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  1. Who has the bigger hot dogs, fonda or the valley?
  2. Good to see family owned businesses in the sport.
  3. And he didn't go to Trump University to get it..lol
  4. The puddles have been taken care of along with the yuke tires being removed. They are listening to the drivers.
  5. Matt is the modern day Hearn with less competition.
  6. Maybe his last name is Kardashian..lol
  7. I am sure everyone will have an opinion five minutes after the gates open.
  8. The demise happens when windmill noise will give you cancer.
  9. Because Matt is going to be at Can-Am..lol
  10. Pinesol


    It's different when he is the sponsor and owns the team. I am sure Skittles would be happy, or Lowe's would have been happy if Jimmie sat out. I could see the lower teams doing it because the only chance they can win is at Daytona or Talladega. I am talking about the big teams like Gibbs, Roush, Hendrick, Penske & Childress, those drivers are not going to sit out. Add Stewart/Hass too.
  11. Pinesol


    I am sure the sponsors would love for you to sit out 15 races. if I am a racer I am not sitting out. Get a clue. I know you are all talking hypotheticals, but a driver sitting out is not going to happen unless you are actually injured and are not medically cleared. If you win a race it just gives you a chance to experiment.
  12. Pinesol


    I thought this was a thread about CD Coville. That's the only superman I know.
  13. Danny has had more rides than Stormy Daniels.