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  1. SaturdayNightSpecial


    Brown around the bottom and slick to a cushion.
  2. That's where I'll be. Hearn's return, 4 modified features, 0% chance of rain and heartburn from a sausage grinder. Can't wait.
  3. I know it's early, but there seems to be a lot more parity in the modified division now that Hearn is gone. Think we're in for the quite the championship battle this summer.
  4. https://boxoffice.diamondticketing.com/lebanonvalley/seats You can buy your indoor tower seats in advance at the link above. Enjoy the races and be sure to try a grinder.
  5. SaturdayNightSpecial

    5 mile point

    Ahhhh the official sign that the racing season is underway: A Creeden DQ.
  6. SaturdayNightSpecial

    Fonda Opening Night!!!!!!

    Going to head to the Valley. Will be impressed if they can get the track ready.
  7. SaturdayNightSpecial

    New drivers at the Valley

    Think this year will be a lot more exciting now that the Jet is gone. Realistically there are 6-8 drivers that could win the championship.
  8. SaturdayNightSpecial

    OCFS Centennial Dirt Mod 160

    That would be awesome, The Xfinity series races in Bristol that Friday night. One would think his schedule would be open for Saturday. I think if he wanted to do it Halmar would have a car for him.
  9. SaturdayNightSpecial

    OCFS Centennial Dirt Mod 160

    I agree, Malta will still be the place to be on Friday nights. Don't think this really effects Malta due to OCFS running Saturday. I'm sure hes worried about losing some top cars at the Valley on Saturday. Which i think will happen unless he ups the purse. Anyone know what the Valley pays for modified points championship?
  10. SaturdayNightSpecial

    OCFS Centennial Dirt Mod 160

    Curious to see what they do here. I'm sure Hearn would go to OC, maybe Tremont and a few others. Maybe give the big blocks the night off and have the small blocks as the headliner for the night. Or just take the night off entirely.
  11. Marc Johnson to the Valley full time next year in the Scott Hamlin Racing #25 PMC
  12. SaturdayNightSpecial

    You Build It

    So basically you would make Lebanon Valley
  13. SaturdayNightSpecial


    It was LJ Lombardo who had the on board. Pretty scary stuff, LJ ended up with a broken rib from the impact.
  14. SaturdayNightSpecial


    I had no issues using my mastercard this morning.
  15. SaturdayNightSpecial

    Outlaw/ Orange county

    This stream is impressive, multiple cameras and even a drone