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  1. inthecuse

    Coil Car

    So not to stir the debate of NE modifieds versus late models but I have a question. I actually think the late models are really entertaining to watch and put on a great show. The only problem I have with them is the nose. It's like they didn't have anything to put on the front end so they just found this plastic nose piece that's a little too big and kinda works. It's almost like taking a bumper from a Silverado and throwing it on the front of a Honda Civic (ok maybe not that drastic). Like I said, not trying to make controversy of which car looks better but can't they come up with a design that transitions from nose to body better? Just to make it fair, I'll pick on the mods too, when mod guys wedge the rubber peice on the nose that kind of bugs me too. I understand it's too compensate for the lean going into the corners but what about your straight away aero! And that's if it's really doing anything productive for aero in the corners anyways. Hearn's always sticks out to me because it's usually neon green.
  2. inthecuse


    Im 100% positive that she knows this already (that there's more to racing than those 3 drivers). She's a smart girl and knows racing. To put things in perspective, she does interview other drivers but those interviews are thru floracing or whoever she is working for. Her vlog is really just about her world and what's going on in it. So, her world is her dad, brother, and Mike as far as drivers and in no particular order. You're not forced to watch her vlogs. Plus, I'm sure other drivers don't want to give a recap every race like Mike, her brother, and dad. Im honestly surprised Mike does it all the time only because I would think he'd want to hold his cards closer to his chest sometimes.
  3. inthecuse

    World Finals

    Ok. Thanks. I didn't realize the online schedule I was looking at was the updated one (I thought it was the original before the rain interfered). Sounds like it was logical schedule and then mother nature decided to change the plan.
  4. inthecuse

    World Finals

    Is there any rhyme or reason as to why they run the heats for Saturday's race on Thursday and the heats for Friday's race on Friday? I could see running the heats for Friday's race on Thursday and the heats for Saturday's race on Friday. Why not make it more 1:1?
  5. Yea, I probably thought too much into it but had thoughts that the fake check could say 2G for example and then the real take home amount is $1,500 with $500 in contingencies/other awards.
  6. I'll ask this here since it goes along with driver winnings. I was listening to spaz's podcast (awhile back - maybe summer time?) and he stated that driver winnings aren't actually what the driver actually gets. That statement confused me. I always thought that if first place pays 2G for weekly race let's say, that's the amount of the check that you will be getting from the track. Maybe you can answer this or chime in spaz?
  7. Could you elaborate a bit more? I'm guessing you're referring to a number of things such as the expenses that it took to make the winnings or the 330g is the gross amount before taxes. Is he the owner-driver of the stss cars this year? In years past I thought he was just the driver for stss. That would be less money in his pocket again. All things aside, the numbers are very impressive regardless.
  8. inthecuse

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    Who will be laughing when ARBONNE is the big corporate sponsor of Mahaney Racing!😲🤑
  9. inthecuse

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    I have nothing against Mike (or any drivers for that matter) but if he intentionally wrecks or drives thru Mat Williamson when he's competing for first place in SDS points, I'd never be a fan of his. I think Mike's energy would be better focused on getting his car running in peak performance rather than focusing on "revenge."
  10. inthecuse

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    This whole situation reminds me of Danny Varin's book. He describes the competitive nature of the sport. He then explains that losing a sponsorship to a competitor hurts, might even hurt more than losing your girl to a competitor. Well, if Mandee goes to Mat it least the most hurtful of the 2 already happened. 😂
  11. 1 - I agree that the swapping in and out sucks but how else are you going to do it. The way you mentioned would not work in my opinion. Once the race starts the infield becomes a hot pit. This would be way too dangerous for a driver to be ripping around in the tight pit space at Oswego. This would also mean they'd have to do some modification to the wall to keep both the exit and entry open at all times. Although I did see a woman almost get taken out Sunday on the infield when she was walking across with her dog where the drivers come into the pit on the backstretch. Not the drivers fault. 2 - when was Fulton for sale?
  12. There's also some new Mahaney gear available! This limited edition Mahaney gear will have "Mike 'the karate kid' Mahaney" carefully stitched on the front. To celebrate this great time of the year, the logo will be scratch 'n' sniff in pumpkin spice scent. Get yours now before they're gone!
  13. Im glad a few people in here addressed the elephant in the room. If the batmobile could keep up with the mods of today and be competitive I think we should all be ashamed of ourselves because that would mean we truly haven't made any progress or advancements in the modified racing world in the last 40 plus years.
  14. inthecuse

    Brett Hearn

    The media would've had a field day if Tyler's buddy had Viagra in his backpack. Imagine those headlines: "Up and Coming NASCAR Driver gets Pounded with Felony Charges"
  15. He ran over to Larry's car too when they had their incident between 1 and 2 Brewerton. If Larry was on the wing he might've helped him off. It didn't go that far tho. Just Mike voicing his displeasure of Larry not having brakes.