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  1. 35-40 big blocks same for the small blocks..This event normally had a pretty good field of cars
  2. 100 % agree they should start this race at about 6 PM, start the day at about noon run your sportsman and prockstock stuff.then take an hour or 2 and prep the the track for the 200, you would have way better co editions at night.
  3. I hear ya, this is blown up its riduculous
  4. 100% it would help..last year was great because there was cloud cover and it was damp..dirt racing and blazing sun aren't a good mix
  5. The best thing they could do is make it a night race.Dirt tracks and blast,ing afternoon sunshine never work out well.
  6. holy christ..people on here make a big deal out of nothing
  7. Stewyfan44


    weedsport is a top notch facility, which happens to have a terrible track surface.It has to be taken care of
  8. I agree, last year at oswego was unbelievable.And still plenty of partying goin on..lol
  9. Fonda trashing..it was just a matter of time.All is tight with the world.
  10. Mike Gular confirmed he'd be at Oswego, He did'nt say big block or small block, he just said he was going
  11. No surprise here..Cornwall Speedway
  12. Stewyfan44

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    yep their's all that, and the Haer's family means a lot to a bunch of drivers.Mr Haer's helped out a hell of a lot of drivers.
  13. Let's just stop talking about the Dr.Foster does enough of it for everybody.🙂
  14. we can call it the Tim Fuller rule..lll