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    Ryan Newman

    I'm completely amazed and happy to see this picture. I'd say it's a close miracle.
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    Ryan Newman

    Speaking of drag. Did they increase the height of the rear spoiler for 2020? Without seeing the car in person, it looks like the rear spoiler is almost 12-15" high. It's like they were trying to get 2,000 lbs of downforce on the rear.
  4. You want ME to do research MYSELF!?
  5. It's so frustrating when I come here looking for pertinent SDS 2020 info and have to read pages about posts going off track and how they don't make the internet like they used toπŸ˜†
  6. Super Matt agrees with you. Just wait until he tells Deyo to get his head out his ass.
  7. Because I honestly can't argue with rerob. If he knows the Gypsum team can't apply anything from Florida to racing in the NE then I can't tell him otherwise. He knows that team better than anyone on here. I know he's not going to make that up for the fun of it. RPM always has in depth answers and usually his answers seem legit. This one I struggle with tho. I'm not saying I completely disagree with rpm or you completely. There's definitely a lot of factors that go into having a successful season and Florida isn't the sole reason for a successful season. You could be a crew member or driver and know this first hand as well. If I'm wrong, that's fine. My next question is why are 20-30 NE mod drivers towing their car and equipment to Florida every single year for practically zero gain, actually losing money. If they want to escape the NY winter, they could do that cheaper and less stress without bringing their mod. I'm really curious how other teams feel about Florida at this point.
  8. You act like they're racing on pavement in Volusia. At Volusia 2018, testing coils was the big topic of conversation. So, based on your theory, all the Volusia 2018 testing was only to build notes for Volusia 2019?? NO. The testing carried over into the whole 2018 season using a ton of different suspension setups. There was knowledge that was definitely gained from testing in February. You can refresh your memory here from a thread that started in Feb 2018 during Volusia: Guys would have been testing 4-links at Volusia 2020 to see what works for the SEASON if they weren't banned by SDS. And here's a quote from Dean Reynolds: I'll stick by what I said, if you think you're going to the first SDS race at Can-Am and are at the same level of knowledge and preparedness as a team that went to Florida, you're crazy. You can't tell me that every team that goes to Florida goes down there thinking that everything they do in Volusia is useless in the NE. Maybe you should tell Brett Hearn and FOX that they screwed up by doing private on-track and shaker rig testing with FOX shocks. Obviously, in your theory, all of that data can't be applied at any other track and can only be used for that track and on a shaker rig. Look at Matt, his season continues right after Volusia and right into Georgetown. Can he take any of those notes from Georgetown and apply them to Can-Am. No, totally different track and series but while other racers are thinking about racing, he's behind the wheel RACING. Even if you want to say Florida is racing on a totally different planet, you can't discount seat time behind a REAL car (as opposed to iracing). RACING is RACING and SEAT TIME is SEAT TIME. More seat time is more experience and more experience equals wins. But yes, saying that drivers that went to Florida are 10 steps behind come April in NY makes complete sense
  9. Thanks for the info. I was thinking that he followed the entire series last year including Volusia. Realistically, you are right as much as you are wrong. You have to think about how dull this forum would be if we all stuck to truly what is 'your business.' Don't forget to take your heart meds. You seem really wound up about this. Maybe you should yell at Mandee as well for putting all of his business out there as well πŸ˜‚ Could be a mistake on my part. Last I knew from the videos is that he was living full time up in Queensbury from almost January 2019 until the season ended, running the Adirondack race shop, and getting the car ready for races at Airborne and series races. So, no 'spin', just thought he was a full time race car driver and that racing was his first priority and vacations revolved around the race schedule. Not vice versa. Plenty of race car drivers have this mindset. Could be. I thought between Mike and Mandee that racing was the first order of business but that's definitely not our business. And from what I see, Florida is the start of the racing season. Everyone in the top 5 in the SDS points starts their season in Florida. If you don't, you're already 10 steps behind. Snooze, you lose.
  10. Can someone fill me in here. I haven't heard his 2020 plans for racing but how does someone who races full-time (as their career) end up planning a vacation during the start of the racing season and causing a conflict??
  11. I think interviewing the promoters and track owners is a great idea. What about the track prep guys? Seems like track prep is well talked about on here and could be very informative. Maybe bribe them with a beer for their best secret for a great track surface. How about Glenn Donnelly with the focus being the earlier days? Covering topics such as how he got into racing. Maybe even some random stuff with his favorite band or most interesting story with concerts at weedsport (you know it's summer when they're rocking at weedsport!). Didn't he have a pet tiger πŸ…? Maybe a small portion of the interview could be about cnyrp but not dominating the interview. Or maybe interview some die-hard fans that have hit every series race in a year or every super dirt week. Maybe 5 or so fans to get different aspects of what racing means to them to get 20 minutes worth of coverage.
  12. Fuel - what's to stop a track like Fulton to say you can run $4/gallon pump gas instead of paying $12/gallon? Looks like John and WRG aren't getting along anyways. Tires - yes I can see why you'd want to keep it simple but this philosophy isn't being used across the board. Why simplify tires, fuel, and suspension when the problem is motor costs. And if promoters have agreements with fuel and tire companies, they can easily have an agreement with a builder that stipulates drivers using one motor. I guarantee that if this happened there would be 20 pages on here about how this is going to end racing and the only winners of this are the promoter and the engine builder.
  13. I figured that's how they got to that point. And I would assume mandating the fuel is to take another cost or tech issue out of the mix. So why aren't the promoters being more aggressive with clamping down on the motors. Seems to be the biggest problem or most talked about expense. WRG already honed in on the suspension rules.
  14. From reading all of this it did make me think of something. Everyone is talking about all the choices for shocks and motors. Two things that can drive the cost of racing thru the roof. Of all things the promoter can dictate, how did we get to the point where the promoters are dictating/ruling what tire manufacturer teams can use and brand of fuel? Why is DIRT or STSS ok with letting drivers have a choice of shocks, motors, chassis, and whatever else you can think of but they want to control and mandate tires and fuel. Without getting into the promoter looking at every part or receipt they could probably dictate a lot more of what happens to save costs. I don't think this is what modified racing should be but if it prevents doomsday then so be it. But then again I've seen posts that reference the most winningest driver in modified racing who spends less than 30g for his big blocks. So, he must be getting one great deal because of who he is and the other drivers are getting screwed to be who he is.
  15. I held back on commenting on this because I originally I thought you just threw it out there as an idea. Now I see you're really serious that this could actually work. First, whichever organization implements this (DIRT or Deyo) their following would go down to close to nothing with race teams. And the bookkeeping alone would be enough for anyone to not even want to race. You'd spend so much money on accountants that it would make up for what you could've spent on car parts. So if Deyo, DIRT, or the teams have to pay for this it's probably going to reflect in higher admission costs for the fans and maybe even the back gate. Seems like a slippery slope. Less fans. Less money for payouts, less racing. Doesn't seem like anyone is winning. Second and really more importantly. I think this would actually hurt a smaller team more than it helps them. Take teams such as Williamson, Sheppard, or Gypsum. They have parts, tires, and motors that could probably last for another 2 years without spending another dime. So they get to spend their cap while not really ever needing to spend anything (because they've built their programs over the last 2-3 decades) and the small team doesn't even have the money to spend that would even meet the cap. How did this help the small team? This doesn't even get into situations where a team goes thru all their motors and then someone steps in to let the team borrow a motor to help out. So who's still further ahead going into the new season. Yes, the big money team still wins under these rules (if they could be effectively implemented). On that note, I think your idea is good just next to impossible to cover every scenario and implement every aspect and financial move of every team.
  16. It's almost 2020 and you can't distinguish that it's 2 men that are passionately in love? I can't wait to see your reaction when a track has its first male trophy queenπŸ˜‚
  17. Did you mean you'll ask them permission to cancel your subscription? Lol.
  18. You still might want to keep an eye on your credit card. Seems like this is standard practice for them. I signed up to watch Volusia back in February. I cancelled it during the event, they then proceeded to charge my credit card the month after that, and another month after that (March and April). Again, I told them to cancel it and remove my card number from the system IN February during the event. Over email they said they did credit my credit card. But they only credited my card for 1 of the charges and not 2. I then had to go back and forth and sent a screenshot of the charges and credits to my card. If she didn't credit my card, I would have just disputed the charge with my cc company. I'm not paying for services I don't want especially at $39/month. For this reason, I won't do reoccurring subscriptions. No matter how bad I want to see the race. It's not worth it to me to have to check up on them like little kids to see if they're still charging my credit card for services that I cancelled. It's very unfortunate because the coverage is great. I'm just not a fan of people taking my money when I cancel a service.
  19. Excessive reaction? In the heat of the moment I think his reaction was justified. It says they were destroying property. It also looks like there's quite a few cars around in the video. If the parking lot is stone I could see the flying stones causing thousands of dollars in damage. I'm sure the kids told him where he could go in a not so nice way and then played the victim card afterwards. Did the kids get in trouble for their wrong actions?
  20. I took a quick look at the STSS north series results and there's a lot of popular sds guys in the top 10. I agree 100% that it would be nice to attend a SDS race and have 10-15 strong contenders that might win that night. Right now, you have about 3-5. Unfortunately, Deyo's series is still in the growing stages so the big money teams will be going towards his events as well. You'll have the same situation as SDS which will squeeze the little guy out of a first place finish. Without figuring out an exact number, I know that definitely happened this year with Matt following both north and south. If Matt wasn't there, your winner stats would look a lot more diverse and exciting.
  21. So, to be fair, how's the grass look on Deyo's side of the fence as far as diversity of winners? The same guy that dominates SDS has dominated the north and south STSS series and won the American Racer points fund this year. Friesen would be an even bigger threat to the points and feature win stats if NASCAR wasn't in the picture. I really don't see much diversity on that side either.
  22. That's messed up (not your joke - the kids that spray painted the deer). The kids need to be tied up and spray painted with some nice automotive paint. Talk about senseless killings and acts. These idiots give humans a bad name.
  23. 🦌 🦌 deer lives matter! 🦌🦌 πŸ˜‚
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