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  1. I’m not claiming anyone was following anything. If you call your county official and question anything about a gathering....there should be nothing but the word No out of their mouth. Not explaining that they will not call the cops or break it up. An order like this shouldn’t have grey areas, the fact that it does shows how targeted it is. It’s extremely simple for Cuomo or your local official to say absolutely no outdoor gatherings of any kind....if you do it we will fine you and possibly pull liscenses.....do you think that if that answer was given to the bartletts they would have proceeded? I’ve known the family a long time, they are good people and they are not out just to defy orders. At some point they were given the impression that there was not going to be a bunch of issues with allowing limited fans.
  2. Yea that’s me....and I agree I am very far removed from your reality....I’d like to keep it that way. If I can stay away from your ideology, I can keep my rights, my money, my pride, my safety and my sanity.
  3. The fact that opening up your business with limited capacity, and attempting to follow health guidelines is considered “questionable” tells anyone all they need to know about this day and age. It’s Unbelievable.
  4. Your certainly asking a lot of any government official to sign a bunch of documents stating people can open their businesses. Apparently every different type of business needs to have the governor “allow them” to have people gather. Supreme Court judges overturn some gathering orders, and allow them....but not the next. It’s bullshit. A county official saying he doesn’t condone this behavior, but I won’t break it up is not a No. That’s a “test” me and see what happens, done deliberately to slap a fine on can am. I surely don’t want racetracks or businesses to close, but would not blame every single one of them would shut the doors and move out of NY.
  5. Looks like they were not told no or yes when they were in contact with county officials. Leaving the door cracked to fans and then going after them for allowing it was nothing but a set up to fine them. If the state doesn’t want fans at outdoor events.....then they outright say no when an attorney calls and asks for permission....not claim they just won’t send police to break it up. None of this is fair, fans should be allowed....now if they allow a certain percentage of fans and a track feels they can’t turn a profit, well that’s their decision.
  6. Your right....I should have stated that even with impeachment, you couldn’t remove him from office.
  7. These counties are looking for a way to fine business owners....just another way to collect from people conducting business
  8. SDW won’t happen here in NY ....ESW possibly with their current attempts to follow the rules. With that said, it may be 500 bucks a head to park and watch.
  9. Have you watched the news lately? We have torn down half of this country’s heritage. Going after Columbus, churches, even John Wayne. We’re playing apparently another national anthem now at NFL games....nobody even knew we had 2. Getting rid of police....giving away parts of big cities to anarchists and morons. Thankfully you seen how that worked out....after a string of shootings and a few dead, the dumbass mayor had to take that back. The socialist, spineless left is a joke....some of us do not want to be under that same blanket.
  10. That’s what your media wants you to believe....getting along with a country is different than selling your own. The left has done nothing but build China at the expense of the US. You just keep believing the left wing conspiracy theories with Trump and Putin....I’m assuming he’s owned by North Korea as well, being that we havnt heard a whole lot from that fat turd since Trump had a sit down with him.
  11. Haha....If he doesn’t get re-elected it will probably be our last 4th of July Holiday.....it might offend someone so we will get rid of it. Same with Thanksgiving....Easter is gone.....and if we don’t change Santa to a black guy....you can forget Christmas. Enjoy your Day!
  12. Don’t give the Democrats all the credit....they have been in bed with China for years and they certainly helped. Throw a few thumbs up to the Chinese/liberal WHO. The democrats couldn’t pull this off alone. It would take too much work.
  13. Maybe there have been better reactions to viruses.....he was just going off of Dr. Fauci(your fearless leader) and his advice....you can bring up a multitude of interviews he conducted downplaying the virus. As far as the world is concerned....diseases we basically stopped decades ago still kill thousands every year and we don’t report it. And your right if we re-Elect Trump the country won’t be the same. Those who work hard will succeed. The freebies will be minimalized....you will have to actually pay for things....our country will preserve its heritage rather than destroy it and we will continue to bring business and manufacturers back home rather than give them away and force them out. It will be crazy.
  14. I think throughout history we have dealt with many different diseases and viruses....many were far more dangerous....and we never hyped, politicized, shutdown, quarantined, and scared people the way we did this one....that just so happened to strike on an election year, after they failed to beat our president with a shoe in in 2016, failed to impeach him, and failed to change the minds of his followers over the last 3+ years. So if they manage to beat him in November, they will mysteriously stop the constant hype and treat covid just like we have every other virus. They will be heroes for returning life to normal very quickly and that will prove how badly it was handled by our last administration. They will give a bunch more freebies out to the left voter base to keep them quiet and contained and will once again start sticking it up the ass of every working person in America.
  15. If one side wins in November....it will just disappear. It’s a fantastic political tool. When they lose, it will be dragged out atleast another 6 months or until they can find something else to bitch about.
  16. I agree with you.....but that’s what governments have done forever. I’m not going to defend it or try and justify it, but when it comes to any government I expect it. The small business backbone of this country has been shit on for decades. At this point there are certainly ways everyone should be open for business ....racetracks ... restaurants .....etc. If every big company in America can be open with certain guidelines or changes, your small businesses and entertainment venues can too. I believe that most of the “executive orders” that have come from state government are a test for control and are made in straight defiance of the federal government. They are not about safety or health. All I can hope and pray for is that each governor who is fining people who open businesses or do not comply.....get laughed at by the federal government when they crawl back with their hand out.
  17. That’s ok....but please don’t tell him he’s going to die if he goes outside. He’s going to be just fine.
  18. They are testing 20-30000 people a day in some states....it would be nuts to think they are all sick....I don’t need cdc numbers for that.
  19. Yea but your forgetting jwin can take his groceries home and pressure wash them with straight bleach to make sure he kills the covid. Or has the cdc now decided washing hands doesn’t actually help? They change their minds weekly on what the hell is going on, so it’s possible.
  20. Exactly....if masks miraculously work now that we make them at home, why can’t we be in public?
  21. Tracks in cny have asked to have 50% capacities in the grandstands. Most have operated with less than this for years. So you mean to tell me if your sitting with your group of people and a few rows down there is another Group and so on, that scenario outside is more dangerous than in a store? You could be spread out 15ft at some tracks. This is dangerous? I’ve been in Home Depot and Lowe’s And wegmans numerous times in the last 3 months where they were packed....I try to go super early or late to avoid the crowds, not because of covid but it’s just crowded. As far as shooting the virus....there is as good a chance you could stop it that way as there is with your asinine lockdown. We tried it your way....and only stopped the economy and killed jobs, maybe we should try it with guns.
  22. How is it that if I don’t agree with you....I can’t see your point and I’m an asshole....but yet you refuse to acknowledge that you come in more close contact shopping than you would outside at a racetrack. This is common sense. Once again it amazes me how quickly what we were told is forgotten. We were shut down to FLATTEN THE CURVE.....DELAY INFECTIONS.....ALLOW HOSPITALS TIME TO PREPARE AND NOT BE OVERWHELMED.....all of these things happened.....besides NYC and a few other cities most hospitals have set way below normal capacity. Many laid people off. This huge “spike” in cases is due to thousands of tests of people who are NOT sick. This was happening the whole damn time. Asymptomatic people who actually have the virus have been among us since last year. Never in my life could I imagine the most literal things could be this hard to understand. The death rate is extremely low....and although there has been “explosions” of cases....no huge explosions of deaths....and hospitalizations in states like NC and S.C. hover around the same numbers weekly.....how is this a definite death sentence?
  23. It’s not just about importance.....there are hundreds of people at each. The threat of being inside at Home Depot with 300 people getting mostly non essential items is as large as being outside with people at a racetrack IMO. If you go to clay NY tomorrow....stop at Home Depot, Target, Wegmans, and possibly 1 other store, which is very common on a Saturday, you have been exposed inside to as many or more people than you have at Fulton speedway in the last 10 years. Now....try and let this sink in. Not all track owners/promoters are John Wight, some use this to provide for their families. Operating the track is how they feed the family or pay to fix the crapper. How about you tell them that Home Depot, Walmart, target etc are more important.
  24. I’m sorry to hear about your mother....truly.....cancer is a horrible thing to watch a loved one battle with. With that said, we live with it daily. We ingest Or use things that have proven links to cancer....whether it be medicine, food, tobacco, cooking methods, cleaners etc. Cancer is something that is a killer of all ages....and we live with it. There’s no be all end all cure....and we do not all hide in the house from it. I completely agree that your father contracting it could be a very difficult situation, although there have been thousands of older folks who have beat it, the news just doesn’t promote that because those stories do not fit their agenda. But, that doesn’t mean the world shuts down....that means you and others have to make the choice of going about your day and avoiding your father, or avoiding everything else so you can be with your father. Nope, it’s not fair. Life isn’t. There are certain members of my family I have not seen in a few months, I talk to them consistently, but it would be bad if they got sick. These are the choices that we all make. Shutdowns don’t mean shit, when we all go grocery shopping, to hardware stores or go to work. If we can go to Home Depot, we should be ok outside at a racetrack or taking our kids to a playground.
  25. It’s all good man, Someone giving me shit on this forum is less of a concern than the coronavirus.
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