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  1. It should be a great show! I watched a quick highlight of late models and they were getting around really good. Looks like a nice track. The bleachers look to be about 3 feet from the track - pretty cool. Is there a support class tonight?
  2. And i could say the opposite, you're making a big deal out of bubba being "half black." Is he not "white enough" or a "real white guy?" I mean, he definitely has a LOT more white people in his life. He's around white guys at the track during the 10 months of NASCAR, dates a white girl, and has a white dad. Is this really the guy that can teach us about being diverse?
  3. You're focusing too much on Bubba. I don't have a problem with him. I do think the guy is kind of preachy about race/diversity issues tho for being half white. I really don't think he's the best example of diversity. And if the guy is so talented, he shouldn't have relied on a diversity program. The conversation started with making the world less white male a few pages ago. Giving someone else an opportunity because they are not a white male is just as bad as not giving someone an opportunity because they are female or a minority. I look at athletes, singers, and actors/actresses as entertainers. I really don't want to hear all of their views on political issues. Unfortunately, they all think it's their job to educate us on their beliefs.
  4. Honestly, if the guy is so accomplished he shouldn't have used the drive for diversity program to work his way in. He should've relied on his accomplishments and talent, not his skin color.
  5. Well if the father is white and the mother is black, Bubba becomes 100% black? No. He's half white and half black.
  6. Yea and 70% of the NFL is minorities but it's still not diverse enough for some people. What about those facts?
  7. Well we all know NASCAR is how much money you bring to the table. So, they probably did put in the time, effort, and with lots of luck and money they got in. Can you tell me how Bubba worked for it since I'm missing it?
  8. First, I'm not offended by anything. I'm just pointing out that it's crazy to think that one organization needs to be more diverse and an organization that is dominantly diverse needs to be even more diverse. Second, Bubba was born white too. I guess you go with whatever race takes you the furthest without working for it in bubba's case.
  9. Actually I think it would be a half black half white guy. I'm saying a white kid without the financial means is getting ruled out. And if we applied the logic that the NFL is using, there's nothing to complain about with NASCAR. The NFL feels more minority coaches are needed because 70% of players are minority. Well NASCAR is 97% white males, so we need more white owner's and pit crew to match the NFL logic. I think NFL's logic is flawed but other people seem to think it's fine and not racist.
  10. I think Bruce would be offended with the term she-man. I loved this meme when it came out. 'contains no nuts' 😂😂
  11. Yea but there's even more issues now. You have companies like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and Under Armor who have travel leagues. If you're a truly poor family, you might not even have a car. How is the poor kid going to get exposure when they can't travel 5 hours to the game where all the scouts will be. This problem can affect all colors. So again, the rich kid gets the opportunity and exposure. Do you think all of these high level players and coaches kids are better than all the other kids or just the fact that they have millions of dollars behind them. I'd say it's the latter. There's probably thousands of kids that are better but they just don't have the opportunity.
  12. I agree with the money part but that could apply to a white kid that might have a real ambition to be a NASCAR driver but his dad doesn't have a million dollars or the connections to get him in. So why rule out white kids because they have the wrong skin color? Overall, I think all these professional athletes are over paid cry babies but people support their crybaby attitude so it continues. Lots of black families have money and some have tons of money. They just choose not to invest in racing because they think it's boring 'af' and would rather watch paint dry. I also feel college sports at the D1 level exploits kids to an extent. You have colleges like SU, UNC, Kentucky, and 100's others making millions off of kids getting a scholarship that most don't even give 2 craps about. It goes both ways because the kids are just using the college to get into the NBA or NFL. Honestly, colleges shouldn't be involved in D1 college sports where so much gambling and corruption exists. And I laugh about your comment with having others take their test. There was an article a few years back about what classes the athletes were talking. It was basically to the level of keep the crayon inside the box. Is this what D1 colleges should be teaching?
  13. Right. I agree with what your saying. So if NASCAR is a 'white trash' sport then why do we feel the need to implement diversity programs if the NBA and NFL can be 70% minorities. The US population is only 13% minorities. Looks like one group is seriously under represented. Like you said earlier and I agree with, you don't care what race or what they look like. But for groups to cry about diversity is really insane. I really don't care what race or gender they are but if people are going to say NASCAR is 'too white,' needs diversity, and ignore the NBA and NFL of being disproportionate of representing the population ratio of minorites to whites, that's an issue and has obvious flaws in the argument. What's good for one is good for all. If people want equality and fairness, then it should apply to everything. Not just the areas they claim are too white and/or too white male. The problem is that minority groups are saying some things are 'too white' but in areas where they have more representation, that's ok by them and they still find issues. Case in point is the NFL encouraging teams to hire a minority head coach by giving them up to 16 spots in the third round draft pick. If white people said the NBA and NFL is too black you'd immediately be called a white trash, MAGA, misogynistic, Trump loving, sheep screwing, POS, country bumpkin, living under a bridge honkey cracker. Soounds like the real pandemic today isn't covid 19, it's Political Correctness Influenza - PCI-20.
  14. You could be a politician. So, if the rules are going to be applied equally across the board, do you think that a league having 70% minorities is a fair system and fair to a white player that might be just as good if not better? I know you're response will be that if the person of color is the best athlete, then yes, 70% is fair. The current system is giving people jobs, scholarships, and opportunities based on skin color and gender. So why is it fair that if the best players are getting spots in the NFL and NBA we are not using that thought process in the rest of the business or college environment. Sounds like a great example of having your cake and eat it too. Why are we saying, well they were severely oppressed in the past so we have to give them opportunities in the future and bypass a white male that had nothing to do with what happened 50 years ago. Why aren't we using the best candidate gets the position mentality across the board. No matter what their color or gender is, the best person gets the job, position, or scholarship. If we are implementing regulations on numbers, why wouldn't we reflect what the population of the country is. So the United States is 73% white. The other 27% is not white. So the NFL, NBA, NHL, and PGA can all implement this ratio. Seems like a fair implementation. Truth is, NASCAR is really diverse, they just aren't the faces you see. There's plenty of diversity in the pits and in the administration offices but that's not good enough for some people. I have no problem with making the drivers more diverse but do it across the board with all sports and use the US population of minorities to whites ratio. 1 minority for every 4 white people. I'm not ignoring history but I also don't think that history should be used as a benchmark for hiring practices, scholarships, or even things like an opportunity to drive for NASCAR going into the future. Another poster jumped on my comment that white males are the most underprivileged today. I'll stick by that and clarify my point. For one, your example of the non-discriminatory practice of hiring 50% females makes my point perfectly. If you are a minority, you have so many laws and regulations that favor hiring minorities and females that it's not the best candidate that gets the position, it's the person that is either female or a minority that scored the highest on the test or was the most favorable in the interview process. In your example, there were 6 people that the interview panel felt were a better fit and more qualified but the female got the job simply because of her gender. You even agree that this is not a fair policy. White males truly have to hope there isn't a minority or female applying to the same job they are because the chances are extremely high that they will not get it even if they are the most qualified. And if NASCAR is going to implement a true diversity program, it should really be diverse. Bubba is a weak example of diversity. The guy is half white. Worse yet, the guy is going to lecture everybody about the 'N' word. Maybe he can lecture the black community of rappers as well about how offended he was. Truth is, Bubba wouldn't survive in an urban environment. True diversity would be taking a person from Kenya. True diversity wouldn't be taking a female that has a pretty face like Danica or Hailie to up the ratings. Let's get a 6' 200 lb female in the race that will scrap with Joey Lagano after the race and wipe the smile off of his face. Now that would be entertainment and great diversity.
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