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  1. Any news on what car/cars Jeff Strunk will be wheeling this coming season? I find it odd that he hasn’t announced a new ride yet.
  2. MODcar, USNA, RoC...I’m sure that there are more. It seems as if none of the previous owners/directors had the nonstop ability to garner and KEEP sponsorship the way that Deyo does. I enjoyed all of the previous series, but none have the enjoyment factor or the inherent knowledge that you don’t have to worry if Brett Deyo is gonna pull the plug early or cancel, as he has proven time and time again that unlike other tracks that seem to want to find a way to cancel a race, Deyo goes above and beyond to make sure that the advertised race actually happens, regardless of what the weatherman or loca
  3. I wish, for the life of me, that I could find a picture of one of the Jimmy Hauser 2H modifieds from SDW during the mud 90’s ! Those cars were absolutely beautiful. Easily my all time favorite paint schemes.
  4. Wanted to wish all of those celebrating, a very Happy Hanukkah !
  5. I’m curious if the Speedway decided to limit admission was a decision that they made on their own or if it was mandated by the state? If by state, I wonder how that will affect the dirt races at Bubba’s and Volusia ?
  6. Fantastic racing. Horrible PR. IMHO, they need to find a replacement for Danny Serrano.
  7. What do I need to do to have the forum work as it previously did before it was up dated ? I can no longer scroll up or down w/o a 10-15 second delay on EVERY page.
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