it’s a smart TV. However, I found the quality is much better if I airplay from my MacBook to appleTV or just watch on the laptop rather than using my tv’s browser.
  4. What a sh*t show this if for lack of a better term. They are using a fire truck in the pits to pump water out of the track and spraying it back over the racing surface onto cars in the drive-in areas.
  5. Sounds good to me, would be awesome to have Doug and Paul back. I mean this year's 200 bored me to death with all the caution laps needed for opening the pits...and it was sponsored by a used car dealer so there's that.
  6. Anyone have any recommendations on campgrounds in the Oswego area. We’d be tenting it and don’t need to be to close to the track. Thanks.
  7. 17 is a weapon out there. A couple times this year he's even ran into guys in time trails/warm ups.
  8. Anything that has a web browser should work. I use my Samsung smart tv with no issues.
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