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  1. Williamson had 2 big races in october, and they just happened to be the 2 big ones, that makes him mr october in my mind..Perrego was great also..and Mahaney was by far the most consistent.
  2. After seeing Matt quite often in Cornwall this year, I can tell ya this guy is the real deal.And I've never seen a guy help so many guys in the pits, well deserved.
  3. Paul Kirkland does'nt give a rats ass about anything except padding his wallet, and running the mods last on a very late night as it was..like what the hell kind of promoter does that.Just a bullshit move.
  4. It's so brockville to not put the effort to get the features in, and take your cash, the place is shady as hell.People totally understand that if your in for rain for a while and you can't get the track back, yes go ahead and call it a show.But when you could of got the features in after a bit of rain and you pull the plug, that really pisses people off.
  5. I'd guess 65-75..a lot of guys looking for big money races to run.
  6. each driver can bring up to 10 crew members I believe, so if you know a driver you can usually get one of their passes, but as far as the track selling tickets to fans ya its 100.I've been going all season, and with the pits and people in the stands It looks like about 600 people or so are there.
  7. Cornwall is going to be our Oswego this year, a 3 day party right in my backyard
  8. my dad talks about going to ft Covington all the time, he has great memories of the track.
  9. The ox was in the mix with those guys for a good while, I'm thinking at least 20yrs..John Dahn was mainly a can am guy. He would come to Cornwall for the big shows
  10. First of all, I'm sorry to hear of your accident.I know Cornwall seems to have a very good set up for wheelchairs.They have an area right in front of the tower.
  11. Cornwall was supposed to start may17th..they just postponed that until further notice
  12. I honestly thought mohawk especially had a good crowd, parking lot was packed, the big parking lot across the street was packed, It seemed ok to me.
  13. I went to 8 SDS races last yr, Mohawk, Airborne, Brewerton included in them.these races seemed to do well in my eyes.But if you want a mega show go to Granby and Drummond, the 2 best SDS races yr after yr in my opinion
  14. I find it hard to believe that the promoters of mohawk did'nt want a SDS race.I go there every year and the race is very well attended, I would'nt think they're losing money on the deal
  15. What is the reason for dropping..Mohawk, Fulton, Brewerton..I 've been to all three of these races they all seemed to be well attended with good car counts.
  16. I'm from Cornwall, Ont..and it's the same thing for me.People can't believe how far we travel.And the Quebec people, those dudes are off the charts they love them some racin
  17. If they put together s Granby Drummondville, Cornwall swing, I'd be in heaven..they would get crazy support from those 3 tracks
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