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  1. Imagine if everyone Just wore a mask this spring and helped stop the spread of this virus.... the numbers would have been lower and maybe we actually could have gone and seen some racing this summer and fall. But some are hell bent on “their Rights” and not being told what to do!!! It’s not about your rights or your politics... it’s about health and a virus not spreading so we can go back to the race tracks we love as fans!! Something to think about for the 2021 racing season!!
  2. 2020 racing season isn’t happening folks. Hate to burst your bubble... cases are increasing again... let’s hope 2021 is a better year for all.... stay safe.
  3. He can drive; not bad for someone who doesn’t have unlimited funds. Maybe Brett Hearn needs someone to drive his cars!!
  4. Nice Start to your season at Devils Bowl Adam Pierson! 3 wins so far in the sportsman mods!! Great battle with Kenny Tremont last week.
  5. World of outlaws sprint cars 2002. PS2. Still play it today. Haven’t found a racing game I like better then it.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything regarding Albany-Saratoga’s plans for this year? I’m assuming that the big show will be rescheduled?
  7. Best sportsman racing I’ve seen. Tight quarter mile track; side by side. Definitely worth the drive.
  8. Probably a better way to handle the situation then to pull a gun on someone... just a thought...
  9. He’s been racing for 40 plus years; that’s amazing... what does he have left to prove at this point?
  10. Brett would need to do a farewell tour for his final year racing...
  11. It’s amazing to think that a driver who just won the big block championship at OCFS might retire because he doesn’t have it anymore.
  12. Is John allowing Matt Sheppard to race in the outlaw this year or is that just a rumor?
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