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  1. Hoosier may not have any incentive to make the tires perform better, they may be made to be a control tire, but none of that explains them taking half of the tread off of the front tires and making them more money. Dirtcar has always mandated anything they could make a buck off of, I know that many sanctioning bodies may do this. Msd boxes for 358s(that are not all the same), 2 different versions of sportsman MSD boxes, tires, fuel, Brodix intake manifolds, 2 barrell carb spacers, mufflers, headers, shock stickers that anyone can buy for 15 bucks and stick on anything....the list is long. Most of these parts hurt performance and cost the racer more than a better replacement, but it makes/made dirtcar money.
  2. Open tires would just mean American racers, far better tire, far less work, unfortunately far more compounds which ends up costing the same money for the racers themselves....A/R has always been great at contingency awards and tire giveaways at most of their tracks....
  3. The graham team had one new troyer left from the end of last year I believe, I thought they had it for sale over the winter, I know a few guys that were interested in some of the troyer cars they were selling. I’m not sure what was sold or what had been purchased since.
  4. It’s odd, at most tracks that both tires have been used the American Racers cause the track to rubber much quicker than Hoosiers. The day races at Utica with racers would rubber by the consi, the outlaw 200 took rubber quicker with racers(weather dependent) and Fonda certainly rubbers quicker with A/R tires.
  5. Hopefully for Danny’s sake he did not cause too many issues for himself with the graham ride, it will certainly outlast the 66. Danny has driven for them numerous times, it never works, nor will it last this time around.
  6. Lol....your correct it’s not one of the upstate tracks, those hillbilly holes have more passing in hot laps than Middletown has throughout a whole night....
  7. No matter what the circumstances are regarding who decides the schedule for any races, it would have been a courtesy to fans, drivers and teams to not schedule against one of the biggest races in all of dirt modified racing. The Fonda 200 was purposely placed on a weekend with limited conflict, which is a win for everyone. Once another big race is scheduled against it everyone loses something, whether it’s cars or fans. Neither show will do as well as it could have done. If the Fonda 200 was scheduled against SDW there would be a whole different attitude by everyone, and it wouldn’t be any dirtier play than what was done this year.
  8. rpm72x


    It wasn’t in that order but Kyle Busch already won a championship while missing a good portion of the season.
  9. It’s more like dirtcar was more than willing to lose Weedsport’s money, so they picked those dates....
  10. Yea....I’m sure everyone was jumping to schedule a sds race with a large payout against Fonda....No promoter wants to lose their ass against a show like that...
  11. A super good steel block 415 with 13 degree heads built and shipped to your door from Mullins can be done for less than 30k....there are a few here winning in the modifieds now....that engine will beat a big block most nights....that’s not speculation....you can call and inquire....they will tell anyone the price
  12. Yes it was quite the discussion, but I wasn’t putting words in Alan’s or Gary’s mouth....just reading what was written. I do not expect anyone to put much value on what I write on a forum....as I don’t put much on anyone else’s posts. But those 2 guys may know a little bit about the topic. Alan was winning modified races long before anyone knew who Kevlar was, and he has also been a part of both sides of the financial spectrum as it pertains to racing. So I value his words far more than anything I’ve read on Facebook or on here regarding big block racing.
  13. Alan is an unbelievable driver, still today. While he still wins, I don’t believe his ability has dropped off as much as his stats show, especially in big events, where for years he was the guy to beat. I’m not sure the situation at black rock, or how Matt lost a title when he seemed to win every week. I’m happy Alan is still racing at a fairly high level, but I’m guessing if he felt he could be competitive on the sds, he would do it, along with chasing all the big money shows. I have no idea what he posts on his Facebook page, but the back and forth between him and Kevlar on rob hiles, was pretty good. He straight out says big blocks will be gone with the current situation, that it is too late for himself to see a fix, but that the problem is out of hand. His words, not mine.
  14. Your right, in life things die out as well. Usually not as fast as expected, but things die out none the less. The ideas about reducing cost are being presented so that big blocks don’t go away. I can’t understand the push back on ideas. I don’t think this aluminum motor is the answer, but I’m happy that the people in charge are recognizing a problem.
  15. While I agree 100% on what the limit is on some drivers, no matter what type of funding they have behind them.....Alan Johnson and Gary Tomkins are 2 of the all time greats, on the internet claiming there needs to be a fix , that have been relegated to mid pack guys because of the lack of funding behind them. Some guys would never do any better with unlimited support, some guys have exceeded their talent levels because of that funding. With the costs of moving up to big block being what they are, less and less drivers will ever get the chance to find out where they fall when it comes to ability.