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  1. Ummmmm....not to overstate the obvious, but...ahhh...HE WAS IMPEACHED ! Talk about rewriting history !
  2. Would rather have ALL the drivers hear what officials are saying specifically with WORDS, then try to decipher what a flagger is telling via flags about something happening at a certain place on the track. That’s why they stopped using smoke signals and Morse code !
  3. What can a flagger do that traffic signals at most tracks can’t do ?
  4. One way radios can have a DIRECT link to the driver being passed. Much better than hoping driver will see flag. The ANNOUNCER in the tower does indeed excite people...more so than a good flag man. There are officials all around the track with radios that can let the people know if it is raining or not.
  5. Simply show me different instances where a flagged is needed ! You can’t and I thank you for admitting that ! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Takes a big man to admit when you are wrong !
  6. Show me the numbers !! Something that you are rarely able to do ! I’m still waiting for you to tell me what a flaggerxan do that someone I. The booth can’t do. Big words.....no facts !
  7. Thank you Bill Smith for talking common sense and using numbers and facts !
  8. 1,850 Yup !!! All political bs !🤷🏻‍♂️ Posted 2 hours ago It’s very
  9. I will never understand how any dolt can make this into a political stance! I LOVE dirt track racing as much as anybody, but simply due to the fact that Governor Cuomo is a Democrat, all of the sheep on the right leaning side want to play the part of a victim. Can we all just agree that we all want to be able to see racing LIVE and in the stands and realize that the measures being taken are for the good OF US ALL ??
  10. Haha ! Couldn’t think of even one valid point to counter my initial assertion, so you go right to a personal attack !
  11. Enlighten me rpm ! What can a flag man do that a person up on the booth with a one way radio can’t do ?
  12. Screw Farney ! Why does he feel a need to let the drivers know how big of a lead they have ? I’ve heard many times what a nice man that he is, and I’m certain that he is, but why does he feel a need to be the center of attention when he’s up on the stand ? In all seriousness, I don’t see why a flag man is even needed in this day and age !
  13. Man, those posting using the dark font and the dark background make it damn near impossible to read their post.
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