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  1. Safety and death are just dumbass excuses on why someone shouldn’t compete....the cars are safe and when tragedy does strike it’s under some crazy circumstance. Those can happen at any age. The bottom line is he has not gotten competitive in a sportsman, now he’s moving to a car that takes far more experience and skill to be competitive in. The big blocks are harder to drive, harder to steer, harder to stop And the competition is more talented. Racing is not much fun when your a backmarker and I think that’s where he will find himself for quite some time. For his sake hopefully he adapts quickly, and the move works out.
  2. Part of the argument is that most can buy a hell of a lot of go carts for the price of a destroyed modified. I’m not for or against this happening but this particular kid, is not experienced enough for this jump. That has little to do with age and more to do with his time in a sportsman and the results that go with it....hopefully he continues to drive with respect and improves as he goes. The fear with this type of a move is if success doesn’t come for a few years....12 year olds can lose interest and focus quite easily...especially when being a lap car each week. I do agree with you Bob on the safety aspect....these cars are safer than anything on the road today....and the whole “lives are on the line” thing is so far fetched when it comes to dirt modified racing.
  3. The biggest race that comes to mind for drivers from all different backgrounds to converge on would be the chili bowl......I don’t know if Matt would safely fit in a midget, he’s a tall guy. There would be no point to go “dabble” in big events in other type cars, your not going to have much success. I do believe Matt has the ability to race other forms of cars and if he dedicated himself to those he would acclimate well and he successful, but that’s a gamble few are willing to take. He makes good money and relatively dominates his type racecars.....the thought to go race against far more teams with huge money and more experience probably doesn’t sound good for somebody his age. There’s as good a chance he becomes just an average national touring driver than there is he becomes a household name. My complaint with Matt or teams like his, is that northeast modified racing cannot support them, and the little guys. The money disparity is too large and there are not as many sponsors available to go around for the smaller teams. Atleast in the latemodel and sprint car realm there are lots of big money events, series etc. that keep guys like bloomquist and Schatz from making a joke of a typical Saturday night racetrack. My biggest issue with Matt isn’t with Matt himself, the super fan that claimed he would lap the field at the chili bowl is exactly my issue. The fans of some drivers are dilusional and his minions fit the mold.
  4. None....none are anywhere near breaking even....some may have good sponsorship to cover some of or a lot of the loss...but most are thousands in the negative every year.
  5. I have no idea.....there are tons of ppl that are exceptional at their job....I don’t care how much they make either.....Matt is the best...but I agree with John Williams feelings, there is no need for a thread every week, month, year driving home that fact....he’s maybe the only guy who overall might be breaking even, how about a thread showing how much most weekend big block teams made, that will shed some light on the issues with the class....
  6. Here’s my recap.....the 3 most important trophies to every big block driver that were up for grabs in 2019.....were all collected by Mat Williamson.
  7. Tire rules are necessary, fuel rules are a joke, the track or sanctioning body gets money for mandating 1 fuel. There may be 1 fuel sample taken a year and that sample almost never makes it past a desk somewhere at the track. There are bunches of guys running Sunoco at dirtcar tracks that has had dye added to it to match in color. Suspension rules are overkill in the modified class IMO. Engines need new cheaper options and proper tech, not a mandated builder. Now with that being said, the first engine builder willing to throw a bunch of cash at a promoter, one may try to mandate all engines come from that shop. Today it’s much easier to be a track owner working off of kickbacks rather than pounding the pavement for sponsors and creating a great show.
  8. Yep, and if you know that is happening so do they, that’s the exact thing that can’t happen. That has nothing to do with tech and everything to do with the series itself. If tech tells the series they are illegal and the series director decides to let them race, well then they themselves don’t care. Tech will only be as good as they are allowed to be, so as far as spending is concerned, you have to look at all the sanctioning bodies and see if they give a shit. The fact that you know that they are measuring bodies, and finding them illegal tells me that the tech guys are doing their job. If this is the case across the board, then there is no rule, option, or idea that will ever work, including the rediculous idea of cataloging everyone’s purchases. Laws are only good if enforced. Besides a few of the big racetracks the modifieds go to, if somebody is spending 55k on an exotic small block they are flat out wasting money. Those engines will get beat often at short bullrings. Modifieds do not race like a late model, and many of those huge money options will be a hindrance more than a help.
  9. I can buy integra shocks from a shitload of suppliers, the same can be said for Penske, Bilstein, Fox, genesis etc. There is no way to monitor all those suppliers, they will not answer to any sanctioning body about sales, nor should they have to. As soon as you mandate all of the shocks to be bought through the same place, there goes seals for tons of guys, and bye bye to a bunch of teams. If you for one second believe any company small or large or team is going to comply with showing a sanctioning body everything they buy your absolutely crazy. It’s not only rediculous, borderline unethical but it might be illegal as well.
  10. No I think proper tech can be much more attainable than the most rediculous inventory idea I have ever heard. Step one is hiring former racers to tech, nobody knows where to look for cheater stuff than those who spent years hiding it.
  11. It doesn’t matter, there is no way to monitor half the car.....no way for you to monopolize dirt modified racing into everyone purchasing parts from 3 places....everyone building the exact same engine from a bunch of builders....if you want to race the same cars as everyone else so that apparently every part is the same, go buy a speedstr.
  12. Come on man, you know that is not true.
  13. So were only keeping track of engines? Mandating a bunch of serial numbers and updates from teams and builders is easier than just teching a cheaper option? So if we’re all allowed 30000 for an engine, and my best friend is a builder, he spends all that money on parts....no labor. You have to pay labor so your parts are half as good....it’s a ludicrous idea.
  14. So every tire, wheel, spark plugs, belts, heim ends, exhaust, shocks, etc all come from Tobias?
  15. I still have no idea why the 604 with a weight break isn’t allowed in the 358 class.