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  1. Stewyfan44

    The DR

    He should be at fulton..but you never know with the dr.He sometimes complicates the situation.lol
  2. Stewyfan44

    The DR

    yep that's true..lol..what about next week any news
  3. Stewyfan44

    The DR

    Is Danny gonna be in the 66 at OC saturday night.
  4. Stewyfan44

    The DR

    I'm the one who was talking to the crew guy..he told me it was a new troyer, whether he meant new from last year or new this year he told me the damn thing was new.I don't come on here and make shit up.Foster and I have way different opinions on things, but in this case neither 1 of us are lying.I guess the guy I was talking to did'nt know he had to be specific on the year..lol
  5. smart plan..I thought he ran a really good race the other night at can-am
  6. Stewyfan44

    Fonda April 27

    this is really impresive
  7. I know he's following the SDS.but I see he's racing Albany and Fonda this coming weekend.Are they going to be his weekly tracks
  8. Stewyfan44

    The DR

    It should'nt have..you can't just have everything.You would think he's been around long enough to figure this out.
  9. Stewyfan44

    The DR

    Foster , Graham has a good operation.The dr is damn lucky to have a ride like he does.For the dr's sake he would be smart to make racing for Graham,priority #1
  10. Stewyfan44

    The DR

    I thought Graham was switching to TEO, that was why Britten left.So does Graham now have TEO'S and TROYERS.That would be really out their if that was the case.And Is Perrego still driving for Graham.Like what the hell is going on.
  11. man they gotta push those tires in..they can totally fubar your front end.I've seen guys fly over them and bend frames.
  12. Stewyfan44

    The DR

    foster could clarify this situation in 2 seconds, he just seems to be in hiding.
  13. the 3 I listed are what I would consider the top 3 on tour today.I understand a lot of guys who follow the series have had great careers, and are still competitive.