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  1. He all. Please take a look at this sponsorship program that champion is doing! There is a couple of us Northeast teams that are trying to get the grand prize!! I'm asking for you all to register and vote. If you could vote for me that would be awesome!! If you don't want to vote for me please vote for one of our northeast teams. http://sfac.championautoparts.com/entry/1868/ Thank you, Mike
  2. Take more fireball shots with Mike and Brett and company. lol Happy New Year
  3. What I'm saying is, is if you want to run A/R here is the compound, if you want to run Hoosier, here is the compound. Then with all the support from A/R the only way to get that is if you are on their product, same goes for hoosier. This theory may bring more lower buck teams to a race. Give the teams the option on what they have in stock in their garage to race. As a low buck team we race one kind of tire. If i could use that same brand and compound at a series race I may be more apt to go. But if I have to go out and buy 8 tires I would stay home, as I do now. Same goes for fuel. Either VP or Sunaco is good. But you get bonuses for using the LEAD sponsor of that series.
  4. 1. But if the the drivers have 2 choices. Hoosier 400 or A/R 48 (or compound close to a 400). 2. Dyno at certain Engine shops. Certified dyno. 3. Wont need all those compounds
  5. I'm going to add to this now. Love the idea of sanctioning. It helps the racers be closer to a level playing field, keeps our cost down. Does the rule book need to be opened up, yes. But in areas where the racer can BUILD certain things, bodies, bolt on parts, motors, etc.... The tire rule is good to a point. But if you want to cross STSS and DIRT, they need to have some rules in place so no matter what BRAND you run you can still race. Maybe a compound limit. Compare a hoosier 400 and A/R 48-53 on a durometer, see what is the closest. Make it a compound rule. I know we don't run many extra races, partially because we run 400's weekly. The cost to go out and buy 8 tires to ATTEMPT to make a race is to much for our team. Now if a race said, you need either 400's or say 48's and bonus money for the highest finishing car on hoosier and A/R. As for motor rules, why not limit HP??? Max HP 850. That will limit the amount of $$ to build BIG motors. Do what you want to the motor but it can not be more the 850hp. How do you check that you ask. Every motor is most likely dynoed at build, have certain engine builders or dyno shops certified to seal and stamp motors. Save money and get cars, make a compound and limit HP. Run a harder tire across the series and get better racing. Slipping and sliding on a hard tire makes closer racing and less tire wear. If I knew I can run 10 series races with one compound I am more apt to look at that series.
  6. Ok. I'm going to try and clear this up. At the drivers meeting on Sunday, original start is at the line coming out of 4. Restarts will be in the ZONE in turn 4 between the 2 orange cones. As per suitcase there was a typo in the information packet. Our restart zone had changed multiple times thru out the season. From the back stretch, turn 3, the middle of turn 3 to the end of turn 4 where it was SUPPOSED to be for the 200. Not taking sides here. Just stating the facts.
  7. Speaking of BEER! Make sure everyone stops in and grabs some beer from "The Beer King" located right around the corner from the track on rt 211 next to CVS!! They have a HUGE assortment to choose from!!
  8. Bob, After some research of my own. It was most likely in this area based on the elevation changes. it created the bowl effect as the center is about 15-20 ft higher the the base. the tree line is also 15-20 feet higher. This image is from 1938 courtesy of genesee GIS department. Also the Morrison farm was 300 acres or so making hard to pin point the exact location. Mike
  9. Big Mope, Ill use the computer instead. lol
  10. Here is an aerial of 1964. You can see the barn that is in the picture.
  11. We have our new page up and running. Take a look guys and girls. www.mikekolka.com Mike Kolka
  12. And maybe this one. lol My uncle back in the day
  13. This is good and bad. Its great to see great teamwork from promoters to increase the biggest weekend for our track! Great for our fans, local and far. Great pay day for the ones that can get it done. Great to a part of this historic weekend! Bad if you have 1 car. As a team its tough to have the funds to race on Thursday on different tires, chance breaking or worse. On the flip side, you may get teams that only have american racers come race. I'm torn right now on the addition. Excited and sad. But, with time to plan and budget, some teams my do all 3 races. Maybe add another bonus to sweep the weekend?? Not just the bonus for Big block-small block, but add in extra for the STSS race as well. This weekend has the potential to become the largest paying race weekend in the northeast! I'm thankful to be a part of it!!