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  1. Most drivers also drive the toter/truck He definitely found something
  2. You mean with the big ass smile on his face...like the Mallet interview as well as ocfs Interview
  3. Honestly freisan is way more talented than Max could ever dream of In terms of setting up a car.. Over the last five years wins in 3 different manufacturers while winning 10+ a year Bars to coils or jbar I really didn’t see him skip a beat Stewart has one hell of a crew to prepare his mod stuff but he’s earned it. What has Max earned? The right to wreck Rudolph because he threw a tantrum going into turn 3 Maybe he wouldn’t have done that if he started from the bottom so he actually respected HBR equipment or anyone else’s Why waste time when Mat can get you c
  4. I would respect him more if he did. Maybe just start with the ca... Max Handout McLaughlin
  5. Most drivers have a lot less laps on engines right now due to the virus I don’t want think laps will be a factor Too much money for the taking at Bridgeport not to go with the heat win money and lap money potential. Im sure the top 8 in the north will go but who else besides regulars?
  6. Just because you like watching him win and are having fun doesn’t mean he is. I’m sure Larson could have doing this since 2012 or at least been extremely competitive in a sprint car and yet he chose to run 17th in nascar weekly Maybe Kyle wants to challenge himself?
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