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  1. Bob has quite a lot of insight on this stuff in his book....he left SDW because he felt wronged. He had issues with quite a few places at different times, instead of going ballistic he simply didn’t go, his legion of fans followed suit, and when the track wanted him back he hit them in their wallet, and on quite a few occasions got paid behind closed doors for being wronged. His book is a great read, gotta dig it back out. I’m not going to pretend that drivers never have had issues, lord knows fights between teams and drivers have been a staple in short track racing forever, in Matt’s case I think his success clouds his judgement in some of these situations and he creates more issues for himself. A huge part of his initial issues with John came from the fallout at brewerton, caused by his absolute refusal to sit in the infield after being scaled during heat races. He made it clear he was too good for that even though everyone else stayed. That wasn’t him being targeted, it messes up the transponder and scoring when you cross the line and your not in that heat. When John penalized him and told him he is not above the rule all hell broke loose and he never came back.
  2. Eagle I’m not disputing the lack of reputable people involved with this sport now... I’m not claiming OCFS was in the right, I stated it was a shit show.....Matt throws temper tantrums when things don’t go exactly his way....sometimes they are partially justified but he would have been throwing the same tantrum if he were one of the guys that didn’t get wrecked and felt wronged as well....he threw a fit at Outlaw speedway a few seasons back at the sds race, a race he felt he should win, video showed no evidence he was raced dirty, again at outlaw this season he is Jeff behrents trailer going ballistic about Matt Williamson causing his flat, (Matt is a very clean racer imo), once again video showed only hard racing.....he was involved in a problem there a few weeks back with one of his mentors Steve Paine, ( which I defended Matt on), but it was once again a racing deal...throw in his Weedsport victory hill fit prompting a complete rule change by dirtcar because he didn’t win his 14th race in a row, along with his issues with Larry and John....and we have a pattern.
  3. He wasn’t running in the top 5.....he had 148 laps to get back to the front....and while it appeared Perrego was the only other driver extremely upset it was hard to tell that while Matt continually called someone a f@*cking piece of sh$t over and over. There is a huge difference between being upset and voicing your opinion, and throwing a tantrum. He is now banned apparently from OCFS, Fulton and Brewerton. The tracks say he verbally assaulted the track promotor throughout much of the drivers meeting, the other tracks feel he wrongly assualted their son on a racetrack, and had altercation involving his pregnant wife. All of you with the 9s stamp on your forehead say all of his issues come because he wins a lot. I just have a hard time recalling many of the greats having those types of claims against them.
  4. The fact is everyone without a 9s tattooed to their forehead thought it was a stupid decision and wrong.....once the track realized they were gunna have 30 pissed off drivers rather than the 5 that were really able to continue, they switched the ruling.....
  5. I have no problem with a driver losing their shit when they have good reason....not getting your way isn’t exactly the same thing....getting beat , not the same thing....not winning when you feel you should, not the same thing....Saturday night went from voicing displeasure to full blown tantrum. If he was on the other side of that decision, he would have been losing his mind that they were giving guys there spots back, but yet says he’s very disappointed in the other drivers that had a problem with a completely stupid initial decision.
  6. No they didn’t....that tantrum was child like....the one on victory hill was worse imo....the fight with Larry was rediculous....and piss poor to watch....
  7. Whether they attempted to screw Matt Sheppard or not....whether they were right or wrong....Matt’s outburst is one of the very reasons I’m not a huge Matt fan.....he is supremely talented and I have the upmost respect for him as a wheelman, but Brett hearn, billy decker, Alan Johnson, jack johnson, Steve Paine, Kenny Tremont would not have that type of tantrum in that public of a setting. Bob mccreadie would have said his peace, calmly told them get my check ready and went out and put on a clinic winning after feeling screwed....or he simply would have loaded up and left. No live feed meltdown.....I personally seen Brett hearn go ballistic on Glenn, in the dirt office at Weedsport for a call made at a racetrack. Nobody but those involved knew about it, because he had an image and a brand he wanted to protect. None of those guys I stated would have had the tantrum in victory lane when Danny beat them at Weedsport....none of those guys would of wrecked and went after another driver on the racetrack just because they weren’t going as good as they thought they should be. Being considered the best is not , imo , just based on statistics....there is a level of professionalism that must be met as well.
  8. If this is the new way of thinking, every time a track is rough and causes wrecks....all cars involved get to go into the pits, make repairs and return to their position.
  9. More cars were wrecked at the ransomville rain wreck..... and how did cars both in front of and behind the cars in the wreck not wreck? If they were all in the straightaway behind the wreck and were able to slow down, how did the leaders who were in front of it not drive into the wall? One hell of a microburst of rain. So sorry to those guys who didn’t crash, you should of, because you are now penalized for it. Keeping that decision as it was originally stated would have been more stupid than not throwing the caution early enough to begin with.
  10. Your right on your equation, but I can get to 363 c.i. With all sorts of bore and stroke combinations. With a dirt legal spec head you have to be 3.48 stroke....with a 4.00 inch bore with .070 allowance for wear.....but I can get you 363 c.i. With long stroke small bore or short stroke big bore. None of this will determine compression ratio. Where there can be a big advantage is when you have a rpm limit rule like the dirtcar 358s. A longer stroke motor will build more torque and power and be quite an advantage at 7600 rpms. Typically the short stroke stuff needs to be turned harder to build power. There are a bunch of 358s out there that are 3.50 stroke or longer...they won’t get caught because no normal tech guy is pulling the cylinder heads to check, and they are still within the 363 c.i. Limit.
  11. Friesen didn’t cause a caution.....he didn’t wreck...spin out...stop....catch fire or anything else. Just because the track thought that maybe he was going to stop and threw a precautionary yellow is not his fault. As for the big wreck....it was the wrong original call to allow drivers to get their position back after working in the pits....it was an unfortunate wreck but quite a few cars that were behind the guys initially in it, made it through without issue. Why should they be penalized for not crashing? I agree it was a terrible no call with the rain, but you cannot piss off the whole field for in reality 3 to 5 guys that were going to continue with a relatively undamaged car. Perrego still would have won if the lr suspension didn’t shit the bed anyhow.
  12. It’s great they offered up that much money....they did everything they could to bring national exposure to the event....and anybody that came to witness it from other corners of the racing world left saying “wow , this is the most backwoods operation we’ve seen”..... the way the whole day was handled and the way they priced it, made it look like northeast modified racing deserves to be the red headed step child to most national type cars. That’s the disappointing part, a year of planning, good promotion, tim McGraw, huge purse.....made for an opportunity for the country to see and pay attention to , ,imo , the best dirt racing period. Instead it was a shit show and somewhat embarrassing all the way from the empty grandstands to the rules package and ending with the race procedure. Throw in an epic bitch fest, broadcast live and focused in on...and most people probably think it’s more of a circus than real racing.
  13. Exactly, the live stream showed the whole sequence. He never fell to that back or lost his position. The yellow came out, both he and Williamson slowed and the rest of the cars were quite a long ways behind at that point.....the track prematurely threw a yellow....which makes stew look bad....but he did absolutely nothing wrong and should not have lost his position...
  14. Yes...I’m sure they changed the rule because Sheppard won Thursday and Friday....it had nothing to do with the fact passing was near impossible, the track was polished to marble (which 400s promote)....and the racing was awful on dirt modified racing’s biggest weekend ever....
  15. I never seen stew stop or go to rear....he hit the wall, rode the wall, saved it and continued. There was no need for the yellow....stew should not have lost his spot...they could have just as easily said there was debris somewhere....makes stew look bad with favoritism while all he did was drive the wheels off it ,damn near literally, and made it exciting at the end...