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  1. You would be amazed at the amount of people who can’t step into a bank but are willing to pay high interest on a house that we both know they won’t finish paying for. Mortgage rates are low, but as one of my buddies just figured out he still needed 12k just to get through closing. Would I do it? Absolutely not, but I love people who do.
  2. Well there’s 2 ways to look at it, I completely see your side of it, here’s mine. NASCAR will never be basketball or football. The lack of diversity starts exactly where you talked about, the local level. Racing in general is too expensive for the masses to take part in any age, never the less when they are young. Kids play basketball for free, pick up football as well. Now when you completely turn away the fan base that made you popular to begin with, and you never gain the mainstream popularity you gambled for......then where are you at? Sports is not the area for social justice reforms to
  3. Sure it does, if they sold it like you would a home, your getting probably 10-20% down, charging 10-20% interest on the balance of the loan, collecting payments for years, then taking the track back and hopefully start over again with the same sale. You keep all the money you brought in from the first sale. Now obviously, they would love to sell it outright for asking price and be done with it, but when your not hurting for money, collecting large down payments and then large “rent” checks is great. Especially when in Basically a “rent to own” situation you usually just hold the mortgage, you
  4. I made it clear earlier in this thread that Bubba deserves a chance in another ride. The Petty team is garbage and is no real indication of talent. If he continues to suck....then he should be shit canned. Furthermore, until he is a contender....don’t publicize him as one. I have no issue with Bubba, I just think NASCAR jumping on the newest wave of social justice, and force feeding an average at best driver is trash. No matter the sport, team, athlete etc...if your an average or below average participant, your not the guy getting the air time, or multiple opportunities. Maybe NASCAR has to cy
  5. I’m sure the Coles held the mortgage....and are now looking for the next guy to take over the reigns....pay for a few years plus a down payment and have to give it back and start all over again. That’s how it’s done when you hold the note on houses, You hope the guy pays for years at your high interest rate....takes care of it because he plans to own it.....then can’t pay, you take it back and find the next buyer.
  6. All of those perennial back markers should be gone, and the average to below average like Bubba/Suarez should be too. Keep cycling them out till you find some more talent. I don’t care what ethnic background they have. The difference between the guys you stated and Bubba/Suarez.....is quite clear. None of them are winning races or even running up front, yet 2(1 in particular) gets coverage as if he’s contenting for championships. If one of those perennial back markers that are “average white guys” got these new rides....everyone would be saying NASCAR added a few more field filler shot boxes t
  7. If publicity wasn’t a part of it. If optics for NASCAR didn’t matter, those new teams I’m sure would put a talented racer in with zero experience. The difference being, no one knows if the green driver can win at the highest level, but we all know how competitive these guys are going to be.
  8. Every single article written in every single magazine or online news outlet relating to short track racing continue to talk about the demise of short track pavement racing. Now tack on the fact that Utica is right in the middle of dirt modified country And paving it should be a home run.
  9. I’d wait till the racing gets started this week down in Florida.....pick a night.....walk into the pits at one of the big touring series races blindfolded and point.....When you remove your blindfold, chances are your looking at more talent than anyone we are talking about.
  10. True....but there are a lot of drivers that managed to stay in the cup series that couldn’t gel their hair, let alone gel with a crew chief.
  11. That’s another great idea. With sprint cars getting a Friday night weekly track, and then having a Sunday night track it could really become successful. The ESS deal has been very popular, but some guys who may want to switch to sprints might not be able to travel. I agree any modified events would have to be more geared towards specials. The sportsman could possibly run 8 nights a week at 75 tracks and have good fields of cars. There are 5000 of them.
  12. There are many places that can survive running against tracks. I’m guessing the smaller cars don’t require much of a purse and smaller facilities do not require the staff/prep costs that a large facility does. The problem I see with Utica is in the NY/CNY area it has seemed quite apparent over the years that fans and teams alike prefer to go racing on fridays and saturdays. Sundays just struggle for both. So in order to compete directly against an established racetrack, many of which put on a better show as far as the racing(Brew/Fulton/Malta etc) , you need to provide something different to
  13. Yup, but if the speedsters also raced on Friday’s and Saturday’s, at facilities that put on a better show with more talent and stronger car counts......the action track would be for sale also.
  14. I’m sure they are profitable, China makes most if not all NBA Franchises profitable. I was talking more in the realm of being competitive. For someone with his immense talent on the court, he has absolutely zero ability to draft it. Small market used to be an excuse, but New Orleans, Utah, OKC and Toronto have all either been playoff teams or champions recently. He’s a terrible GM. If Blake Shelton purchased a NASCAR team, I would atleast believe it was because he was a fan and not because it was a publicity stunt. We will see how good it is for talented racers. If some of the you
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