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  1. Back in the 70's, I was at a paved oval track, in Quebec. They had a spectator race with 12 cars, 6 were going clockwise with the other 6 going counterclockwise. The first car to complete 10 laps won. One of the cars was a station wagon with a canoe on the roof and I am sure the driver had a few too many beers, to boot.
  2. They weigh the same at SDS races...Fuller could have won with a Briggs, last night. But it is nice a $10,000 engine can win.
  3. Super stagnant? Would like to see you win a SDS race, still the hardest race to win, week in and week out.
  4. Big purse for budget sportsman cars. Surprised no Canadians entered.
  5. About time WRG increases the purses and stops taking all the money back to Concord.
  6. Pierson has more talent and less money than Dippel.
  7. My point, which I did not make very well, is there should be more of them running in the 358 class.
  8. Yup the $10,000 engine, that engine builders love to hate, is awesome! Hear they have sold 50, should have been 150 by now.
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