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  1. Add Mike Mahaneys Sprint to the pile.
  2. The mechanical failure was caused by the rough and dangerous track conditions. Pretty sure decker had a backup car. Guessing that's why he didn't unload it.
  3. Fonda is a joke. Just starting heats at 845 and a pile of junk cars already.
  4. Bigblock12

    STSS vs KOD

    Maybe it will rain in Fonda tomorrow
  5. Starting to rain just south of Amsterdam. Radar doesn't look good
  6. Bigblock12

    U.S. Politics at Fonda

    It wasn't quite as bad at the end of last season when the ess race finished up sometime after 1 am. I would thought after 2 years of operating the track it would be figured out how to run an efficient show but I guess not.
  7. Bigblock12

    FONDA tonight

    No complaints that the sportsman feature was called off at 1130? Feel bad for those guys. Granted they get double features next week but they still wasted their time and money last night.
  8. He's a clown just like Drellos. More money behind them than talent.
  9. Bigblock12


    Heard it's Parillo
  10. Bigblock12

    Glen Ridge

    I agree all promoters have issues. No one is perfect. But the management at GR and Fonda sure managed to upset a lot of drivers and fans last season. As far as previous promoters, I think the car counts of years gone by speak for themselves. I think there's more drivers today than there were 10 years ago, but there staying away from these 2 tracks for a reason. Hopefully they get them going in the right direction this year.
  11. Bigblock12

    Glen Ridge

    Great track, bad operator. If Lyle treated people like garbage they would have low car counts at Malta too
  12. According to a post on Facebook, Dirtcar has received the forms but not the money.
  13. I wouldn't be so sure that they even bought either of those. The water truck has been sitting at Perillos on Northern Blvd in Amsterdam for a few months now.