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  1. Not impressive in a pavement car. Haha. Just another unprofessional dirt driver.
  2. Brady loves winning more than money…..has his whole career which is a big reason why he’s the GOAT. He made it a priority to keep a team around him rather than have the largest contract.
  3. True….it’s amazing what Benjamin Button is doing on the field at his age…..but I can absolutely guarantee you that long before Tom hits the age of the drivers we are debating……he will have hung up the cleats. Unlike these guys…..when Brady is done performing at the highest level he will call it quits. Declining exponentially in front of an audience is not his idea of winding it down.
  4. Decker has won 1 race in the big block this season. Series points don’t mean a whole lot when Stew and Mahaney are outside the top 20 and behind Marcus Dinkins. Your right they do have tons of raw talent…..so does Steve Kinser, Scott Bloomquist, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Usain Bolt, Derek Jeter, Micheal Jordan, Shaq, Peyton Manning, Emmitt Smith etc. the list will never end, because age catches up to everyone. When it does one cannot do what they once could. Stop acting like these guys are exempt from this reality.
  5. Oh this forum is already bitching about ESW and it hasn’t happened yet…..but drivers shouldn’t say a word in interviews. It’s not terrible….it’s challenging. Dirtcar rules for the 200 and for interviews.
  6. Doesn’t matter…..Oswego gave it a free pass. Shouldn’t hear anyone running lips about track conditions now.
  7. I never said “kick him to the curb”……I see people say “ I hope the DR gets a good ride for ESW..” my feeling is I wish a guy like Zach Sobotka could get a modified ride at any race. He’s a talented kid with a long future in front of him……I’ve seen Danny for years, but none of us know how talented that kid could be. Heck, even Danny’s kid has shown vast improvement this year….with what appears to be very limited resources and a car that’s been through hell and back…..give him a shot. Every time a 40 year veteran gets an opportunity……it’s another one lost for a younger lesser known driver. At th
  8. Stats don’t lie, they blow away the competition in wins, championships and any form of consistency. There may be guys that could challenge them on a more regular bases…..but they are not guys that have been doing it for 40 years already.
  9. Exactly…..people have a hard time believing that Alan, Danny and Brett are flat out past their prime. They all could have a few good runs a year, but no matter the ride the heyday is over. To grow the sport young talent needs to be exposed. I feel car owners that continue to re circulate the same aged group do nothing to help the sport. This is just my opinion.
  10. Yes…..and some have the opinion guys like Danny should get that opportunity. I feel that others deserve it. Really quite simple….they are opinions….neither are right or wrong. If we are going to shut down discussions based off who actually decides what goes on….then shut the forum down completely. The car owners, drivers, track /series promoters and sponsors make the decisions. This forum is here for people to discuss and argue over those said decisions.
  11. I absolutely have nothing to do with it…..but continuing to put guys in cars that are far past their prime does nothing but stagnate the sport. All I hear daily from ppl is times have changed, can’t hold onto the past, well apparently that’s not the case for dirt modified racing. People advocate for drivers to get rides based on past relevance.
  12. I’ve always wondered why they board from front to back…..apparently they think the people in first class want to sit and be swatted by carry on bags for 20 minutes and then listen to people bitch cause there is no overheard storage left for those in the rear of the plane. Takes way more time….is always a cluster fu@k and makes zero sense. It’s like loading the racecar and then attempting to load the Pitbox and tools.
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