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  1. Yeah, Richie had big years every year. I didn't realize it until you actually see it in print.
  2. I guess the thinking is, "if it doesn't happen to me, I don't care". My friends family met for Thanksgiving from different states. They believe the virus is a hoax, The mother & father were both sent to ICU Thanksgiving night, Mother is still in ICU fighting for her life, hopefully moving forward they take it seriously.
  3. Yep, told my girlfriend many times Stew looks like Jimmy G. She never saw Stew before & then I showed her a pic.
  4. I saw that post too. Was the kid going to use the number at Fonda or another race track? Fonda no, another race track I see no problem with it. Ronnie's step daughter said it is a retired number, retired where?
  5. Rick probably has a trillion dollar car collection, I am sure he is fine. He drops a mil on most of those production #1 cars at Barrett Jackson
  6. What's the saying? He fell in a bucket of shit and came out smelling like a rose?
  7. I watched the podcast on TV last night and they didn't show the part where he mentioned Super Dirt Week. Or maybe I fell asleep...
  8. Don't anyone worry, "It's going to disappear. One day - It's like a miracle - It will disappear."
  9. Name some drivers that are too old or were too old when they were driving?
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