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  1. Who's expected to be here?
  2. Race fan 34

    Gypsum 91 at Fulton

    Ceo of my company walked by me 3 times today. It's a 3 billion dollar asset company. Can't believe he didn't have saying "hi to his employee today"on top of his mind. Can you ask0329?
  3. I don't mind it as long as the show keeps moving. Mod light class seems to be fading in numbers.
  4. Race fan 34

    Utica Rome

    I always wondered how a Thursday night track would do. Has there ever been?
  5. Race fan 34

    Gypsum 91 at Fulton

    This. Is. Hilarious. Ask0329 with the most incredible, nonsense comments of the year. "I was working and he didn't come say hi, and I had to bring my own water bottle". Haha. And he's not "paying out the purses". Well he paid out enough money I'm sure just to break even to keep a dirt track there. It could look like CNYRP right now. Then, Does a good deed and helps a racing family, and somehow u turned it into people would have left without Tim Kerr there and all the $2.00 hotdog money would have walked right out! Hahaha. Oh my. We've seen it all now. You do you. One $2.00 hotdog value at a time.
  6. Race fan 34

    This week @ CNYRP

    From many many construction sights- Pipes, cement pour, etc, steel foundation- all past due if u wanted a race tack by time said. its at Oswego. End Of Story. See you there
  7. Race fan 34

    This week @ CNYRP

    If that was the case they would make a announcement saying so, so it wouldn't look bad on CNYRP. Always easier to blame someone else, especially NY State. But until then maybe the " CNYRP is ahead of schedule" comment isn't needed just yet
  8. Race fan 34

    This week @ CNYRP

    The positive thinkers will just tell u no one is working due to Memorial Day but prob be going back at it tomorrow
  9. Race fan 34

    This week @ CNYRP

    All this work that's happening at CNYRP by the way, might not even be on the dirt track.
  10. Race fan 34

    This week @ CNYRP

    Deery told AARN that he wished Donelley would be honest with the progress.
  11. If there's a track with a grandstand, the lawn is the least of your worries. sincerely, super dirt week 16
  12. Thanks! It's amazing how much these cars are changing and continue too!
  13. Why do all modifieds change thier tire to a small donut on the tires after the race putting them into the hauler? It seems like one team did it, now they all do it. Any reason?
  14. Race fan 34

    UR tonight

    I think this is fair as well
  15. Race fan 34

    UR tonight

    Rain just kept coming. Had to be called. 3 laps in late mods