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  1. Well I’m sorry to inform you but there is not much peace between Fonda and Albany-Saratoga at the moment putting a free Friday against a rivaling track might might be a sign. notice there was STSS race two years ago and nothing last year?
  2. Dirtcar seems to keep shooting themselves in The foot. I understand they’re trying to make money but this is a grassroots sport keep your BS out of it
  3. Idk what happened with ESS and deyo but deyo just scheduled a race on a Friday with free admission. I think he’s pissed at someone to do this
  4. The footage has been great. I paid the 85 for the Three nighys and with the weather we’ve had I’m glad I did. I’ll pay to support deyo and dtd both are top notch for the sport and have elevated the northeast racing community the last few year. The drone shots are cool once in awhile I think and it gives a different view of the racing you normally wouldn’t see. Kudos to all involved
  5. These guys are racers and When there’s a race they want to go It’s like a drug. There’s only 30-40 guys with the money to do it. I Wouldnt care what it paid as long as I can turn some fast laps in my hotrod I would be there. The weather break is just a bonus
  6. Who draws more modifieds in Florida? All Tec or volusia
  7. Sounds like a good ole fashioned turf war between Hoosier and American racer
  8. Yea it looked like hard racing to me and no need for a temper tantrum
  9. This is all karma from mahaney dumping Hearn up in Canada. Dont Mess with the G.O.A.T
  10. Well some people live 2 plus hours away. With a rain delay and have to work on Monday. Let’s be reasonable here we’d all love to be at the track but life gets in the way and I’d much rather have been able to watch it on a paper view instead of race monitor
  11. Dirtcar is defenitely pulling some strings to keep these guys away from fonda
  12. I’m personaly excited to go to eastern states after watching the centennial paperview. The racing was awesome. I start and end my racing season at Orange County and am anticipating tickets going on sale soon
  13. Trust me watching the heat races and time trials were still a snooze. The feature was one for the books
  14. I frequent the place every week and look at the parking lot full for a Friday night. Now that it’s a three day weekend I can imagine half of the parking lot to the left will be filled with campers. I’ve been noticing how small the parking is but where in the world do they plan on parking all these cars and campers? A lot of drivers and crew I’m sure will be camping since a lot will be racing all three days. We all know route nine is no safe place to park on and I see no plan set in place
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