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  1. Had 4 sessions of limited car counts at a time starting in the morning throughout the day.
  2. He will be lucky to run a top 10 this year at Malta in all honestly. I love little Mcgrew and he is a great kid but I would have liked to have watched him in the sportsman ranks a few more years and become a bit more seasoned before making such a huge jump to a BB. Even some of the most talented drivers have a hard time adjusting to the power let alone a kid who has a year of rookie and a year of normal sportsman under his belt.
  3. Are you able to watch on your phone? Not gonna be home tonight still want to watch but haven't watched on my phone before.
  4. Heard that as well since The Ridge is supposedly going back to hoosiers. Always nice to have another track for the drivers to run without having to spend countless dollars on different tire brands.
  5. Only the Jason Simmons 358. Wrecked at Weedsport and tried to get it back together before practice. Didnt happen and just made it for Time Trials. Started way back in his heat and had a flat, managed to drive back up to 11th and DNQ for the 150.
  6. Makes total sense that hes focusing on what will make him the most money.
  7. I agree... Saturdays Consis, sportsman feature, and the first 100 laps of the mods were very disappointing especially with it being my first time there. Then they ripped the track apart for over an hour and it was awesome racing for about 30-40 laps (drivers knew they had to use the entire track while they had it to gain positions) and then it died right back out to single lane.
  8. Multiple cars were ticking ... first time ive noticed it all year. Bobby and another car either Danny V or Mahaney had it to. As for the smoke I could not see any on the front stretch.
  9. Doesn't matter where you go as long as you're supporting a NYS dirt track!!! Both shows will be awesome. I myself am a Fonda regular and will be there all weekend but LOL is certainly putting on one hell of a show as well. Its a great weekend to be a dirt fan wherever you end up.
  10. Deyo will pull something out of his bag of tricks. Any chance some STSS South region guys will make the trip up?
  11. At lap 100, a yellow/red will be called for 10 minutes. Cars staying on the track will be permitted to refuel, adjust tire pressures, re-apply tear-offs ONLY on the front straightaway and will maintain their position. Cars heading to the Hot Pit area may change tires or make other adjustments but must start behind the cars remaining on the speedway. Cars remaining on the speedway will maintain their running order from lap 100. Cars entering the Hot Pit area will be scored via their running order from lap 100. Drivers will not be able to advance their position on the Hot Pit during the break with the exception of those not returning to the speedway within the allotted 10- minute time limit.
  12. Looks like he is looking for a ride for the Fonda 200 after his bad wreck this past Saturday at Fonda. He has a guaranteed starting spot for the event from winning the Vengeance race at Glen Ridge. If anyone is willing to help him out, reach out to his Facebook page. Would love to see as many track regulars in the event as possible!!
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