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  1. I couldn't agree more. DTD TV is helping keep racing alive during this tough time. There are always gonna be snags with something new. I just want to see Northeast Modified tracks--all of them--around next year. Thank you DTD TV.
  2. Absolutely! Eastern States is my favorite weekend of the year. I will miss my racing family and friends, but if no fans, I will stream. Such a tradition for me. I will definitely email them my support. Thanks for sharing. :)
  3. Does anyone have any updates about OCFS running or not running this weekend? Thanks.
  4. Cody Higbie, son of OCFS driver Jerry Higbie, won his first Sportsman race at Middletown last night. I'm getting old because I was there when Jerry ran his first race! It's been a pleasure over the years to see the #97 at Orange County. Glad to see the tradition continuing. The kid ran a great race and it was awesome watching him run the high side! He was really throwing it into the turns! Congrats!
  5. Looking forward to a Wednesday race! Thanks again to all race tracks and those in the racing community and DTD TV for all you provide to us fans!
  6. Does anyone know who is committed to racing on Wednesday? Will Stewie be there? I'm an OCFS guy and watched Hearn dominate there for years. I don't know Stewie's winning percentage at Fonda, but he has been winning an awful lot there in recent years. That being said, there is Wight, Sheppard, Rudolph, Williamson, etc. and the Fonda locals to contend with, including Warner (don't know which of those drivers will show up, and I think Williamson may be in quarantine in Canada, not sure). Looking forward to a good race, and to all the race fans on this forum, I have such a passion for this great sport and love to hear racing talk from those who love it as well!
  7. Mr. Deyo could've easily cancelled this event and is more than likely facing a financial loss by still holding it. I'm spending the $20 and supporting Mr. Deyo for sticking to his word and supporting the racers when he had every right just to scrap the race. I hope others who have the opportunity will do the same. Thank you Mr. Deyo and DTD TV.
  8. Great question! I think you posted another one recently jsw (if I'm not wrong), and you present interesting topics. Keep them coming! I always bring a book with me, because we all know how long a race night can be. LOL. But I also talk with my racing friends/family and strike up conversations with new ones.
  9. My name is Allan Dart, and I am not involved in social media except for this site. I love racing. It comes from my grandpa and my dad's blood and it runs through my veins too. I love it. Lately, I have been seeing so much vitriol on this forum. So much anger. I totally understand these are extreme times. I've been going to the races since the age of 4 (now an old fart at 45), and I mainly go to OCFS, but I have been to multiple tracks over my lucky time to be here on this Earth, and I've met soooo many people in the racing community---fans, drivers, staff--and I've never once cared about their politics, race, sexuality.... I'm talking racing with people who love racing and I've made so many friends through this community. I have so many good memories of that...and hope to make many more. I never expect anyone to agree with me. I don't mind people busting my chops. But I appreciate dialogue over derision.... Hell, I've made many mistakes and changed opinions over my lifetime. My opinion is not a fact. Danny Johnson is my favorite driver and I don't agree with everything he has done on the track. My point is not political but personal--I love racing and meeting new people who love racing too. So positive thread... I would love to hear a story about what you love about racing or the racing community. I will share one--at OCFS, during the 80s, the Monacos ran a lemonade stand beneath the bleachers at OCFS (their son Tony is now a car owner). They have since passed, and I was a little boy then, but what a sweet, older couple who could not have been nicer to me or my family. My family and theirs actually became friends and we visited them at their house. They gave me free lemonade as an annoying young kid. They always had smiles and made me feel at home. They were a part of making me love racing. I hope I can be half as positive to the racing community as they were to me. Long-winded story, but just would like to hear positive stories from anyone who cares to offer them about their home tracks or people they've met in the racing community who affected them. Best, Allan Dart.
  10. Thanks for sharing your opinions and stories! Really cool info! Keep it coming if you have anything to offer on this subject!
  11. Just finished watching Outlaw. I've never seen the track before. Really cool that they got the show in. Don't know most of the finishing positions after the Top Five, but was hoping for a good run from Danny tonight. Didn't happen. Oh well. Sheppard had everybody covered. Congrats to him and his crew. Siri put on a good show as well. I think AJ had a good run from the back, but I don't know his spot at the checkered flag. Again, thanks to all those who made tonight possible. Will never stop being grateful. So nice to see racing on a Friday Night! I'm a diehard OCFS fan so will be watching there tomorrow, but good luck to all tracks and DTD TV and fans who love the Valley, Fonda or whatever race track(s) you support!
  12. Cool! I remember DeAngelis from his time with Freightliner and Dutchess. Great teams and cars! Thanks for the response! I remember Barry Davis and the 9D. Always had nice-looking orange cars, right? I wasn't an Accord attendee, but I did go to OCFS, and although I was a young kid then, I recall seeing him there, but I'm not sure if he was a regular or not at times in the 80s. I thought he was. Thanks again.
  13. If this topic has been discussed before, I apologize. I think the drivers absolutely deserve the attention for the talent they bring, but just wanted to hear from fans, , drivers, owners, crews, whomever about who they think were great or are great mechanics, chassis, tire, behind-the-scenes specialists. Both past and present. Whatever division. I remember my dad telling me about Maynard Troyer, Grant King and Budd Olsen, but please correct me if I am wrong. Also always heard Jay Castimore was a great tire guy. Would like to hear from anyone past or present who has something positive to offer on this subject. Doesn't matter the division or era. I know/knew several race teams and it is a group effort! Please keep positive. I just want to support the racing community!
  14. Great show last night! I have never been to Big Diamond, but was really impressed--especially when the cushion widened out as the program went on. Good run and victory lane speech from Billy Pauch Jr. I was hoping Horton could pull it off--he really had the car working on the outside groove. I watched him at OCFS on Saturday, and he looked impressive there as well. I love the young talent in the sport, but it's also nice to see the old guys putting on a show! I believe AJ and Tremont already have wins this year. Good for them! Thanks to Big Diamond, DTD TV, Brett Deyo and all those who made this possible!
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