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  1. Great pictures! I hope you get a chance to take some photos at SDW 2020.
  2. The six guys to have signed on so far are Drellos Hile Mueller St-Sauver Lehner Britten
  3. Now that’s awesome news! So three 100% confirmed so far.. Hile Mueller Drellos
  4. Has there been any talk of new people following the tour this year? I know Godown and St Sauveur probably won’t be back full time. off the top of my head that leaves the series with Decker Wight Sheppard Rudolph Williamson Lehner Drellos Britten Phelps Mahaney? Smith? Dinkins? I’d really like to see Maresca follow the tour. Mueller and Lombardo would be good young additions too. Any news on the Graham cars? Who/where they will be running this season?
  5. According to DDD you can add Gary Lindberg to the BB’s he’ll be in the Fred Carleton 96.
  6. Any word on the Graham team? Great looking cars would be nice to see Perrego or Dunn have a good run in em at SDW. Would be cool to see Pauch Sr too! Maybe Kody shows up too? Has he ran at all this year?
  7. Will Max be running with HBR on the SDS when it doesn’t conflict with his asphalt racing?
  8. Any chance Keith Flach follows the tour this year? The roster looks great so far!!
  9. Did someone claim the 50/50 Friday night? I never heard it called. Anyone know where I could find the number?
  10. Any chance Matt Williamson runs both SB and BB? Also any word on Steve Paine? Always cool to see him!
  11. Is the race broadcast on the AM or FM dial while at the track?
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