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  1. Assume the protocols are only being listed because the state says so.
  2. I do not doubt anything you have just said, what I doubt is that there is anything that could be or could’ve been done to stop any of the outcome. As we speak there are numerous states that have dropped every restriction (masks, gatherings, bars etc.) They have still been dropping in numbers and hospitalizations for weeks. They were called Neanderthals. Yet, states that are still locked up solid are supposedly hot spots. There is zero explanation for that. And it isn’t state population because Texas is a big state.
  3. Mat has had unbelievable success is the big money marquee races. Good for him. Stew and Sheppard are not lap cars on their “off” nights. I’ve seen quite a few races in between the big wins where Williamson is out of sight out of mind, the 44 and 9s are rarely not contending for wins and top 5s.
  4. Stating crowd size and claiming social distancing was not possible is not asking a question. If someone is scared of crowds and covid stay home. If you go to the races and it’s packed with people and your not comfortable, don’t go until your no longer concerned. Making statements regarding tracks not following guidelines helps no one. Based on Texas.....it’s over when people stop losing control over it.
  5. Thank you. It’s just looking to put a stop to normalcy returning for the bulk of us.
  6. Which is all that needs to be done. There does not have to be mention on any forum of racetracks or other gatherings that have too many people or are not following guidelines. If your scared at this point stay home. If you go, you should know beforehand it’s an outdoor event and guidelines probably won’t be followed.
  7. Is there a thread that doesn’t end up having something brought up about covid and restrictions? Nobody cares anymore. Go to the races and enjoy it or stay home. Who needs to bring up social distancing measures or masks or capacity?
  8. The native poker deal with Jeff rudalevege and the pillsbury cars with Beachy.
  9. Who cares....pack the places and if your scared stay home.....good for the tracks. It’s about time they were able to start making some money again.
  10. Idk about regularly, I believe he still has some hand in macucelli stuff, and I thought his son was going to try some modified stuff.
  11. I agree. The heat races were so bad the features appeared to be nail biters, but it’s better than nothing. Great they got a good weather day this early up there to race.
  12. I heard graham sold out and Billy’s new bicknell wasn’t ready yet. Not sure that’s accurate, just what I was told.
  13. Well they certainly flip flopped on run time for the program, outlaw was done before the consis were finished at can and I believe. The features were ok. I’m happy I wasn’t there in person but working around the house and having it on tv was ok.
  14. It was certainly a dirty move.....willix has every right to go nuts over it. I just don’t understand how that happens, Shane is announcing it, and the camera guy is watching trees and an ambulance. This camera guy is awful.....multiple times throughout the event he just sits on a car, normally the leader....all by himself while the announcers talk about actual battles going on. Done it the whole mod feature .
  15. How does a driver get out of his car....run across a track to confront the driver that just destroyed his racecar......and the camera man does not get any of it?
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