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  1. The only way to handle a rain out policy is how Orange County handled it for the 100th. You let the drivers run until it really rains. Then, you let the drivers tell the race director what they really think and to get back in their tower. After all that edge-of-your-seat excitement, you let them run. Any other way is just taking the easy way out.
  2. I know it wasn't this past year for Volusia. I think it was 2019 Volusia. I cancelled it the next week and kept seeing charges for dirtvision on my credit card all the way until May. I'm not trying to discourage anyone from ordering their service. I want them to succeed. It's a great product for the race fan. They just need to have a 'cancel' button to make it easier for them and the customer. I think at the time they were combining the fast pass with dirtvision. I forgot the details but might have added to the confusion of why I kept getting billed.
  3. Conspiracy theory? I mean if you really want to trust the media, then Google articles about people leaving NYC, I didn't make up the 'alternative facts.' Are you saying I should believe the media about what a great job Cuomo is doing but shouldn't believe them about all the people leaving NYC because they don't want to live like they're in North Korea. Or should I believe whatever makes Cuomo look the best.
  4. For your sake, their sake, and every other racing fan's sake, I hope not. I was happy with the coverage but not the billing and customer service aspect. I don't have money to burn like dandan. Haha. How do you cancel now? Is there an option to do it yourself. I might give it a second chance if there is. If I have to send a request to ask them to cancel, I'll pass on it.
  5. Maybe they should be fired and we send the best helmet polishers that dirt racing has to offer to Cuomo. Let racing be great again!
  6. Not in my case. I didn't get any emails saying I was being charged. I should be able to cancel my subscription without having to email and ask. There should be a cancel option online. When I do ask to cancel, I expect that I will not be charged 3 more times. Keep in mind, I asked right when I saw the second charge come thru. Then after they said it was cancelled, a 3rd charge for the next month. Then when I ask to be credited for the months that I didn't want they tried telling me that they did credit me. I was looking right at my charges and credits from them online. In their defense, maybe they have improved their process but I'm not taking the chance to find out. I don't have time to hope companies don't over bill me and not believe me about not giving me a credit.
  7. Which could turn into 4x the $39 if you don't watch your credit card after you ask for permission to cancel. Never again with dirtvision.
  8. The numbers dropped in NYS and NYC because everybody left - GONE. Anybody that could, left NYC and NYS. Plus, he banned practically the whole country from coming to NYS. That's why the numbers went down. Less population equals less cases. He didn't do anything magical except make a lot of people go bankrupt and lose their livelihoods. Cuomo said and demanded the governors are in charge of their states. Now he wants to blame Trump. The guy is an egotistical maniac. I vote NO for communism.
  9. Interesting - seems like it would've been a great time to use it. Especially seeing how cars were going on both sides of the 86.
  10. Yes - terrible wreck. Did they have red flags back then? I guess I was too young to remember. I'm really surprised the emergency responders didn't get hit. You have the one official giving the hand signals for the drivers to slow down. Stopping would've been best.
  11. Looks like the link might not be good? I have it so it starts right as he's saying not to cut it. Great post!
  12. At SDW sitting in the beloved Grandstands one year I had my scanner going. I had it scanning through the different frequencies and came across the color commentators (not sure which network) but it was priceless! Color commentators on air really hyping up the race, "We've got a real barn burner here and anyone could in line for first place!" As the color commentators go on commercial break but audio still available on the scanner, the one commentator says to his partner, "Man, this is like watching paint dry, I can't wait to get home and bang on the old lady." It really was a great race but that comment really made me lmao!
  13. Here's some that I'll never forget that I've seen in person except number 5. 1 - SDW with Mahaney and Watt (johnwilliams insert gif here). 2 - Max having is throttle lockup and go full speed into Rudolph on the last lap at LoL after leading all 99 laps (I know there's different versions of what happened). 3 - Larry and Matt's scuffle at Utica-Rome. I didn't get to see the aftermath in the pits tho. 4 - I hate to consider this as one of the 'craziest' examples because it's more sad than anything but I'll never forget it. It was a summer race at the fairgrounds - I'm thinking the 4th of July race that Glenn used to have. There was an accident on the backstretch. Of course it was hard to see how bad it was because of the distance from the Grandstands but we knew it was bad after about 5 minutes because the announcer wasn't saying anything positive about the driver being ok or anything at all for that matter. The driver ended up passing. Such a sad night and bad feeling. I think we ended up finding out for sure the next day. This was before Facebook and Twitter so news was sightly delayed. I'm guessing late 90's? Again, very sad. Anyone have any more details or remember this? 5 - The most recent being the video premiumdiesel posted. I've never seen a guy drive a car so hard into another car on purpose. Holy Todd.
  14. It definitely happened to John. I have the picture and would share it but the file is too large. Corn husk hanging on every part of the car imaginable. Not sure if it happened to Alan as well.
  15. There's other inconsistencies as well: - NY is allowing drive-in movies to take place but not drive-in races - an axe throwing bar can open because of the way the bar filed its paperwork, but a racetrack cannot. I don't think anyone suggested a conspiracy theory and that other sports are not effected or that nobody in the whole world isn't effected. More that the governor gets to pick and choose what he feels is safe by micromanaging every aspect. Some just seem plain silly. You can throw an axe at a bar but live music is dangerous. OK!
  16. πŸ‘‘King Cuomo πŸ‘‘ says that as long as a person is sticking their own finger in their own hole, he will allow it.
  17. The only crap you got pulled into was believing the lies of the liberal agenda. Stop blaming everyone else.
  18. That's nothing. Some of these clowns are going back to 1492 and telling us about the history of Columbus like they actually lived thru it. Most people can't even remember what they saw 5 minutes ago let alone hearing a story 1,000 editions later.
  19. Wow. Racism at its finest. And what if rpm is mixed, Latin, or Filipino.
  20. I'm not sure where you get your information from but everyday citizens of color have plenty of fair shakes. I see people of color holding some very well paying positions (close or more to 6 figures), attending great colleges and universities, and holding higher political positions. Maybe the problem in the NFL and NBA is the disproportionate number of minorites in the league. Maybe they need to implement affirmative action for white guys in the NBA and NFL. I know your answer is that the best athlete gets the job. Well if that's the case, then what's the problem with the coaches. The best person gets the job.
  21. An interview with a 'race fan' in 2040. . . 'The Toyota Prius electric division was so amazing. I was able to read my book on how to attend more protests daily and establish police free zones, read an article on granola bar substitutes, and video conference with my neighbor because it was so peaceful and quiet. I give two green thumbs up to this very exciting racing. I'm honestly not even sure who won but the race was so exciting.'
  22. It's the way that the people holding the event are honoring the country and taking literally a minute to be thankful for the freedom they have that allows them to hold such an event. Some people are thankful they just survived another night in their war torn countries. I can't believe it's really too much to ask of someone to stop for a minute and be thankful that you have the freedom to attend a race or football game. If you're taking hours out of your day or night to an attend an event live, what's a minute to recognize the freedom you have that allowed you to do it by honoring the nation's flags and anthems? And if you're at home when the national anthem comes on, I really don't think people give 2 craps if you sit on your couch like a buffoon with your hand down your pants and shoving food in your mouth.
  23. I can't have an intelligent conversation with you about this! πŸ˜‚
  24. The story that always sticks in my mind is the couple that were kidnapped, pissed on, raped in every way possible, bleached, and set on fire. The guy was shot in the head and his girlfriend was thrown in a dumpster left to slowly suffocate to death after being brutally raped for hours. What did the white couple do to deserve this hours and hours of twisted animalistic behavior? NOTHING. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murders_of_Channon_Christian_and_Christopher_Newsom Then you have the 9 people that got shot just last month in Syracuse by gang members at a party within minutes. Where's the protest on this? This is just one of the many shootings this past summer. Then you have the 6 yr old in Syracuse that was shot in the back by his uncle. Why was there no protest about this? www.mytwintiers.com/news-cat/regional-news/dramatic-video-helps-grand-jury-justify-syracuse-cops-decision-to-shoot-man-who-shot-six-year-old-nephew/amp/ Nobody in the neighborhood wants this type of violence to stop? Sounds like a very selective bunch.
  25. Are you saying that the disparity in wealth is widening only with people of color? A person of color who has been given a salary of millions of dollars isn't getting a fair shake in life in the United States? Hahahaha. Should the USA model themselves after countries that have ISIS groups that throw people in cages and burn them alive? Believe what you want but there's plenty of opportunities for people of all colors to succeed and rise up in the United States of America. I do see a common theme though. Both Bubba and Kaepernick (who openly shows his disrespect for law enforcement) are/were both barely meeting mediocrity standards. So they aren't shining stars in what they're paid to do, so then they become social justice warriors to get 15 minutes of fame. Bubba is such a drama queen that he supported the noose conspiracy.
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