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  1. Just because you like watching him win and are having fun doesn’t mean he is. I’m sure Larson could have doing this since 2012 or at least been extremely competitive in a sprint car and yet he chose to run 17th in nascar weekly Maybe Kyle wants to challenge himself?
  2. Is there gonna be sdw? Maybe this is the location of short track super nationals
  3. Nope... you forgot Marcuccilli but that’s about it.. Williamson runs the dirt car 358 series annually. Since he’s been in the US he’s gone to quite a few tracks A/S and Fonda
  4. But you had to say something. Couldn’t just hit the back button
  5. It matters to me I will not purchase to watch support divisions I wouldn’t log on to watch for free simply cause there is no Modifieds
  6. Good enough to fill their quota of drivers for the shows
  7. Alan Johnson set himself back 2 weeks not the STSS. Maybe to he shouldn’t have towed 13 hours for a draw event
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