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  1. What a way to start off on a forum 4 posts in. Telling someone that's been on here for 15 years they wrong - again.🤦‍♂️ Obviously, jumper has a lot of credibility here.
  2. inthecuse

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    It is crazy! P4 pays 7G and P5 pays 4G. If I were to bet I would say Rudolph could easily get in the top 10 which is $1,750 minimum. Throwing big purses out there isn't worth it. You have big name drivers not attending and then others telling people to go to the tower. All hell breaks loose. $125,675 total payout for the a Fonda feature.
  3. Very true. I was still curious of a breakdown with a list of all the frame builders, motor builders, shocks, and whatever other data to throw in there. Who was using DKM besides Friesen? And im still amazed that a frame can win a race with how tight the specs are today.
  4. Any stats on who is using what brand for frames, motors, shocks?
  5. "You wanted the best, you got 'em four abreast!" 😂
  6. I wasn't at the race so I'm only going from the highlight I viewed but Mat passed both easily as jumper stated. You're right, there is no problem with what Dunn did if he was happy with second. He could've driven around the #17 just like Mat drove by both of them wayyyy on the top. Why did Mat make taking the furthest outside line look like there was tons of bite. Looks like Dunn got mad and frustrated because he made the wrong choice and lost his position. Maybe the first contact of edging his car in was fine but the chrome horn was not needed. He's lucky he didn't cause an accident and take himself and others out on that move.
  7. Well unless Mat wanted to go 3 wide I'm guessing he would either have had to follow Dunn or get stuck behind the 17 car. #17 was maintaining his line.
  8. How's everyone feel about Billy Dunn slamming and banging his way thru lap cars? Nearly took them both out and Matt Sheppard had to get on the brakes hard. Then, again, Dunn proceeds to almost knock the #17 lap traffic to outer space instead of going around on the high side. Maybe he should have taken the high side like Mat did and he would've walked away with P1.
  9. Buzz Chew must be thinking this is a dream! Two wins back-to-back!
  10. Maybe it was the $100,000 that slipped out of their fingers at the Centenial.
  11. inthecuse

    Duel predictions...

    something was missing about this race tho. Williamson won but it feels like he really didn't win tho because Friesen wasn't there.🤣
  12. Cosby didn't need 'dirty talk,' he just used chloroform.
  13. I don't remember Leno going on every single night for 99% of the opening monologue about Obama. I didn't watch Letterman much but I don't remember him crying every single night about border and health care issues either. If I wanted to watch a show about solving world problems I'd turn on a news station.
  14. Lol. I saw this on Fallon one of the few times I decided to watch it and this guy comes out. I was thinking they must've had the "laugh now" signs because that was some lame crap right there. I can't watch any of the late night shows anymore because they all feel the need to make the opening of their show all about politics. For the last 4 years. Lame.
  15. I think Bob said something about how freaking hilarious the shape guy is.