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  1. Qualifying was last night. Got 2nd in his heat. Good for him for not being bullied by WRG into where to race.
  2. What is the end of year championship payout for the SDS ? I think that will determine who races where. Pretty much a given that Sheppard knows where his bread is buttered and goes the DIRT route.
  3. The next time that she talks to the camera and isn’t distracted by a race car, a passing person in the pits or someone she feels a need to say “hi” to, will be the first time ! I do watch some videos to pass the time while on the elliptical, but don’t go out of my way to watch on the regular. I find her brother and father to be genuine and sincere when on camera , and enjoy watching them both on her vlogs.
  4. I bet he will be triple checking his brake lines before this years race. One of the hardest hits I’ve seen at a racetrack.
  5. “If Brodix themselves are willing to say that there is zero performance reason for it (sounds likeslightly sloppy machine work to me) then what would be the point? “ i did not see them say that in their statement. I did see the 96 team say that. Regardless, Pauch jr. Is a class act and usually carries himself with class and dignity.
  6. What 3 drivers have accumulated the most SDS points up to this point in the season (minus the made up, silly bonus points)? If you’re in the mix, you would’ve had the chance to collect the title.
  7. Isnt it odd that Ms. Pauch has said nothing on her vlog regarding her brothers dq and loss of points due to illegal heads being used at New Egypt?
  8. Only because WRG stacked the deck against him. Only true champ up to this point us Stew!
  9. Surprising to me that Yankowski isn’t going to Sixer !! Good for him for branching out this year ! Reminds me of Mike Gular the year after he won the Grandview championship.
  10. EXACTLY what I have been saying for months ! WRG gets to pick who runs for their championship . Just seems skeevy to me.
  11. DIRTcar may, but is not required to accept as a member, any individual or business entity interested in racing so long as the individual entity has properly and truthfully filed a DIRTcar membership application, has agreed to abide by the rules and paid the required fee as prescribed for membership. Still waiting to hear back what that fee is. Will forward info once I receive it.
  12. https://dirtcar.com/rules/world-racing-group-rules/membership-eligibility/
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