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  1. Still racing on Saturday nights?
  2. Best sportsman racing I’ve seen. Tight quarter mile track; side by side. Definitely worth the drive.
  3. Probably a better way to handle the situation then to pull a gun on someone... just a thought...
  4. NHmodfan80

    Brett Hearn

    He’s been racing for 40 plus years; that’s amazing... what does he have left to prove at this point?
  5. NHmodfan80

    Brett Hearn

    Brett would need to do a farewell tour for his final year racing...
  6. NHmodfan80

    Brett Hearn

    It’s amazing to think that a driver who just won the big block championship at OCFS might retire because he doesn’t have it anymore.
  7. Is John allowing Matt Sheppard to race in the outlaw this year or is that just a rumor?
  8. NHmodfan80

    malta weekend

    Can someone confirm for me... Saturday the grandstands open at 2pm and the pits open at 4pm?
  9. Do you need to buy tickets in advance for Oswego, Friday, Saturday, Sunday? If you buy a pit pass is that pass good for the grandstands? Never been to Oswego. Thanks for the info!
  10. Pete Rose talk on a dirt forum... who would have thought that?!
  11. Not a Sheppard fan but he should be allowed to race at Fulton... grudges are for teenagers.
  12. You guys should start contacting Mr Wright directly with your concerns as race fans wanting to see the best of the best at the outlaw this year; letters, emails, Facebook etc.