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  1. Heading to Charlotte next week for the World Finals. They expect beautiful weather but a bit cold for this year’s event. How about a list of big block drivers that will attend the show?
  2. I think that in 20 years, we will all talk about OCFS Centennial Race again. Great racing and a lot of controversy with the biggest purse ever for Modified racing.
  3. The Therrien brothers Alan (39a) and Alex (39x) will be there with their 358s.
  4. Good deal no doubt but the deal wasn’t only for two minutes. Metal Pless is a Quebec company and the deal runs through the July SDS events in our province, the Cornwall event at the end of June, last years ESW, and the World Finals. So this is a pretty good sponsorship. Metal Pless builds snow plows by the way. Just saying! 🙂
  5. Add anothe confirmed addition to the 358 field in Oswego will be Michael Parent 25P.
  6. Once again Kenny Tremont prevails with a big win at the Valley. Locals always perform well for this big race and it is the case again this year.
  7. Don’t want to waste your time commenting the OCFS controversy but there was a big race paying 12k to the winner tonight in Cornwall. Finally a big win for Timmy Fuller who gets the W with a last turn pass on a surprisingly fast all night long Mike Maresca. The 100k man Mat Williamson finishes 3rd. Pretty good race, no dust, good crowd, chilly night. Enjoyed every minute of it. Now back to Sheppard vs Larsen boxing match. Ding Ding Ding!
  8. He will be in Cornwall tonight for the big 12k to win event tonight. He finished second to Sheppard in this race last year.
  9. Another Quebec invader for SDW in a W16 will be Jean Boissonneault 61.
  10. Cornwall’s biggest event of the year is happening Thursday. How about outsiders that should attend the event? Lots of Quebecers, as always, will be there. Mat Williamson is a confirmed attendee as well. How about Matt Sheppard to try and defend his title from last year when he was in Roger Slack’s car?
  11. You can add three more names that will be at SDW in small blocks only. 25* Steve Bernier 49 Francois Bernier 22c Mario Clair The Bernier brothers will concentrate their energy on Oswego only. Clair should participate in all the satellite shows in his own car.
  12. Track prep wise, it was a good call to start the event later, they would have burned the track. It was great racing in the heats from the get go. I can understand why people would complain about this situation. They shouldn’t have started the race when they did. They put drivers in a bad situation and it was a catastrophe in the making. They also told Sheppard that he could work on his vehicule, and that’s what he did. I understand why he was so mad about the situation. The other thing is, for us fans sitting in the stands, the lack of infos about this situation was astounding. The track has two announcers, and even added Mandee Pauch to report in the pits. The only thing they did is show the great FOX Sports documentary about OCFS. A good show, no doubt, but when you watch it three times during the night, you get bored! I made a six hour trek to attend the event last night to witness history. What would be racing without a bit of controversy? No doubt I won’t forget the Centennial race in a lifetime.
  13. First time at OCFS on Saturday. I bought 4 tickets in the half covered grandstands row L. Is there seats there or only bleachers so I should bring thick cushions?
  14. Can confirm that David Hebert and Sébastien Gougeon will be there for 358 action at Oswego.
  15. How about that 16 year old kid Zeb Wise beating Young Money Larson at the line? Truly impressive. Don’t miss the highlights of this race.
  16. Really nice showing by a true gentleman. His nickname is The Priest by the way. And it suits him perfectly!😁
  17. First time in Middletown. I see there is two different stands available to sit. One of those the first six rows are already sold out or reserved. The bigger stands all seems available. where would you suggest us to reserve our seats?
  18. Well it’s the same for us when we cross on your side. If I was in your shoes, I won’t miss my chance to cross over and come see us. We put on a hell of a show. Ask any driver who participate in a race in Quebec in the last few years. Friesen was ecstatic last year after winning in Granby that I’m not surprised at all that he’s committed to go Racing with us once again this year.
  19. The SDS is crossing the border for the first time this year already next week in Cornwall. I expect a good car count but I'm wondering who will make the trip, exactly? That will give us a good idea on which drivers will be there in July for the Granby and Drummondville events. Any confirmations? As for Quebec drivers, JF Corriveau and Steve Bernard will definitely be there with their big blocks. Yan Bussiere is a question mark because of engine issues.
  20. I just bought the event and is it just me or the video quality is very choppy? I tried multiple time to restart it and it doesn't change the picture quality. EDIT: I restarted the browser completely and it works fine now!
  21. like I said, as the Autodrome Drummond promoter, he can’t be in Middletown on August 17th. They are having one of their biggest shows of the year at that time.
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