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  1. 2 Thoughts: 1) The 'negative' folks are a small but vocal bunch. Sometimes it's good to take care of the squeaky wheel, but ... I think Deyo has been around enough to avoid doing that just to silence them (or bring the racket down to a dull roar). At the same time legitimate complaints (negatives) are useful for the promoter to know what to try to improve on. 2) I haven't given a lot of thought to what it is about Deyo's way that's different. One thing I could point to and perhaps argue for is sustainability. Someone posted a few years back about the difference between BB mod drivers and the rest of the country. While the BB guys are asking "what's it pay to win" everyone is asking "what's it pay to qualify [ie. last place money]". Not counting Fonda, but only because there's not enough data yet, Deyo has put a payout structure together that benefits pretty much everyone. Sponsors get their time. The feature payouts are somewhat balanced (although some are getting rather 'top heavy' <-- it's not my place to criticize, so I won't). And Deyo can put a couple of coins in his pocket to rub together. In other words, sustainable. Lots of money comes in, lots of money goes out, and he's able to manipulate a percentage of it, for the benefits of all participants.
  2. I think it’s best to let this topic fade away. KB19 may be right in saying “nobody seems to understand what you’re trying to say.” A few people got it, at least in part. Bob Krummel for example. It was intended to be witty and point out the fact that Deyo shouldn’t even listen to me. J. Downing maybe understood it the way it was intended. Other than that …. Outlaw Photos, surely growing a thicker skin goes both ways. You rib me, I rib you. I misunderstand, you misunderstand. C’est la vie. dan dan, Bob Krummel, and KB19 – if you didn’t get the original post, it seems entirely unlikely that any explanation written by the OP is going to clarify things, but what the hey? I created this mess, the least I could do is my best to ‘fix’ it. KB19 I never used the words ‘bash’ or ‘malicious’ or ‘slammed’ and I never thought I was being bashed, slammed, bullied, etc.. Whether it’s an over-reaction or not is open for debate. You have your opinion, I have mine. ‘mightier than thou’ - what does that mean? My second post was light-hearted banter, ribbing back at the ribbers. No “might” involved on my part – or … I SHOULD say, none intended. To my knowledge, no one has been saying Deyo should cater to anyone, the question was mine, which is to say ‘I said it first.’ I doubt a fan has gone to the races thinking that they weren’t paying for entertainment, but I’m equally sure many fans have left the races thinking they didn’t get the entertainment they paid for. Finally, I didn’t disregard anything. You confuse customer with competitor. I go to be entertained, drivers and teams go there to compete with one another. Why would you assume that I would take discussion as bashing? Intelligent discussion is always welcome. Every time I engage someone, I assume they know something I don’t. DowntheBackStretch - “"To whom should you be catering, if anyone? I think no one." What made you come up with that statement? I'm guessing you don't really mean what you just said.” You’ll be surprised (or not) to hear that I do mean it. First, I used the word cater intentionally, because I understand catering as being – one group getting some benefit to the exclusion of all other groups. Allow me to explain my convoluted thinking: The following is completely hypothetical; any correlation to reality is purely accidental; I just created it in my mind as example. Suppose, for example, that Deyo read the posts from a couple of weeks ago (and maybe even fielded some calls) where car owners were complaining about the track conditions; that the track was too heavy. So Brett decides to cater to those owners (after all they are spending tons of money to help put on the show every week) and make track conditions that they approve of and like. The result was and would be as I posted in my original post, point 3. If the track is shitty for the paying fans, from the beginning of the night until the features, I’m not getting much entertainment value for the money spent, and it's unlikely that I would choose to spend my money by supporting the track. [We can avoid any discussion about how little it costs to get in – that’s not the point. It’s my money; I get to spend it how I choose, IS the point.] By catering to one group, other groups are not catered to. If you cater to no one, and focus on putting on the best show, most people will be satisfied (entertained) and continue to support the track. The post by 80K, under Track Conditions, says, in more detail, what I was hinting at.
  3. My bad. ROFL I thought this was a board for exchanging ideas and *gasp* supporting the sport we all love so much (to quote the famous Bobby Varin). Sure as hell, we need more people like Brett. In a world that thrives on negativity, where people try to prop themselves up by dragging others down, posts like mine are the things that should be said more often. On this board, things have gotten to the point where you've got Bob Miller posting a weekly, "No bitching" thread to counter the negativity that literally oozes out of many threads. The 'No bitching' idea seemed to me to be permission to post something positive about what Brett is doing at Fonda, to counter the negativity of the barrage of posts over the past 2 weeks. Which is not to say Brett needed or even wanted it. Frankly speaking, after reading the replies, he MAY even wish that I hadn’t posted it. And to that point, I already regretting posting it, but I’m not going to take it down – one of the moderators can, especially if it’s making people "uncomfortable." And in the interest of full disclosure: I've never met Brett and I doubt I could pick him out of a line up. Then, when one of the owners of the site chimes in and proverbially piles on, it makes me wonder what's really going on in threads like this. I have an inkling, which could be summarized as follows: “Every time I would call someone something [like suggesting someone is quasi-homosexual], I would get a rush. That rush would then be reaffirmed and sustained by the smileys, hearts, and trophies that are the nickels and dimes of validation of blogs and boards and social media in general. The people giving me smileys, hearts, and trophies engage in a game that reaffirms their solidarity against [whomever it is that needs to be brought down] and thus, by default, requires them to signal publicly their affirmation. Without the game, their life loses some of it's meaning.” And so I ask, what's next, am I going to be de-platformed, sent off to Tobyville, censored, tarred and feathered? I can hear it already, so I’ll save the trouble of writing: Lighten up dude. Don’t take yourself so seriously, geez. WOW! It’s only a joke. Etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam. With my best Austin Powers imitation: “Raaaiiiiggghhhttt.” At the same time, bring it. Clearly I got something wrong - set me right. I close with this, adapted from Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.: "What has happened to the American male? For a long time, he seemed completely confident in his manhood, definite in his sense of identity. These days men are focused on proving their manliness to themselves [and others like them]. The ways by which American men affirm their masculinity are down-right silly." That so many people took my post as a man-crush says far more about them than it does about me.
  4. Dear Mr. Deyo, There are just 3 comments: 1) People are drawn to, and for the most part like, what you are doing because it’s different; you’re thinking outside the box and have a proven track record – no pun intended. For evidence you only need to look at the turn out of both competitors and fans (and this is NOT intended to be a slam on any promoter at ANY track, it’s just the facts). Which leads to number 2. 2) To whom should you be catering, if anyone? I think no one. The person who can tell you what you should (or not) be doing can do it better than you. IF such a person exists they should step up and show you how it’s done – to date no one’s even been able to match what you’re doing. In my opinion, for what THAT’s worth, listen to everyone as a courtesy, then do what you think is best; it’s served you well up to now. Which leads to number 3. 3) What exactly is it you’re selling to paying customers? I freely admit I could be wrong and feel free to correct me, it seems to me to be entertainment. That said, one of the reasons I would not choose to regularly go to many tracks these days (other than lack of opportunity) is LACK of entertainment value from the beginning of the night until the main events – the features always seem to deliver. However, suppose I were only to get to watch heat races on a track with lousy conditions, low visibility, and almost no passing and then the show were rained out. I would be less inclined to return for the same ‘lack of entertainment for dollars spent,’ especially when the track is the same week after week after week. You’ve already shown that it doesn’t have to be the same lousy conditions. Which leads back to number 1. Sincerely, BV/DV Fan
  5. I would add that he finished 5th at Outlaw. 2 top 5s in 2 outings with the Allstars. Plus, he won feature #2 at Fonda in the Magasrus 93 mod on Saturday. Great weekend for the youngster.
  6. Looking at the list of Bobby Varin wins, there are 2 pieces of information missing. Bill Braga, the guy who compiled the list with the help of Ed Bittig Jr (and I'm sure a whole host of others), doesn't know who the car owners were NOR what the car numbers were for those wins. 1 was the midget win at Glen Ridge on 8/29/2015. The other was the mini-sprint win at Fonda on 7/26/2014. Can anyone help with that info?
  7. I can confirm both racer 80 and The Rabbit's observations. [Note the quick fill in the blue 18. The date escapes me, but it would have been the early 90's.] The car was purchased, hauled to Bobby's shop where they dropped in a Dennis O'Connor BB (of KarKare fame), and if my memory is correct, it was debuted at Weedsport with only the number changed (by some miracle by the guy with the paintbrush was able to make the number turn out halfway decently - to the point where no one wanted to mess with the bottom of the 2). It wasn't until later that someone else got ahold of another paintbrush the sponsor's space was forever immortalized in the 'worst paint jobs of all time'. At Weedsport, Jack, ever the gentleman, came over very discreetly and asked Bobby to cover up the B.R. Dewitt, which he did. 2nd time out in that car and in a BB was the fall championship at Fonda where Bobby finished 5th. Not bad for a young fella who wasn't really setting the world on fire in a sportsman - that's the white car - originally purchased from Charlie McMullen's junkyard.
  8. I don't have as much free time as I used to, so I have to catch up on my reading and listening when I can. Today happened to be the day I caught up on Doug's Dirt Diary. In an interview from Aug 28th, Tim Sears Jr. said he was planning on going to Fonda, but that he had never seen the race track. He was thinking Scott Jeffery(s)(?) would get him going in the right direction. [I can't dispute that.] But I have a better idea, Tim, just in case you think anyone's forgotten: Why don't you give Bobby Varin a call, I'm sure he'd love the chance to show you the fast way around.
  9. Recently I got a new phone, but when I set it up I noticed that the DTD app was missing. I went to the play store, but couldn't find it either. THEN I noticed it was also missing from my old phone. What happened?
  10. Dear Scott: First: I know because the question was asked and the answer was, "Nothing." [Note the quote marks.] The full reply went on to say what everyone already knew....what could the track do beyond what Stewart had already done to himself? Take lap money away? ALL the guys who draw the fans get preferential treatment. Second question was answered in exactly the same way by Bobby himself. He said he was focused on winning, didn't give a crap one way or the other about Friesen or anyone else. What he didn't say in words but I thought clearly came through in his cryptic smile when asked was ... there'll be a time and place to even things up later. Three - I specifically added 'THIS race' because Stewart has shown plenty of character and class many, MANY other times. I acknowledged as much about Friesen without saying it. Everyone loses their cool every now and then, so on that particular night Varin was the king of class, IMO. Besides, a car should never be used as a weapon. Just saying. dundeedm - you get no argument from me on that one. ALL the greats have had a lot of moments they would rather forget. Bobby's no different. I'll bet you if you asked him face-to-face about some particular incident he'd say exactly the same thing. Not all drivers would. John Williams - you're my biggest fan. Thank you! LOL
  11. I had my research team on it all day and here's what I learned. The 358 rules are same rules Fonda had in place when Matt Delorenzo won his championship and when Ronnie won his championship (before driving the 1j) and when Stewart Friesen won 3 championships (regardless of what engine Stewart was running). The point, obviously is, the rules have been in place a LONG time. If Hohenforst wants to claim the 76 is cheating or Fonda is making up the rules as they go along, that would mean that all those previous championships weren't legit either. Is that what you're saying, Josh? No one protested THEN or got on social media to 'expose' those who did him or her wrong. The competition went back and looked at their own program, figured out how to make it stronger and beat 'em. My challenge to Josh is, if it's legal and Fonda's letting guys run it (whatever the package it is you CLAIM is illegal), put one together yourself and go out and show the field how it's done. But if you still get beat, what's your excuse going to be then?
  12. A tale of 3 drivers. Ricci, as has already been mentioned, is just a dirty driver. The 76s made contact 3 times, 2 times Ricci was driving like he usually does - with no respect for other drivers or their equipment. The third time was more legit because it was going for the win, but even after Ricci jumped the start, crowded Bobby going into turn 1 so Bobby wouldn't have a good angle to get in at speed ... Bobby still won. AND shook his hand in victory lane. Friesen. He had the fastest car, and without the late race cautions almost certainly would have won. BUT, from my POV and IMO somewhere around lap 40 he started fading. He definitely lost maneuverability, which the 76 found late in the race. The INCIDENT has been hashed and rehashed .... Did the 2 cars make contact? Yes, as evidenced by the ding in Bobby's front bumper. Did Bobby do it intentionally? Probably not. He wasn't yet close to anything more than rattle Stewart a little. MY opinion is, James Ellis got it right in the Leader Herald story. Did Friesen retaliate? Yes he did. My hearing ain't what it used to be, but didn't the track screech, "Retaliation will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form?" (paraphrase mine) during the driver's meeting? What did they do to Friesen after? Nothing. Ricci tries to take Bobby out. Friesen smashes in the back bumper halfway to the fuel cell. What did Bobby do in both cases? Nothing. Now I ask, what's that say about I-get-no-respect Bobby? Add that together with the nice gesture from the 76 team at Fonda the previous Wednesday and I'd say it shows a lot of character and class. Regarding this race, the same cannot be of the other 2.
  13. I'm calling this BS. The only way Hohenforst could, as he states, KNOW the motor illegal, would be if he knows exactly what's in the engine. Does he, literally, have inside information that can confirm beyond a doubt what is in the engine? Or what it is about the engine that makes it illegal to run it at the weight the 76 team was running it at? If yes, he should post it for all to see. He protested based on a hunch; he was wrong; he can't admit he was wrong, thus the post 'explaining' his side of the story. He had a great season, but didn't earn enough points to be the champion. This whole thing sounds like sour grapes, and makes him look like a sore loser.
  14. I'm pretty sure Danny Varin doesn't run any 305 sprint races any longer. Only 360 and the occasional 410. My understanding is ... after being teched, basically after every win, and always being found legal ... he was asked to stop running with the CRSA.
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