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  1. Check C.D. Coville's stats under "career stats". The numbers in the columns don't add up correctly. Should be 86 big block wins and 62 small block wins.
  2. Huh, what? Why the eff are FANS concerned about what the drivers are getting paid? It's none of your business. If the drivers don't like the pay they will find someplace else to race.
  3. For the people who complain about the purses, give me the number to YOUR employer so i can give them a call to let them know you are unhappy about YOUR pay. Hopefully they will give you a raise or tell me to tell you to pound sand.
  4. Pinesol


    Hope you feel better soon Bob.
  5. Per his facebook page RJ is going. That was a surprise to me too.
  6. Jeez, This guy beats Matt a couple times and people are going crazy. Get real. The best always get beat, they can't win them all.
  7. If Stew doesn't uck up he wins it.
  8. I know i have said this before, how is this a good race with a one groove, dry and slick racetrack? It's all you guys bitch about all year on here about the N.Y tracks
  9. That Bowman crap i saw was, well crap..two pieces of shit.
  10. "I mean that's the story of my life, no respect, i get no respect at all, are you kiddin"
  11. It's funny that people hate Nascar and most of the drivers, but when one of these clowns come to a race track people go ape shit about it. Doesn't make sense.
  12. I think the 12 year old would win it. Is that the Hackle kid that has been 12 for 8 years? lol