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  1. Via text received from the dirt track at Charlotte, this years World Finals have been CANCELLED.
  2. Apparently you’ve never seen her run on the regular. She’s as aggressive as anyone and a force to be dealt with. Sometimes your setup is off and things don’t go your way....period.
  3. Eh...1/4 to 1/3 full on spectator side. Pit grandstands look full from my vantage point.
  4. Mallett telling me there will be a special guest tonight....REGGIE from Chatham Speedway!!! Hold on to your seats !!!
  5. Experienced what I believe to be a “perfect” night of racing at Port Royal last night. Went to the Speed Showcase 40. There were two classes of cars racing last night. 61 bb/Sb modifieds signed in, along with over 70 sportsman cars to simply take a few sessions of hot laps. Very little, if any down time. A very well planned out and executed Schedule of events. The venue is second to none when compared to any of the many tracks that I’ve visited! The food available to eat at Port Royal is not only reasonable, but DELICIOUS ! They enforced the “no smoking” in the stands rule. The bleachers are even ergonomically contoured to make sitting in them more comfortable. I do realize that if it was a stand alone show, you would not get 70 plus sportsman cars sign in to take hot laps, which in turn helps the back gate numbers without having to tap into profits by having a payout for them. Although Grandview has a one division show every year for the Sixer with a n elevated admission price and the place is packed! I would gladly pay much more for a. One/Two division show than have to sit through a five division show. Looking forward to a great weekend at Port Royal !
  6. Wouldn’t get your hopes up for that to happen !! Less than 4 weeks out and nobody will give me an answer....WRG or Charlotte Motor Speedway.
  7. Has ANYBODY heard anything regarding this years World Finals in Charlotte ? I’ve called the track, they will still up in the air and didn’t know. Although they did tell me that the Cup series event being held a couple weeks prior to the Finals is limited to 7% spectator capacity. I’ve called WRG and left a message...no response. I still have a balance on my tickets and haven’t heard a thing from anybody, which is rare.
  8. Via the article posted above, Bb,Sb and sportsman running on Friday and Saturday. Fans allowed in drive in section only. No thanks!
  9. Racer, don’t let facts get in the way of a conservative led conspiracy theory. You ought to know that by now !!
  10. They said that there would be an announcement regarding ESW !
  11. Last week, via twitter, OCFS mentioned that they would be making an announcement midweek, this week, regarding how they would be handling ESW this year. Has anybody heard anything yet ?
  12. I have no inkling if Bridgeport EVER posting th I don’t EVER remember ever seeing Bridgeport schedule a $10,000 to win event short of the last month . Granted, I’m going to Bridgeport, but to insinuate that PennCan purposefully scheduled against another event is ridiculous. Hopefully both will flourish, but I’m sure both events would have more entrants if they weren’t running against each other. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do with this year being wgg hv at it is !
  13. Was never a huge fan of his, but what a class act and what a hell of a race car driver !
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