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  1. Suppose someone wants to go after seeing a track post the covid protocols they are following and once in the track, that fan realizes the track postings were just bs?
  2. Correct, that person had power. Read the full story. That person was enrolled with one of those energy suppliers that will save you so much money annually. In the contract, the enrollee pays the going price at that given time. Well, the going price was "pretty high" during the Texas storm. Don't let facts get in the way of a good story though.
  3. So 1/3 capacity was more of a suggestion then and not really followed?
  4. One hopes there won't be anyone counting. Pack the place and hope no one notices so you can keep your liquor and operating licenses!
  5. I believe the 33% "venue rule" had a max limit of 200 for outdoors or 500 if everyone presents negative test proof but who knows these days????
  6. Curious, Can Am is saying 33% while the Yankees only admitted 20%. Which one is it?
  7. Making a little progress: Finally, Cuomo moved on to sports venues. Starting April 1, indoor venues with 1,500 capacity or more will be capped at 10%. Meanwhile, the limit for outdoor venues with 2,500 capacity or more will grow to 20%.
  8. Small steps. 200 fans can attend an outdoor event w/out testing starting April 2nd. https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2021/03/smaller-arts-entertainment-venues-in-ny-can-reopen-next-month.html
  9. I thought it might be hopeful news! What was I thinking!!
  10. Thanks Wild, you just "ruined" a good story with that!! LOL LOL Glenn wanted the State to put the money up first which would really minimize his financial risk! LOL
  11. Hopefully this is a start so fans in grandstands can be a reality in 2021: https://www.localsyr.com/health/coronavirus/watch-live-governor-cuomo-provides-update-regarding-covid-19-at-1130-a-m/
  12. Glenn likely would've got the State dollars had Glenn actually spent some of "his" money first. The State indicated many times that the dollars would come once Glenn showed tangible progress on the project.
  13. Please explain how losing say $100 to save $30 in taxes is good business.
  14. Would it be wrong think the same "full capacity" constraints would be applied to every other sport or entertainment venue with a grandstand in NY or just race tracks being singled out?
  15. Agree Chas71. Bigger questions, can race tracks survive on 25% capacity and how do tracks put on big paying shows with only 25% capacity?
  16. Actually did pretty good in geometry. Positive rate (orange line) looks pretty flat to me
  17. Cuomo hasn't exactly been throwing his support behind a vaccine so don't expect any rush ti distribute once one is available.
  18. Already announced in September, Times Square ball drop will be virtual. Not being negative but what will be different in NY come spring time vs. right now? The curve has been flat for months, hospitals aren't over run, yet not much has changed when it came to fans in grandstands. Cuomo will get the bailout for NY he's been looking for after Nov. 3rd. That will fix his budget shortfall yet private businesses will still be struggling if not already out of business.
  19. No 24 hour rule for Pa, NJ or Conn. Cuomo realized three things. 1) It's unenforceable with adjoining states. 2) Numerous people that work in NYC live in these adjoining states and 3) Banning travel would be economic disaster for NY (Those were Cuomo's words)
  20. 100% correct, no state dollars would not mean SDW disappears. No state dollars just means the current SDW format and venue would become unprofitable and thus unsustainable without change.
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