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  1. Big block kid

    Sdw parking

    I would try to get a spot on a lawn because I have seen in the past at events that unless you have About 100 busses, there is gonna be a long ass wait to get on one.
  2. And Bobby varin won in a midget at the ridge last year too
  3. If this sportsman guy has 8 wins and deserves a big block ride, then Josh coonradt the street stock racer from fonda deserves a fully paid ride in the WoO late models because he's got 11 wins this season. Right.......
  4. Big block kid

    Triple 20's at Glen Ridge

    Bobby varin won the first mod feature, on a last lap pass on john lutes. The racing is great for the mods
  5. Big block kid

    Triple 20's at Glen Ridge

    I want to go to the ridge but the family wants go go to the tractor pull in cobiskill so have fun at the ridge
  6. Big block kid

    This week @ CNYRP

    I hate how all of these roads were built in such a short amount of time, but they can't fix some damn pot holes on rt 20
  7. How is the surface looking for them to run tonight?
  8. I am in Florida and am out of the loop, what happend with the big wreck at fonda ? Who? What happend? Are they ok ?
  9. My favorite small teams are the varin's
  10. Bobby varin has always been good to me and lots of kids, he lakes the time to talk to and sign and autograph for every kid.
  11. Big block kid


    My question for Pete or someone who knows is will I be able to get a season pass and the seats that I've sat in for 20 years reserved ? I usually get the passes at the show.
  12. I went to the fairgrounds today for the indoor farm show. I had not been there since Stewie fresien was being interviewed after winning the 200. Everything that could ever resemble a race track was gone. It is just a giant empty lot with a bunch of excavators and dump trucks working. I also did notice up under one of the open sheds up by gate six that there looked to be some of the seats from the general admission seats. This was ever sadder than leaving after the 200.
  13. Big block kid

    Dipple ?

    If Tyler can hit Larry in the head with mud, imagine how good he could be on the baseball field.