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  1. Paul, is there anyway to see the show if we don’t “do” Facebook ?
  2. Great race ! For as much as I bitch about that speedway, when they decide to race, it’s usually a good show .
  3. Very enjoyable ! I don’t usually watch “Real” cup racing, but would totally tune into this again.
  4. 1987 Freedom 76 at Grandview Speedway. My all time favorite driver, Davey Wenger, from Myerstown PA, finally broke through and won it !
  5. Thank you for the review ! Gonna head over to Coastal 181 now to order the book.
  6. Enjoy a 40 hr work week ?, Enjoy paid vacations? Enjoy the ability NOT to be let go at the owner’s discretion in “at will” states? Enjoy overtime pay for working over 8 hrs a day or 40 hrs a week? Enjoy being able to negotiate a contract ? Enjoy having short term/long term disability insurance ? Enjoy having workman’s compensation ? THANK A UNION !
  7. I’d drive right by a Wal-Mart That is 5 mins from my house, to go to a store 45 mins away that treats their employees with a bit more dignity and respect than a red neck, white trash ,anti-union , hucklebuck, excuse of something that wants to resemble a fair trade commerce place of employment. Eff Wal-Mart !
  8. Bad news....you’re in WalMart to notice this !! Ugh !
  9. That’s on par with CNYRP opening soon !
  10. Quit being a greedy self serving lot of me first, dolts !! LISTEN TO WHAT WECARE BEING TOLD and quit being greedy !
  11. I guess you really can’t impart common sense into some people. Some are simply too lazy to do the tiniest bit of research to have an informed opinion. Some would rather just spew non-pertinent information to further the cause of “ I should be allowed to do what I want to whenever I want to”. sad.
  12. Exactly !!!! Bars are shut down, why would anyone with any common sense try to run a race and put thousands of people at risk. On the same note, why would people WANT to go and surround themselves with thousands of other Petri dishes ? This is t just about the “wants” of individuals, but the safety of many ! You could carry the virus and not even know it, and unknowingly pass it to someone that has an “at risk” person that they come in contact with on a regular basis.
  13. i stand corrected ! But I do find it very irresponsible of the tracks to move forward with the scheduled races.
  14. Please provide link to said announcement. I don’t believe you ! Our governor is being very proactive on this entire situation.