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  1. Probably being built by a republican.
  2. May....not much different than normal, just a different reason.
  3. Haha, I agree. He was quite upset. If I remember correctly it was 1992.
  4. I have great memories from all of the Victoria 200 weekends. Mostly throughout the 90s and early 2000s. Unbelievable amount of cars and drivers from all over the northeast. The hill would be covered during the drivers meetings. Camping was awesome and usually had great racing. Tommy Kinsella winning running the infield, Pauchs tantrum afterwards will always be a memory.
  5. Well at this moment I have Monday & teusday off. Starting this week I’ll have to work Wed-Sunday. The job sites I have going, have been effected by the lockdown, so it’s changed my schedule a bit. So I can do what I please during the days I have off. I’m doing just fine with my business so you don’t have to worry about my schedule. Maybe someday when you need work, I’ll think about hiring you.
  6. Nope, I’m not jealous at all. I make a good living. Mine comes from working hard, not from the protection of a union. There certainly are hardworking, skilled union laborers. But there are lots of lazy employees your unions protect. Shouldn’t be, shitty workers should be fired. S/K tools who wanted to continue here in this country but needed out of the union were screwed both directions. They were not making money under the current structure, and the penalties for leaving the union would’ve ended the company anyways. So they basically filed bankruptcy and the name was sold to another tool manufacturer. For all of the people who bitch CEO’s and people who own companies continue to make huge money, I ask, how many typical laborers or poor folk employ thousands of people. Of course Everybody wants the huge money, but it doesn’t work that way. The top always makes the most, and if you stop that the company leaves. If you want to make that money, either start a business and grow it, or go through all of the years it takes to get there. The world needs bosses, and laborers. Laborers cannot get paid what the bosses get paid...so sorry. The point of being in business is to make money, not to pay out most of the profits. You can make great money in this country by working hard, and sharpening your skills on whatever trade you decide upon. The idea that a bunch of less skilled, lazy people should make the same or enjoy the same workplace benefits as a hardworking smart employee is ludicrous.
  7. Id love to meet the union steward who wrote that response and sent it to all of the workers. I’ve heard it from a few of them over the years. You can tell me your unionized response all you want. The unions are/were overpaid and underworked. I think the non union “grunt” sector of the workforce has a much different opinion of what union workers “earned”. Funny part, those “grunts” are now your bosses. I will never forget a discussion I had with 2 friends who happen to be union lifers, just as the company they worked for was deciding between staying or leaving CNY. One drove a tow motor all day, the other pushed a button on basically a big computerized bridgeport. Neither have college degrees, both made well over 35 bucks an hr with great benefits. Both were in a meeting where the company asked to scale back wages to just under 23 bucks an hr, taxes and run costs had made the company basically unprofitable. They were keeping all benefits, and adding a week of vacation. The union laughed, and refused. I argued that those type wages were not exactly easy to find, and both of them explained that they can’t live on 23 bucks an hr. So the company after months of deliberations left, as a ton have done. This was quite a few years ago.....the jobs my friends found.....1 drives a bus part time, the other.....works for the ymca being a babysitter part time, and does some landscaping. Gone are the new cars, sold the boats and jet skis, fortunately their wives didn’t lose their jobs so they didn’t have to move out of the 400k homes, they just now work to afford it. And while both guys are good people, I don’t feel bad. Now a Mexican kid with no public education is doing the exact same job with the same result for 2 bucks an hr. Explain how 40 was necessary. Especially when there are people with actual skills, busting their ass fixing cars, or building houses (examples) everyday that don’t make anywhere near 40 bucks an hr. Once again there was a time they were very useful, helpful and were needed. For years they have helped strap employers and businesses. Helped protect the lazy, incompetent worker. There’s a reason they are all going away, or are going broke. IMO good riddance.
  8. Enjoy having most of our manufacturing business gone? Thank a union. The fact they pushed so many manufacturing plants away by making them unprofitable directly effects our coronavirus situation. We rely so heavily on Asian manufacturing and now they are shut down. We now have car manufacturers trying to build healthcare devices. When everyone was pushing for higher and higher wages to keep their stellar lifestyle, maybe they should of thought of this.
  9. Probably one at a company put out of business by a union who gave employees more rights than employers. You know the ones that push a button and make a 100 grand a year, and then go on strike because they are not treated fair. There was a time unions were a great thing, today 90% of them protect people from having to actually work. On another note, thank you Doober for putting in your time. Being part of a needed workforce, and doing a job a lot of people feel they are “too good” for. Your dedication to working is a quality severely lacking in today’s society.
  10. And if the actual number of positive cases were obtained the death rate would be closer to 1%.
  11. The liberal media is the cause of all the panic. As was stated by others, all they preach is absolute worst case scenario. If they could push blood out of your TV screen they would. They forget to tell people that over 90% of infected people will only have mild cold symptoms. They leave out that Italy has one of the oldest average populations on earth. They try to hide the fact that based off of the actual data that they have, and factoring the thousands of infected that havnt or can’t get tested, the projected mortality rate in the US could be as low as .025, which if that turns out to be true, is in fact lower than influenza. The 3.5% mortality rate is completely false, when you factor in thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of undetected carriers. Trumps comments do not help or hurt in this regard, he took the situation lightly....ppl panicked.....he’s taking it seriously....ppl panic.
  12. Please tell me how any president in any country caused the coronavirus outbreak.
  13. I agree....I hope the country gets through this safely. As far as financially, I’m hoping all the bars and restaurants can reopen in time for me to go celebrate when blondie gets re-elected later this year. Hate to tell all the media madmen, but even this coronavirus isn’t stopping the Donald.
  14. I agree with you 100%. I will not say this virus cannot be fatal, and isn’t concerning, but the numbers do not add up to the madness. It’s a fact the flu kills far more people than what this is killing. There have been 15 or so famous people who have tested positive, 1 so far says they have mild symptoms, the others virtually nothing. Unfortunately the elderly and immuno compromised are at risk with many different viruses. The panic that has set in will create a healthcare overload with every hypochondriac thinking they have it. I understand the fear of not having a vaccine etc. but I disagree with crippling an economy and putting thousands out of work and possibly thousands out of business for something that so far has killed 8000 people across the globe in 3 months. To put it in a different perspective, approximately 150000 people die everyday world wide from other causes.
  15. Inconsiderate, selfish SOB........I wish I could be there.