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  1. Some chili bowl action. What's everybody doing after the racing?
  2. https://youtu.be/FWPL6Trc9jw. For those going down. Great tune!
  3. Packing now. Flying to Dallas at 2am be on Tulsa time by Tuesday afternoon.
  4. Hard to think 2 weeks away. Here's one for the guys going down. http://youtu.be/FWPL6Trc9jw
  5. I think all my questions have been answered here. Thanks to all you guys for taking the time to fill me in on things. I'll be happy when the date is finally here seems like iv been planning this whole trip out since June. Only one question left. Will this year be Kyle Larson's year?? I'm hoping so.
  6. If only I could bring a case of Molson on the plane haha. Thanks for all the good advice and information. Our seats are down low in turn four. I'm hoping they have a good view. I heard from a few that theres not much to do in Tulsa. But I'm hoping I can at least find a good photo restaurant and an old time honkey tonk somewhere in town. How's the weather in Oklahoma during that time of year? And how accessible are the drivers?
  7. Is there a lot of opportunity for downtime each night? I'm willing to take the chances of catching a cold. I'm sure it will be worth it. How's the food? Concessions outrageous or fair priced?
  8. I'll deff. Have some pictures to share. And hopefully some good stories.
  9. Its for five nights. Which really isn't bad. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend a week. So I'm sure it will be worth every penny. Tues-sat. Most likely going to opt for the pit passes.
  10. I'm going for the first time in 2016. Put my name in for tickets back in march. Was lucky to get a pair in June. Ran $52924 for the pair. Flying out of plattsburgh to dfw and driving up to Tulsa. Probably the most iv ever spent to go see a race.the wait has only built on the excitement. Glad to hear tmac and Larry are going so I'll have some locals to cheer on. As a first timer this racing vacation which is still 2 months away has been all I can think about lol. If anybody else from NY is headed down it would be cool to meet up and represent the area.
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