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  1. In an effort to deliver the best experience for race fans, the schedule for this weekend's Can-Am World Finals at The Dirt Track at Charlotte will be flexed to provide earlier start and finish times to each night of dirt-flying, championship-deciding action at America's Home for Racing. Spectator gates will open at 2:45 p.m. on Thursday with on-track action beginning at 3 p.m. Friday's and Saturday's formats will also feature revised times. Gates will remain open at 3 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, with opening ceremonies moved up one hour to 3:45 p.m. followed by racing. Fans should stay tuned to www.charlottemotorspeedway.com for further updates.
  2. racermurray

    Thunder Mountain

    I wonder if the Hoosiers will have an impact on scheduling another STSS race there .
  3. Charlotte forecast makes Oswego SuperDirtWeek look like a tropical paradise. lol
  4. https://worldofoutlawsworldfinals.com/information/faqs/ A. In an effort to maximize everyone’s experience, Charlotte Motor Speedway and World of Outlaws officials will be keeping an eye on the long-range weather forecast. If it appears that the temperatures are going to be uncomfortably cold, we will schedule the Friday and Saturday events to begin in the late afternoon.
  5. Look for them to change the schedule to daytime racing .
  6. I thought the rain delay on Saturday made for a great night race for the 358's . IMO keep that schedule !
  7. The ASA latemodels used to run 200 lap races at Oswego and used the same (hard to change) wide 5 hubs as the dirt cars do. They didn't have any problems pitting and the pit stop area on the infield was set up the same way it is now . Pits opened next lap after a yellow and they were back to green flag racing within 3-4 laps. Here we are in 2019 the age of electronics and transponders and it takes 4 laps to put the cars in order before they even open pit row ?
  8. Dean Reynolds or Doug Leonard , would either of you care to respond to the 2 questions that started this thread ?
  9. Harry , I have a great time at SDW and have been to everyone since they moved to Oswego , I can't even complain about camping at the track as I have adjusted to it but the decision making yesterday to start the 200 lapper on an awful track that obviously needed maintenance boggles my mind . The caution flag situation was a joke , not opening the pits until 3 or 4 laps were run under caution ? having 22 caution flags in a 200 lap race ? really ?
  10. Ridiculous is making the cars do 300 laps in a 200 lap race .
  11. Saw a nicely prepared track and good racing Fri and Sat , what happened ? Why was a decision made to not prep the track for the main event on Sunday ? Why was it necessary to run 3 or 4 laps under caution before opening pit road ? EVERY TIME !
  12. New caution flag procedure didn't Do shit , race not even half over and most of race been run under yellow
  13. They have done it every year as the 358 cars don’t use quick fill’s for refueling.
  14. Thanks , just my luck I am in the last row next to tent sites . 😥
  15. Is anyone running the same car both days , is it allowed ?