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  1. Agree 100 percent that the state does invest taxpayer $$ in private business. The "sad" part was it appeared Glenn wanted the state to invest all the $$ to build the facility with little if any risk to Glenn.
  2. Very confused here. How is a race paying a $79,000 purse and $25,000 to win bad?
  3. Two cars one hole. Sheppard just grabbed $5,000 with his win in the Will Cagle race.
  4. Where did Brian announce that as nothing about five more years was said at the 50th race announcement at city hall after the parade?
  5. Sorry, I did miss it! Probably not a good thing for you we're thinking alike! LOL
  6. Does anyone have any more info on what Mike slid into his final thoughts article about the new five year deal? When does/did this deal begin? https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/SDWLIVE2/final-thoughts-from-super-dirt-week-xlix-dtd-exclusive/
  7. Looking forward, maybe someone in the media will be given the chance to ask "WRG" personnel what will be done differently for 2022 Super Dirt Week to avoid the horrible condition of the track. If WRG doesn't have an answer, that would be very troubling.
  8. If wood chips are laid down first, don't you then get a mixed pile of clay and wood chips when the clay is removed? How does that work the next year?
  9. Maybe this issue is the clay is now five years old with all kinds of rubber mixed in? Brand new clay (which would cost money) might help?
  10. Schedule pushed back again. At least give the current track crew credit for trying to make a bad situation less bad (less bad as good walked out last week!)
  11. Actually, per the track prep guy that quit's facebook page, he put down 10 inches and they then took some off.
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