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  1. SaturdayNightSpecial

    Big weekend at mohawk

    17 is a weapon out there. A couple times this year he's even ran into guys in time trails/warm ups.
  2. Anything that has a web browser should work. I use my Samsung smart tv with no issues.
  3. Yes it's live now.
  4. SaturdayNightSpecial

    Mr Dirt Track USA

    Sheppard and Friesen miss the re-draw, Rudolph DNQ
  5. SaturdayNightSpecial

    Mr Dirt Track USA

    Sheppard and Friesen miss the re-draw, Rudolph DNQ
  6. SaturdayNightSpecial

    Mr Dirt Track USA

    Not a full purse breakdown but this should give you a general idea: "Not only will the winner take home the $25,500, the runner-up nets a cool $8,000, $3,000 for third on down to $1,000 for tenth, and $500 just to take the green." - From the SDS website
  7. SaturdayNightSpecial

    Dippel suspended

    Probably needed a few hits after the centennial fiasco.
  8. Hearing Tyler Dippel has been indefinitely suspended by NASCAR. No reason given other than the cover all “actions detrimental to stock car racing”.
  9. SaturdayNightSpecial

    Stew brings out yellow

    They just had a 100k to win modified race, but yes they are too cheap.
  10. SaturdayNightSpecial


    Mr Dirt, Malta SDS, Charlotte Roval, ESW
  11. SaturdayNightSpecial

    Albany saratoga

    Figured there would have been some sort of press release or post from track by now.
  12. SaturdayNightSpecial

    Mr Dirt Track USA

    Got my rooftop tickets the other day. First time sitting up there, heard it's one of the best views in racing. Can't Wait.
  13. SaturdayNightSpecial


    They tested at Eldora SDS. Not sure if they’ve done it anywhere else.
  14. Hoping to hear a Christopher Bell announcement soon. Xfinity is off that weekend and he Said SDW is number 1 on his bucket list.
  15. Whitney Productions on Facebook has it. I couldn't embed it on here.