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  1. They can run Hoosiers, racers, good years, Firestone’s or Hankooks. It won’t matter, the place is/has been poorly run and promoted for years. No matter what they do they can’t get a following. What’s hard on the racers is the constant change in schedule, purse, rules, etc. If they want a field of cars they need to take it on the chin for a few seasons but keep things the same, why would anyone venture out of their home track to race a facility that can’t stick to a game plan for more than a season. The number 1 reason tracks like Fulton, brewerton, A/S and canandaigua do well, and have for years is consistency from the track. No huge changes each year, no doubts your going to get paid each night, no changes in the night they race. Teams know what they are going to get each week/season. The places that get cold feet quickly or can’t weather the financial storm a tough season can bring, always struggle.
  2. Making it an event with live pit stops will send more cars to canandaigua....teams for the most part hate live pit stops. If your competing with other tracks to get cars you have to make your event as team and driver friendly as possible, not the other way around.
  3. Very true, the more money offered the more it attracts the big names. They are gunna win anywhere. The stss format/rules are what brings diversity into the finishing order. Most races are draw, and most are 50 laps and under. A weekly guy at his home track has a legitimate shot at holding on to a win or top 5 in 40 or 50 laps. Tough to do so in 100. American racers and small blocks are easier to drive so it creates more competition.
  4. Your 100% correct....pavement tracks in NY don’t draw enough pavement cars to begin with, then some (the wheels would have to be included) attempt to bring our dirt cars on pavement, which is cool once. Guys will not corner themselves with purpose built cars or constantly turn the cars over so that they can race more than once a weekend. If your going to pave rolling wheels, set a Home Depot there as well because there will be no racing.
  5. I’m kinda surprised jeremie is still interested. His first venture there didn’t end the best. When he was talking about this earlier in the summer, he said he was actually over there mowing and doing a bit of work but could not nail down anything solid to further his efforts. He’s certainly the guy that could do it, he’s very motivated and not afraid of work, but with another passing winter underway the needed repair list can only grow.
  6. That’s a fair question, from what I can find on his site....79 races..29 winners...since 2014, when I spoke of non professional race teams having a chance at winning an event, I meant guys like Brian Malcolm, Rusty Smith, Shaun Walker, Wade Hendrickson, Jeremy Smith, Chad Cook, Mike Gular, Marc Johnson, Dan Creeden, Jerry Higbie, Jordan Watson, Jackie Brown etc.....These guys all have 9 to 5 jobs, and have all won stss events, along with others. There is a lot of money and talent on that side as well, but I meant that the sds is dominated by the professional huge money teams, the results support that. The chances of upsets or relatively unknowns cracking off top 5s are extremely rare, not so much on the deyo series.
  7. The addition of volusia and the consi at eldora skews the numbers drastically, on top of that the sds runs typically about 25 races a year. It’s very easy to look up the season stats and realize a handful of guys make up the top 5 an outrageous percentage of those races. The fact that drellos and Britten winning sds races was such a huge upset, as every announcer and fan has said, is a big story because it’s super rare.
  8. I don’t know if a race where most of the “invited” teams that have a chance of winning decline and go home, should even have a victory lane, never the less be counted as a sds win.
  9. I’m sure jumper is correct that those races are counted on a stat sheet....but winning basically a consi after everyone left eldora is not a sds win to anyone else Dave Blaney included.
  10. No the only races dirtcar are affiliated with now are points paying sds shows, jumper informed me of this in another thread. He constantly tells me I do not know what I’m talking about, then claims dave blaney won an actual sds race. Lol
  11. So now we’re gunna count non points events??? The dirtcar sds is not affiliated with non points paying shows remember from the Fonda thread? If the race last year at canandaigua against Fonda had nothing to do with dirtcar neither do non points invitiational races. Neil Williams, billy Whittaker, Tyler Siri, dave blaney,Justin hears, Rick Laubach did not win normal sds races...but good try....so in all actuality you have around 9 races in the last 7 years won by a first time winner.....2 of which have Been front runners as of late and won quite a few more. Diversity at its finest.
  12. It was great to see a new name in Victory lane at a sds race....the fact that it happens once every couple of years furthers my point.
  13. There was no point at which it was affiliated with the SDS? That’s odd because the schedule that the news director for dirtcar (whoever that is), released quite awhile after the return of the Fonda 200 was announced had series races scheduled at Utica and canandaigua for that weekend. I found all of the information about dirtcar dropping the sds name off of the event, and then working closely with Paul cole to promote the lucrative build your bank challenge all on the super dirtcar series website.
  14. Here’s a legitimate question, not asked to be a smart ass. Maybe Gary can answer? Dirtcar scheduled against ESW a few years back, and against the Fonda 200 last year. Both were big money, prestigious events. Neither track was dirtcar sanctioned. One guy skipped the rainout at Weedsport and was penalized quite a bit for it. 3 guys made it clear they were going to Fonda, and not only were they not penalized, but dirtcar made it non points to accommodate them. Why? Did they have an issue with Brett, show some favoritism towards the guys not going to canandaigua, or did they know they were wrong for scheduling against Fonda to begin with? This is an actual question....not an argument.
  15. I don’t care what Gary or anyone says, i don’t care if it’s a rule, I think it’s rediculous to penalize for a show that didn’t happen, if I remember correctly I believe they docked him 100 or 150 points as well as removed his platinum benefits. If you want to pull passes or guaranteed money for attendance that’s fine, but to dock points that he previously earned for not attending a rained out event is bs imo. So basically I think dirtcar has a dumbass rule, along with a bunch of other ones. There was no I know more than anyone on the subject, my opinion, which voicing them is what this forum is based on is that it was a shitty call, made because Brett disobeyed dirtcar.