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  1. 1. Stewart Friesen 2. Matt Sheppard 3. Billy Dunn 4. Brett Hearn 5. Tim Fuller 6. Danny Johnson 7. Max Mclaughlin 8. Billy Pauch Sr. 9. Erick Rudolph 10. Dave Blaney Dh. Rick Laubach
  2. Racefan69 I am a member of the Doctors fan page and I talked to a member of his pit crew and he told me they are still going to Fonda.
  3. My issue was his insulting remark about the sandwich. Yes Jake can defend himself no problem but for a guy with his reputation he shouldn't get insulted like he was. That was all I was trying to say. That remark about Jake and the sandwich was wrong. Insults like that don't belong here. The track hasn't been the best yes, I wouldn't blame the Dr if he left.
  4. FYI The Doctor IS racing at Fonda still so thank you for wasting all our time by reading your b.s. rumor your trying to start
  5. Racefan69 do yourself a favor and show some respect to one of the if not THE most successful car owner in the Northeast. Jake Spraker has more respect from the Dirt Racing family than you can ever imagine. He is as good a car owner as Jack Johnson was at Fonda. So the next time you want to insult Mr Spraker, think about what he has done for Dirt Racing. Jacob MacDonald
  6. You couldn't pay me to go here. A track that allows John Scarborough to race is a track that I refuse to support. I know it was almost a year ago that he had his run in with Ivan Joslin at Glen Ridge but he has been this way his whole career. Paradise Speedway is crossed of my list of tracks to go to thats for sure.
  7. 100% Chance of rain this weekend. Thunderstorms expected to be all day just saying. Hope it doesn't rain out
  8. Jay thats is a nice idea but it won't happen anytime soon. Howie is about his tracks and every other track can (Mod Edit) themselves in his eyes, Sad to say but its the truth.
  9. Horton won't do anything because he dosen't wanna rip up his car but Friesen knows how to cleanly move to the front and if it isn't RJ or Bobby Varin that wins my next guess would be Stewart
  10. Dosen't seem like they are going to get the races in. Thunderstorms Fri. and Sat.
  11. I'm not saying they can't win, I am just saying with 3 straight wins, RJ has his car on rails. Varin and Danny Johnson are the only other 2 I see as true contenders for the championship.
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