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  1. Is the Freddie Rahmer on tv his kid? The one that looks 12 years old?
  2. Just put a train around your christmas tree, that will tide you over..lmao
  3. Stew is a great talent..2.5 years ago we/I were saying Stew had 2 chances to win a race, slim & none, now he is in the final 4 to win a championship.
  4. Pinesol

    Coil Car

    Lets try leaf springs
  5. No excuses now, needs to win at someplace other than A/S now that he is driving the holy grail of modifieds
  6. Pinesol

    Brett Hearn

    I have seen some drivers that hung around too long, but it was all they did for 40-50 years. Hard to give it up.
  7. I saw the video. Honestly it looks transgendered..lol looks like a dirt modified and sprint car.
  8. I need Steve Austin's bionic eye to read that..lol
  9. Complaining about everything is the American way. Gets worse every year.
  10. They need a real promoter like the guy at Fonda