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  1. It’s posted in this weeks AARN
  2. Uncle tom


    Your explanation makes no sense !
  3. Does Graham still run TEO’s ?
  4. Higfab through reliable sources
  5. Over/under right now is 59 cars at Grandview for the Sixer. The only outsider from NY last year was Bobby Varin and I believe they had 68. Anybody wanna put $20 and take the under ?
  6. Scheduled same day as Grandview Speedway’s Freedom 76. Grandview mentioned that they’re planning something special for the 2020 edition. Probably only lose Gular and Pauch , as far as drivers go. I believe it WILL affect the number of fans as I saw quite a few “regular Grandview fans” when I went to the Fonda 200 last year.
  7. For whatever it’s worth.....the above mentioned analogy regarding Wal-Mart would make any person with common sense want to make you want to distance yourself from wanting to EVER want to be considered a “Wal-Mart” shopper.....a multimillion, if not billion conglomeration, treating their employees to a subpar poverty level way of life! I’ll never understand how people can support this company that takes advantage of the people that need a decent wage the most . They are the “slum lords” of modern commerce !
  8. Sorta like bitching about how the “drunk indians” take advantage of the system. Both the deer and the native Americans were here first, and yet both are at the whim of what “modern America” feels is the correct way to handle them .
  9. https://images.app.goo.gl/15pb8rm9BRnj4rVx5 I got this beauty while she was trying to graffiti my house with blue spray paint. The lack of opposable thumbs is what did her in !
  10. Just by reading his obit, he seemed like a man who lived a loving and fulfilling life !
  11. No worries ! Thanks for the “heads up” ! I’ll be changing the air in my tires on Friday nights during racing season! Bring back the trio of promoters from 15 years ago and you can be sure i’ll He in Forestville every Friday night !!
  12. Uncle tom


    Sometimes the insincerity and phony laughs are just too much too handle !