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  1. Wait !! Did I read that correctly ??? 7 DIVISION SHOW ?? It’d be a cold day in hell before I’d pay to enter a speedway that is running a 7 division show.
  2. Admission for this weekend, $18 for Friday and $30 for Saturday.
  3. Not going until I hear about a change in pricing. I’d much prefer a two division show, as that works much better for me. I’d rather be forced to watch one division I don’t care about as opposed to two. Thanks for thinking of me though !!
  4. What I don’t see in the above post is a change of pricing for admittance. Any updated pricing would be greatly appreciated !
  5. Speedsters ? Mass Sprints ?URC sprints 602 sportsman,maybe. I couldnt really care less about Speedsters or Mass Sprints or URC Sprints. Quit shoving shitty ass classes down my throat that very few people care about ! 2....maybe three classes tops. Will not attend a show that had more than 3 classes scheduled. STSS had it figured out ! Will attend STSS exclusively until other “un fan friendly” shied figure it out !
  6. Quick question for you guys, and explain it to me like I’m 6 years old. How do you guys watch the Flo racing broadcasts on your tv ? I have a Chromecast thingy but can never get it to work. My tv is 3 years old, but can only broadcast apps that were downloaded on it when it was new, ie Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime video, etc. I’ve Also tried connecting my laptop to my tv via a usb cable. Can usually get audio, but no video. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Absolute fabulous job so far! I’m down here in Ocala and am attending the races, but stop at the big screen that you have set up behind the stands to watch when going down to get a beer or food.
  8. Does anyone know if Max McLaughlin will be in the Norm Hansel 357 car down in Ocala ? I believe Danny Bouc will be in the Pondish 6.
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