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  1. Same thing.. it’s the professional way of putting it
  2. Who spends thousands on RR Hoosiers? Last time I checked they were under 210
  3. I Hearn was faster everywhere in 2014
  4. Good call if there was a light car count due to ocfs
  5. No no The less I see of your opinions the better
  6. I asked for MODIFIED drivers all sportsman you listed are null and void to this particular question Sounds to me from your names of drivers right side panhard and bars is working for thunder mountain Does anyone on either premier northeast Modified tour run right side panhard and bars consistently No They might for this and that but to say it’s consistently done outside of what appears to be thunder mountain is just ludicrous
  7. I don’t know and unlike you I don’t make it seem like I do I still want the names of the mod drivers that win on a consistent basis with right side panhard and bars??? American racers Hoosiers windows sails STSS SDS local tracks I don’t care just the names
  8. Oh so just guys The two drivers you did mention in your answer are not running a right side panhard and bars consistently
  9. Who’s winning on a consistent basis with a right side setup and bars?
  10. ....I don’t need to be in the drivers seat to see a driver wreck another driver....
  11. Mad Max can stop Rudolph
  12. What did Slack think was gonna happen. What a waste of time
  13. Perrego already has a ride in Middletown Guy obviously just wants to race