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  1. Let me help you with your math so you don't get more scared. It went up one day to 1.75%. The next day it was back to 1%. So you're really saying that people should treat this as ALARMING because of one day? I would be ALARMED if the positivity percentage had been increasing everyday but it hasn't. It's stayed around 1%, went up a bit, came back down, went up a bit, and so on. All the graphs out there show the curve has been flattened since the end of May. The minor fluctuations you're seeing now are nothing and in the big picture, represents a straight line as we've been going ba
  2. Holy God. Back with a vengeance!? The positivity rate was 1.5% on 10-28-20 for the whole state of NY and .9% for Central NY. I don't see where this is back with a vengeance. People have lost their minds. You are right about is wasting 9 months though. 9 months of living in fear.
  3. I totally agree! I can't believe the way people were gathering together to Burn, Loot, and Murder. I'm sure all these peaceful social gatherings added to the covid spikes. It's just really convenient how liberal media and government likes to leave out those facts.
  4. So what's the big deal? Great example of alternative facts. I'm surprised you didn't lay it on really thick and say, 'HUGE SPIKE! positivity rates have almost doubled since August - people are dying!' The statement would be true according to this data but very very misleading. This graph shows the positivity rates increase from around 1% to about 1.75%. I'm definitely not losing sleep over this minor spike and like I said, what's the big deal?
  5. It looks like he's putting the promoting in bring a promoter. Isn't that the way it should be?
  6. If you want the best pit lizards, you need the best toter-hauler.
  7. Why even ask him. It's really easy. Implement a 10% rule maximum cautions rule. 90% of the race will be green laps. 35 laps - 4 maximum caution laps. First caution lap counts of each caution then the lap counter gets frozen. This happens every caution until you hit the 4 max cautions then no more caution laps are counted. 100 laps - 10 maximum caution laps. First 2 caution laps counts of each caution and when you hit the 10 maximum mark, no more cautions count. 200 - 20 maximum caution laps. First 3 caution laps count and once you hit the 20 mark, no more caution laps count.
  8. I don't think he's afraid to and I'm 99% sure he was turning wrenches when he was with HBR. Like I said, why waste time guessing when you have a guy like Matt who is willing to help out and get you close to where you need to be. His interview with Doug kind of answered this question. He thanked Matt for helping him and stated that things have changed a lot in the year that he's been out of the HBR ride. It kind of made me kind of laugh because he made it sound like it's been a decade. I only found humor in it because as I get older a year seems to fly by like nothing. Honest q
  9. Now the real fun begins after they granted you permission to cancel. Make sure to check your credit card to make sure they don't keep billing you.
  10. It looks like it. He drove the car to victory lane against the best drivers that are racing today. He also had quite a few top 5's. I don't see anything wrong with reaching out to the people that are the best in the business to make his and the owners time worthwhile.
  11. Welcome to DTD! The positive racing excitement is welcome here. Counting cautions has came up before on here. I think most people would agree that cautions should not count, especially with a 60 lap event. The conversation went further to say the lap counter should be frozen after 3 or 4 caution laps. STSS only counts green laps but they usually run less laps. Like you said, definitely not enough to take away from the racing excitement of last night. Just something to debate about when all the other conversations ran their course. I was really hoping Ronnie could pull off that
  12. This right here is why NY sucks with all of their BS policies. You're telling me that it's ok to have an event on state property that allows you to sit in your car to watch racing on a screen for 6 nights straight but places like Fonda and OC couldn't have an event that allowed people to watch a live race from their cars. Interesting. Will Cuomo Chips be served as well? I give credit to WRG for offering the fans something different tho if they choose to participate.
  13. The only way to handle a rain out policy is how Orange County handled it for the 100th. You let the drivers run until it really rains. Then, you let the drivers tell the race director what they really think and to get back in their tower. After all that edge-of-your-seat excitement, you let them run. Any other way is just taking the easy way out.
  14. I know it wasn't this past year for Volusia. I think it was 2019 Volusia. I cancelled it the next week and kept seeing charges for dirtvision on my credit card all the way until May. I'm not trying to discourage anyone from ordering their service. I want them to succeed. It's a great product for the race fan. They just need to have a 'cancel' button to make it easier for them and the customer. I think at the time they were combining the fast pass with dirtvision. I forgot the details but might have added to the confusion of why I kept getting billed.
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