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  1. Jeff Lawrence

    Oswego race

    I wish they would play the small block race. That was a good one!
  2. This would be very welcomed in the racing community.
  3. We could talk for days about what the Sportsman class should produce. I looked at the dash clock after I got rolling home at 12:15, so sometime between 11:30 and 12:00 the raced ended. Keep in mind they had 66 Sportsman, a good number of late models and a handful of mini sprints. (6) Sportsman heats then (3) consi's. It was a late night but they also delayed the start of the features as they had an awesome fireworks display.
  4. By a long shot this was the best Sportsman race I've ever seen. In fact I don't recall a Modified race that had an equal amount of action. My favorite part is not one car took off and dominated the whole race.
  5. The 305's and sportsman ran heats last weekend before the rain. Saturdays features are make up races for the rain out last week. So basically two make up features for the sprints and sportsman.
  6. I've enjoyed dirt racing for most of my life with different levels of participation. In my opinion from the past 25+ years that I have paid attention to money; the cost of racing really hasn't changed at all. I costs every dollar you have!
  7. I always thought that Watkins Glen would be the perfect venue for SDW.
  8. The old saying goes "everything is for sale" but in this case here I don't think the owner has it up for sale. The Face Book post that keeps popping up listing the track for sale I think is just a false/fake advertisement.
  9. NFS posted (for 2019 race) the rules to be 2018 DIRT rules with a few exceptions such as no containment seat and no driver bars required. I'm sure the race in 2020 will be very similar with DIRT being the basis of the rules.
  10. Looks like the Sportsman could get two race weekends in 2020. All-Tech Raceway - February 6, 7 & 8 North Florida Speedway - February 13, 14, 15 & 16
  11. It is DIRTCAR, if it wasn't I'd be there with my 602!
  12. A car got disqualified this past weekend blah, blah, blah. Plenty of problems came up, and a few hiccups happen. Big deal, its done and over with now. Every track has issues once in a while. The real question is if we look forward to next year, what should be done? If you are thinking of returning, what do you need to go back? If you are on the fence about going, what do you need to make the trip?
  13. Extended forecast shows it being in the low 70's. Fingers crossed.