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  1. Brett Deyo is a modern day Glenn Donnelly..Deyo does things different just like Donnelly did
  2. your a different cat foster..you make shit entertaining on here..🙂
  3. finally something I can actually believe
  4. I did'nt ask you to answer my comment..their has to be a damn reason the guy has went thru so many owners.I don't really know what it is.But clearly something's up.
  5. LaVoix your right, that race was a classic.It was one of those that you never forget.
  6. Macho their has to be a reason, that he has a short shelf life with these owners.I never said I knew what the problem is.
  7. This is what I think the Deal is with Danny..Owners get sick of him wrecking their stuff.And I've heard he's pretty opi ionated.
  8. both their websites say 3/8..as far as track prep goes..not sure..Morin was always working the track..And before you get all over me I'm paul puts a lot of time in at Brockville..Somethings gotta give here..You can't just show up Sunday afternoon and expect the track to be perfect.
  9. 1989 miller high life 300 at the mile..Cozze was leading with about 10 to go, when Danny took him out.Alan Johnson went on to win.
  10. whatever pal..why don't you just relax.Its just my damn opinion.If your a big Kirkland guy, whatever..that's cool..I could'nt care less.And saying Brockville is a lot bigger then Cornwall is Ridiculous, and why the hell would that even matter.
  11. Stewyfan44

    Tim Fuller

    Mohawk and Can Am..and I've been to both SDS races at can am and weedsport..I'm pretty sure I saw him at both races.
  12. I was commenting on 1 night..which was very out of the ordinary.I've been going to that track for 35 yrs.When I saw the track in that condition I had a feeling something was up.It isn't the norm at all for Cornwall to have bad conditions.