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  1. I'm from Cornwall, Ont..and it's the same thing for me.People can't believe how far we travel.And the Quebec people, those dudes are off the charts they love them some racin
  2. If they put together s Granby Drummondville, Cornwall swing, I'd be in heaven..they would get crazy support from those 3 tracks
  3. Once a hot head, always a hot head.
  4. we'll see, Don't get me wrong I hope all the shows do well.Your right though each show will have to be different somehow from the other.
  5. Should be 2 races maximum, 3 takes a bit of the lustre away
  6. K know one fella who has some cash, and loves racing in that area.He might even own his own race team..lol
  7. their does'nt seem to be a lot of home grown drivers in this area.Anybody have any opinions on why they think that is.Personally I would start with making a go kart track.I know it's a great feeder system at a lot of tracks.
  8. Stewyfan44

    Graham Racing

    what about Dave Marcuccilli
  9. Stewyfan44

    Graham Racing

    been there done that
  10. Stewyfan44

    Graham Racing

    that would be a good choice.I live in Cornwall, but everytime I hit the road to go racin, if Chris is there he always seems to be in the top 5
  11. Charlotte is far from tropical in November.Those days are long gone
  12. I'd be more worried about the rain
  13. Stewyfan44

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    ya know what has always fueled motorsports.Rivalries fuel it , not vlogs.
  14. Stewyfan44

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    I never said it was going to happen, I said" he should make it happen"
  15. Stewyfan44

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    hahaha..ya that's true..The dr would be a real piece of work to race against.