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  1. Watt got into Mahaney....they were both battling for the bottom...they wrecked...ended up into the wall hooked together....Mahaney got out of his car jumped up and down on watts car...jumped down kicked his door and then grabbed it and attempted to rip it off (impossible btw)....he pulled and slipped off and down he went....it was funny....unprofessional and really pointless...but funny....there is a video of it on here during Ryan watts interview
  2. I agree to an extent....but there are ways to eliminate the rubber for at least a while at the beginning of the event. They easily could if tilled the bottom and the top of both ends....watered and packed...between the pro stocks and mods....it would have made a good portion of the 1st 100 much better with probably less cautions. They do this at a ton of tracks now...Fulton did it last year at halftime of the race....Utica used to do the whole track in about 30 mins.
  3. It was funny....on a day with limited action this was a big deal.
  4. On a positive note....all of the parts warehouses and tire distributors will be sold out of lf tires and 10x4 wheels....
  5. I agree completely, I didn’t mean to sound as if I hate the rule....thank god for it today...with the amount of cautions it would’ve been a 200 lap race with only 60 run under green. I just meant that on this particular day when there was a caution every 4 laps, it seemed as though it didn’t help as much as it normally would.
  6. Knockdowns: watts car -1 Mahaney -0
  7. Under normal conditions yes...when there are 20 cautions it made little difference
  8. As they were wrecked together on the track...
  9. Good run Brett...hats off to Matt Williamson, put on a clinic.
  10. Didn’t fire well on last restart, missed the bottom 2 laps in a row then ran out of fuel
  11. There is at least somewhat of a 2nd line in 3/4 so there is a few guys passing....hile is looking impressive
  12. As I said in the other thread.....finally something entertaining
  13. I have commended the racing at Oswego....claimed it is much better than the mile....this year is the absolute opposite....it’s not only horribly boring, with awful track conditions....but it is somewhat embarrassing that in the biggest most prestigious event we have to offer, we can’t put 10 green flag laps together.
  14. I agree....I will say it’s not the fault of the new rule...there is no rule to stop 80% of the field driving into the jersey barrier or each other and cutting tires....part of the problem is the track is awful...guys need to stay in the rubber on the bottom or rough each other up to pass which leads to a lot of cut tires....
  15. We would be close to halfway already with 12 laps if green