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  1. My post was not meant to diminish the risks, or disregard those who have lost their lives while racing. My post was truthful. In a time when both there are serious concerns about youth safety in other sports, and a severe lack of interest in racing within kids today, promoting how much safer racing has become is far better imo than continuing to say it’s an extremely dangerous sport. While it may not promote the younger generation to want to race, explaining all of the ways racing has become a much much safer sport, may stop some parents from disregarding it altogether. I don’t find the classification of racing being dangerous as something to be proud of, or something to pound your chest over, some guys do, I think the motorsports world should be proud of the safety improvements they have made, while they continue to find ways to make our sport safer.
  2. I never said there was no risk involved in racing, but everyday people lose their life doing some form of a sport or hobby.....they don’t all make national news because they happen often. It’s terrible that there have been drivers that have lost their lives, hence why I said there is always room for safety improvements, but every week thousand of racers get in their cars and go race, it’s quite rare when something tragic happens. The stigma of racing being outrageously dangerous started when guys raced with no cages, basically no helmets or safety gear, flag men were on the racetrack and injuries were almost a guarantee.That’s not the case anymore. This argument sounds identical to people who claim flying is dangerous. Of course accidents happen, it’s tragic when they do, but flying is far safer than driving your vehicle to work. It’s proven, you have a far greater chance of being fatally injured in a car than a plane. The same can be said with a racecar.
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    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    I’m betting that a 13 or 18 degree dry sump 360ci. Small block with the 100 lb weight break wins...
  4. rpm72x

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    The problem isn’t just having American racer tires....it’s having Fonda American racer tires....if you run at thunder mtn, Afton, 5 mile point, woodhull, penn can, etc. none of your American racers will work. The only other place that utilizes the same tire rules is glen ridge, and you may be able to use a few at accord. So basically all the tires most need will have to be bought, if you only buy 4 and don’t get the stagger you need your screwed....it’s 6 tires minimum to attempt that race, that gives you a couple options....then another 3 minimum if you make the race. That’s quite a chunk of money right there. This falls back to the same deal as Middletown...it isn’t quite the same with the new surface but for years just the tire bill to go covered the purse to qualify plus some....
  5. Yea....racing is dangerous, but nowhere near what people generally think that it is, or nowhere near as dangerous as these demo derby’s, trailer races, or enduros. These backyard concoctions of motorized vehicles have virtually no safety requirements. 4 cylinders in a lot of areas are the same. In my 30 years of going racing, I’ve seen more injuries in 4 cylinders and enduros, than any other classes. Purpose, professionally built race cars are far safer than your daily driver. Hiking, cycling, motorcycles, swimming, snowmobiling etc. all claim far more lives a year than racing. There certainly is always room for safety improvements in our sport but in all reality it’s far safer than football, mma, boxing, and hockey. We all pray that no drivers get injured or worse, but as a sport we are pretty safe.
  6. I’m guessing (purely guess) is 50-100 cars....troyer always had the asphalt cars as well and they always did well....so I’m sure that helped
  7. rpm72x

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    I think it says more about the fan base, both events are going to get good support....both will be good shows....for whatever reason the fans don’t want to see an event that all 10 big names are not all going to be there....much of the time the shows with less or no heavy hitters produce the best racing....im betting canandaigua gets one of the bigger sds car counts, as guys that don’t usually attempt them may go knowing that the all the big names won’t be there. Most of the smaller cny big block teams normally would not have attempted either event, some may go to cmp now. Fonda will get more cars and more names, cmp will be a better race.
  8. Pay attention and listen once and awhile....all your beer booth contemporaries will think your a genius.....someone asked about shocks, cars and motors...I answered... I know a lot of people who race....and have bought a lot of parts and cars...
  9. Motors are all over the place.....there are so many good engine builders out there, I’d say the big 3 in big blocks are Kevlar, cc performance, and billy the kid. There are a lot of finger lakes, Morrison, Enders, Bob bruneau, JPM big blocks winning all over. The small blocks are the same way, too many good builders to say 1 or 2 dominate. Most engines are all about the same anyways today....depending on what you want to spend.....any builder can buy heads from mikes cylinder heads....everyone can buy the super light high quality rotating assembly from Callie’s or Bryant....driver preference and track size will usually determine stroke...there are certainly differences in the quality and precision some guys display, you can see that in their engines longevity, but everyone can build a damn good piece. Unfortunately very few can pay for them.
  10. As far as shocks go....I’d say 80% of everyone are on integras.....they have a good baseline package along with enough specialty valvings that the average racer can spend some money and have mostly what they need right out of the boxes from Keyser....without needing a dyno....with that said a ton of guys do their own stuff.....Larry wight, Chris hile and a few others are on Penske....Alan Johnson, Steve Paine and a few other southern tier guys are on Bilsteins....Fox had a large customer base when pat left bilstein for fox, they have certainly lost quite of few modified teams who never replicated their prior success with Bilstein. Integra shocks have about the same market share as bicknell.
  11. Teo....and troyer both have some major things working against them....they are usually more expensive on basically everything....do not have anywhere near the parts distribution....take longer to manufacture cars, parts or bodies....the quality control is nowhere near as precise as bicknell (Teo especially)....neither have the customer service that bicknell provides....billy colten and Bobby hearn can be difficult to deal with....and on top of all of it, their cars are not as good. You would think each of these manufacturers would be offering up some extremely cheap or free cars to some guys winning but paying their own bills, and hoping to gain some market share, if you have ever tried to make a deal with either..you know for the most part that won’t happen. For the last 25 years these have been the big 3 manufacturers in modified racing....headed towards the big 1.
  12. rpm72x

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    It just comes down to the rules package, 200 laps on American racer tires which notoriously have always been rubber races, and the ability to race for a good purse at a track they all race at more often. The canandaigua race is directly in line with what these guys do every week. If the Behrents car was ready to go, mat would be there. Fonda can eat up a car in a hurry, so I’m sure Jeff behrents figures that he is way ahead already financially, and has the car to beat at ESW so why push our luck....Erick is certainly the favorite at CMP with the 9s at Fonda so he most likely wins more money there. The Fonda 200 rules were gunna sway some dirtcar teams to go other directions, especially with other races as options, but this package will drag a bunch of guys from other areas that don’t normally travel. My guess on cars is 75. Hopefully each track is successful.
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    Duel predictions...

    While I agree people would find a way to cry favoritism, over the course of a year or 2 everyone is gunna find themselves on the better end and the shit end enough times to be equal.....sometimes you get lucky with time, other times not so much
  14. I’d be willing to bet jimmy does more by noon than you do all day.......if the dr gets rides because of his list of accomplishments, that’s a no better reason than al giving jimmy a ride because he thinks a lot of him.....how many races has the past won for Danny this year??
  15. It’s called sarcasm....the Sheppard lovers have made it clear if your not racing against him aka the best competition, your wins don’t matter. So I simply said his wins at outlaw don’t matter then....there is far better competition at a few other Friday night places. I myself think that both my sarcasm and the fact that if Matt isn’t in attendance, somebody else’s win doesn’t mean anything are bogus ideas....I just simply like to point out the other side of dumbass statements. I do agree with you on deyo, he’s the only real promoter we have going at this point. i also agree on the purse at the outlaw 200....it has literally decreased by quite a bit over the years. It’s also become nothing more than a dirt series race so the spectacle is long gone.
  16. Mat Williamson is on a roll, Matt Sheppard spends too much time racing nobodies on Friday nights to be considered a favorite
  17. He might...he once again is focused purely on racing....and has complete disregard for all equipment....there are a shit load of guys that outperform Danny every weekend in lesser equipment, why does he still get rides?
  18. The 98h is having a tough season for sure....so would most anyone else when they are running a trucking company, promoting a racetrack, trying to compete at the level jimmy competes at, oh yea and have a family with a wife and 3 daughters. Jimmy no longer has the luxury of only worrying about racing, which is a huge disadvantage behind the wheel. The guy has won races all over the northeast. Series wins at most stops, a bunch of crown jewel events, multiple outlaw 200s, 358 race at Syracuse...bunch of track championships. Very few drivers have his resume, so while yes there are probably hungrier, more devoted drivers out there today, let’s not make it seem jimmy never ran up front or hasnt won a ton of races. His relationship with al and Hbr is deeper than just a hired gun, I believe when jimmy walks away , so does that ride. There are guys still landing rides constantly that don’t run anywhere near as good. A couple of them should retire IMO, so that others could get more out of those cars as well. lastly on the topic, I have no idea why the 98h is a Teo car....they are not going good basically anywhere. Call randy, order a bicknell and go win some races.
  19. Oh there is no question I would have been qualified....I’ve been around this my whole life....spent outrageous amounts of money in it....but the last guy that was associated with dirtcar that had a clue on what to do with racing retired....watched his dream go down the shit tubes....lost his mind and tried to come back with wax clay and a new racing super complex....neither worked....but the Glenn of old....I would and did work for... Dirtcar doesn’t need resumes....they need to just call Brett deyo....ask him if combining the 2 series is possible, and pray he accepts.....
  20. No series race should be show up points for anyone. I’m guessing the tracks do this, not dirtcar because the northern tracks know their guys will come if they do it, and if they didn’t they wouldn’t get 20 big blocks. I have been told on here repeatedly that big block racing is the pinnacle for dirt modified racing. That at no point should anyone be concerned about bringing costs down because this is the professional level. Ok....if that is the way modified racing is, why is there any concern over the 358s having a bit of an advantage at maybe 3 or 4 places the series competes at? Why not allow 358s at whatever weight break seems to garner the most cars, and leave it for every race. Maybe a bunch of 358 guys will travel to a bunch of other tracks not typically known for small blocks. Why are we concerned that the 8 or 10 guys that travel everywhere might have to have a small block(that they already have)? Modified racing is expensive, deal with it, that’s what everyone was saying when a cheaper big block option was contemplated. The bottom line truth to any 358 rules ,in regards to competing against the big blocks, is we will do whatever we can to make you guys come, but if you run too well and piss off our big block stars(all 5 of them) we will change the rules so that they are happy. See-Weedsport Danny johnson for reference. I don’t want to hear “we make the rules so more guys with big blocks race the series”. It’s bullshit, you have what you have. Maybe 1 or 2 guys jump on each year and 1 or 2 guys fall off. It is what it is. The small blocks are growing in numbers. Maybe start catering to them a bit more.
  21. Ahhh....if you only knew....lol. It wouldn’t matter if I am a driver, or an owner, or a crew guy. You dirtcar guys only listen to a couple of pets to begin with....
  22. You have a guy a few posts above stating concerns about the added weight. Which is a rule now because your 4 or 5 big block pets complain about getting beat at Mowhawk by w-16s
  23. Yea, I know.....the 358 guys that insure you get 25 cars at half of the races should just be thankful dirtcar allows them to participate. If they were not there 50 more big blocks would come because the small blocks have such advantage. Do you think the series would get a full field without the 358s. I’ll answer....no.