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  1. He could've it least made it a manpon joke.
  2. I thought it was going to be about the 9 cars that finished at Fonda.
  3. inthecuse


    Will he get sent home at his own show at Albany-Saratoga? The headline for the Albany-Saratoga show, "Brett Hearn's Big Show 11. Starring everyone but Brett!! Be there!!!"
  4. So Matt is the modern day Midas and Danny has the Sidam Touch? I think this Greek mythology battle is better then the comic book battle we had at SDW with Batman vs. Superman.
  5. The news says that's how Halmar got all of his state contracts. Greasing the palms of our buddy Cuomo.
  6. I would agree with all that are saying the track needs some leadership and experience with dirt tracks. I messaged them on Facebook a few weeks ago to ask about their Orange Crush event on June 8. I wanted to know what the admission cost is going to be. I'm not driving 3 hours to find out they want something like 35 per person. The response I got was is they haven't figured out pricing yet. So, the event is a month away and they can't figure out an admission price? Very strange. I don't want a place to fail and come across as complaining but this reminds me of CNYRP. You have race fans and drivers that are ready to support a track and the events and the track just plays games.
  7. Let's not be negative. Of course the 100G show will take place, it's just the feature that won't happen. They'll get everyone's $70 admission and then cancel once the heats are in due to weather.
  8. Not to bring up the past but did anyone ever get refunds from the Eastern States live broadcast? They said they were going to refund everyone's money and I never recieved a refund. I mean, it was only 12 or 13 dollars so whatever. My main point is that if you're going to say you're going to offer refunds, then do it.
  9. We could always talk about the heated points battle between Matt and Mat in the SDS series (that was for you goggles). Mat only lacks 7 points and he can be on top!
  10. 'the ONE about Matt Sheppard.' Haha. There's three that just started in the past week. It's been Man Crush Monday for the past week here with Matt.
  11. Yes! Holycrap, these guys are terrible. They're obsessed with Trump (sorry for the political interjection but it dealt with the topic at hand). They can't even go 2 minutes into their monologue without mentioning that guy. At that point, I turn the channel. Now, I don't even watch them at all. There's a whole world to make jokes about and they focus on one person. I can't even watch them anymore. I think Kimmel was crying on stage one night about healthcare or immigration. You had one job! I wasn't a Letterman fan but even he was better than these wannabe crybabies. Bring back Leno! He was great. I agree about Dangerfield. He was great. John Candy was awesome. Chevy Chase!
  12. I bet you're real fun at partiesūüéČ *just kidding. just trying to add a little old fashioned comedic redundancy to the mix.
  13. Maybe an 'our marketing partners' link in addition to the ads on the page would benefit everyone (dtd, readers, sponsors).
  14. I honestly think that there are drivers in the series today that could give Matt a run for his money. The difference is, is that their priorities are different. Anyone working a fulltime job is already 40-50 hours behind Matt on a weekly basis. Matt is making this his fulltime job (probably 2-2.5 fulltime jobs during the season). Same goes for Stew. Tim McCreadie, Eric Rudolph, Larry Wight are 3 off the top of my head that could have a great shot at making Matt and Stew's job harder if they made modified racing their only priority and entered as many modified races as Matt. Plus, experience plays a huge part of it. Matt's dad was and still is a huge part of his success. His dad laid out the ground work (networking (Birosh, Paine, Trout, Brownell), a shop, his own personal modified racing hands on experience) for him and Matt being a smart guy, he took it to the next level.