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  1. You realize that only makes sense if the losses are "on paper" correct? Who would spend $10 if it was going to save $4 or $5 in taxes unless it was for entertainment purposes?
  2. Some tracks may figure they have nothing to lose by opening. Tracks with rent / lease payments may figure if they don't try to open with fans, they'll lose the place anyways.
  3. The difficult part for race tracks and other non-essential businesses is if Cuomo knows he's going to get a federal bailout for all of the lost sales and income tax revenue lost, Cuomo has no urgency to let those businesses open back up. One can also argue that many of those businesses may never open back up with this prolonged shutdown. Basically it's a lose-lose situation for us race fans.
  4. Agree but that doesn't mean the party in charge in NY still doesn't consider them uneducated blue collar white trash! LOL
  5. Unfortunately, Florida doesn't seem like the optimal place to visit any time soon.
  6. Does one honestly think Cuomo will allow fans from all over the country to be crammed together for a week at Oswego? Also, with Cuomo whining daily about the state being broke, where does the state find dollars to give to DIRT this year?
  7. Actually the only casinos open in NY are the ones operated by Indian nations who are not under Cuomo's jurisdiction.
  8. Don't sell food either then? Thinking as long as the state has some type of license to hold over your head (either liquor or serving food) they can regulate you. Hopefully I'm wrong for us fans sake.
  9. Can the liquor authority still regulate crowd size for outdoor places that have a liquor license?
  10. Interesting article and ruling by a judge. Not sure how it may or may not impact fans allowed at race tracks. https://www.foxnews.com/us/new-york-coronavirus-reopen-plan-church-synagogue
  11. Oswego not allowed to open July 4th with fans: http://www.oswegospeedway.com/news/?i=84280&fbclid=IwAR3Q0ACh1e65h4hO8Pxb-kQZ1m4IMBMlM8M4SFpDh9_KUBNUQFZc2rtTNcY
  12. Cuomo said U.S. Open tennis tournament at the end of August can be played but without fans. If no fans for that, what are the chances race tracks can have fans?
  13. Agree would be cool to see Max but have to wonder what super as there aren't too many extra supers sitting around.
  14. Agree 100% John! Waiting for Cuomo to eventually announce "limits and rules" for spectator events for the rest of the year EXCEPT for MLB and NFL! Then the "fun" can begin!!
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