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  1. Upside down isn’t the phrase for it. No more his or hers. Schools Teaching children about sex change and Dr. Seuss is all of a sudden public enemy #1. Unfu%#ing believable.
  2. Hopefully all season....I agree with you on this. I can’t wait for Bristol, already booked to go. Wish it was BB and late models but, it will still be awesome either way. I don’t expect the racing to be real good, I think it will just be too fast to expect a lot of passing but the experience will be pretty cool.
  3. They have done everything to keep this as quiet as possible. It took about 24seconds for the left to try and destroy Judge Kavanaugh with a bullshit story, but yet they continue to keep this a second tier situation with hardly any reporting on it. You have people literally calling out CNN anchors in person on why they are avoiding the story. As far as fact checking Biden.....I don’t blame anyone for shying away from that job. The god damn fool doesn’t know his name. He literally received a vaccine on camera a month before he took office and continues to claim there wasn’t one until he was swor
  4. The amazing attempts from multiple media outlets and political figures to downplay, disregard and ignore his scandals have been news stories in themselves. That’s definitely true. Now that there are numerous people on his side finally calling him out these people have to report on it. Took days and multiple accusations before some prominent figures spoke out....facts. He’s a POS always has been a POS and all of the people who deemed him a hero last year are fools. Another woman has come forward with harassment accusations against cuomo....As I type this CNN has a bunch of stories about covid o
  5. You do realize this has been an ongoing story for days....CNN just acknowledged it today? Great job!
  6. He has sexual harassment allegations against him????? Wow can’t believe most of the mainstream media wouldn’t want to cover that! Maybe his brother can interview him about it, get a good laugh together and then win an Oscar for his phenomenal work.
  7. Unbelievable the cancel culture/social activist cult that destroys anyone that doesn’t think the same way as them, often with no evidence completely ignores his controversies.
  8. There were quite a few guys grumbling about track conditions and the way the show was run at outlaw so I’m guessing they could lose some. I agree Afton may suffer and Thunder could lose some guys that race there on Saturday’s. Thunder made out ok last year because they were one of the few places that raced, but I still think the switch to Hoosier and heading in the dirtcar direction will hurt them.
  9. 2 places on fridays? I’ve heard from numerous people he’s going to Utica.
  10. If Brett pulls 50-70% of Fonda field,picks up a few from other Friday night tracks along with guys who maybe only raced 1 night a week previously...he will have a full field of cars. With that purse, and racing on the favored night he should have no issue getting cars in any class imo.
  11. Utica will get more than 20 cars weekly with no issue.
  12. And 40-60k big blocks are killing those. Seems crazy that you can buy basically a 900 hp engine from pro power new off the dyno with a carb for just over half of what a new top notch BB is.
  13. Based on the sound of that.....Bachetti runs one in his stss cars. Every time I watch him I’m waiting to catch a connecting rod in the grandstands. Lol
  14. Rudolph had the open small block according to multiple people I spoke to, I thought he stated that in an interview as well
  15. Absolutely.....all depends on the budget. Unfortunately there are quite a few teams that don’t have one. All of the weight breaks are fine to give guys multiple options, but it’s a double edged sword....you give guys lots of options. It also becomes an issue at tech. It’s difficult on an inspector to have to keep track of what rules go to what engine....what weight goes to what engine, what engine is in the car each night etc. It’s opens up a bunch of avenues to bend the few rules that deyo does have. IMO it just makes sense to have everything 365 ci and under be 2400 and everything above to b
  16. It’s all dependent on what cylinder head combo is being utilized. I know for fact a bunch of guys utilize the sb2 heads and 13 degree stuff. It’s common knowledge you can build up towards 800 hp with a 358. As a matter of fact I believe it was Rob Hile stating that on here a long time ago about the sb2 heads. I think everyone respects his opinion. If BTK can’t build over 700 hp out of a 358.....then no apparently he doesn’t know more than me. I don’t believe that to be the case. I know it’s tough for you to spend any time on threads like this......you understand none of what y
  17. The open 360 motors that are being built with sb2 heads, some 13 degree stuff etc. are all over 700 hp. Not hard to build at 8500 rpm. If a w-16 has anymore than 530 hp it ain’t legal to begin with. A really good legal spec head 358 is pushing 550 hp. These guys claiming they are building 600 are either lying or cheating terribly. The “nascar” style open 358s that guys have used quite often like stew are far far far more engine than a w-16.
  18. I agree....its not truthful either. He didn’t have a busted lip or a black eye.
  19. I believe the sds races that The w-16 won, it had quite a large weight break against the big blocks as well. At one time(May have changed now) the Teams using small blocks or w-16 on the sds were allowed to use the “track rules” if it was a 358 weekly track and a weekly competitor participating. It was an odd rule regarding who could and could not utilize the rules and obviously they did not get sds points. The bottom line is, if the w-16 was the way to go, everyone would use them. Yes they work on big momentum skating rinks, with a huge weight break. And yes you can make just about anything c
  20. A w-16 or a spec head is down 200 hp to most open small blocks they would be competing against.....without a massive weight break and a dead ass slick surface they will need hazard lights at Utica Rome.
  21. There’s some huge advantages to starting or being out front.....and sometimes your a sitting duck because you don’t know a different line is working. That’s part of the excitement short track racing brings.....and yet again people support something that can severely limit that. Ive watched Alan, Danny, Brett,Bob etc. win hundreds of races through the years.....I’ve seen them get beat by staying in 1 lane far too long and having someone drive around them maybe a handful of times combined. The greats have a knack of knowing when to start moving around, that ability comes with experience. “Sticks
  22. While I don’t believe there are a lot of tracks that team members can be seen well enough get an advantage......In not a huge fan of any advantage gained by someone instructing you from outside the car, especially in typical weekly racing. With that said, crew members have been making themselves visible under caution and telling guys the better line for years, where I think it sucks is if you can see the crew guy and sticks well enough under green to make a Different decision in the car.
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