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  1. The night Danny took Gary Tomkins back up car to victory lane at the wheels...
  2. Working on it, consulting with Danny and foster before I make a statement...
  3. I will....if he accepts I’ll wish him luck, tell him to kick ass....and ask him to not decide to go race for another team, when he has a regular scheduled race with this one....should he get the urge....
  4. Doctor did not consult with foster prior to stating what happened with the graham ride.....while I hope he can make it a show with Matt...and give him a run for his money....I’m not holding my breath....at this moment a prime Danny or prime anyone would have their hands full with the 9s
  5. All I’m saying is it’s common knowledge that “what it takes” financially to run up front in a modified varies quite a bit between Danny and a lot of others.....
  6. For the record, I like Danny, have had a lot of laughs with him through the years... and think he is one of the best ever, but he is as tough on owners as he is on equipment. This isn’t a wild opinion, it’s everyones that has ever watched , competed against or kept track of Danny in any way.
  7. ??? Which part....the fuller part is true, Danny has driven guys out of racing....true, He has a hard time keeping rides...true. Peter Britten was the best driver in the graham car.....overall...true, Ahhhhh. Yes 400 rides was an embellishment..
  8. Fuller didn’t want to help groom anyone, which was part of each deal. He was already hooked up with st. Lawrence radiology before the car ever changed names. I’m guessing the dr. isn’t the easiest to deal with when things are not going his way, being that he is currently on ride number 400. From the outside looking in, peter was the best driver they had both from a performance and attitude perspective. Danny has driven a lot of money out of racing, let’s hope graham isn’t another one of those guys and gives someone else a chance. I love watching the dr. But anything involving his separation from a team usually has a lot more to do with him rather than the team.
  9. This should help him get up to speed.....if the pmc worked they would sell more than a handful of new ones a year...
  10. The 10 guys with a legitimate shot at winning, and another 70-80 who think they do.....
  11. Isn’t Marc Johnson in a PMC?
  12. And then he gets shit canned.....
  13. 2am. Saturday morning Fulton speedway outlaw 200 weekend....probably 10 years ago now, don slover “checking for a bad valve” with his car running on the trailer out with the campers, with no header on the right side of his engine. It was quite the tuning idea. He had a crowd of people looking on , most in disbelief anyone would start their car without a header, never the less do it at 2 in the morning in a campground. Don was in his glory.
  14. He was still running that old Paine bicknell a few years ago at CMP....
  15. Exactly dan, most guys are not going to this show. Fans are more than welcome to go where they please. The drivers who fill the field out, you know the 15 to 20 guys we rarely speak of and don’t matter to anyone, those guys are excited at a shot to win at their home tracks being that the 2-5 guys that constantly dominate will be elsewhere. It is not unfair to the big names to force them to make a choice between 2k and a 2k point title(that they will win anyways) and 100k to win 1 event. This is life.