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  1. so did the flag man admit his mistake and that's why he kept his spot.
  2. I'm totally confused by this, did the race actually stop, or did the flag man assume that Stew was in trouble prematurely.If the flag man thru the flag basically for nothing, is their a rule that gives you your spot back.
  3. this was the best race of the season.last year..Sheppard was unbelievable
  4. Does anyone actually know what he got busted for, because if it was just weed!!then things have to change.Test guys for alcohol and see how that goes.Their's such a stigma when it comes to weed, it's ridiculous.If your looking for something that is way harder on your system its booze, hard on your job booze.hard on your personal life booze.People have to wake the hell up, the real demon is booze not weed.
  5. hahaha..yep those are all Cornwall things..lol
  6. Well deserved, Growin up in Cornwall, Patty was one of my favorite's.
  7. Stewyfan44

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    People who tell the truth are haters, ok then.
  8. Stewyfan44

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    ya I was at Granby and Drummond, and yep his car was all over the place.But I did'nt say that on here, so maybe get your facts straight.
  9. Stewyfan44

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    I'm far from a Danny fan, in saying that, it is sad when it comes to this.Instead of his fans telling him how great he is.Somebody should be telling him, that he was great, and maybe it's time to.pack.it in or just kinda stick to local tracks..The SDSis a young man's game.He had his time, but that ship has sailed.
  10. Stewyfan44

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    This has to be someone else's fault.No way this has anything to do with the dr.
  11. This is a huge commitment, I had a quick chat with Ryan Godown.He said it was an 8 hr trip for him to get there.
  12. a Strong field of mods for sure..time trials are just getting set to roll out.
  13. A Lot of top drivers say Drummond and Granby are 2 of their favorite stops.If you hav't been to these tracks I highly recommend you go.
  14. another Danny Johnson