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  1. It can be done but it's a tall order to win against cubic dollars in any type of motorsports.
  2. Must be a matter of perspective , your calling it a shtt show and I thought it was run very well . It was not perfect but very well run considering they put the event together in just a few weeks. I am sure improvements will be implemented if they do this again. No complaints from me , loved it !
  3. Anybody remember all the complaints last year at Oswego for the 200 on the number of caution flag laps ? SDS officials said they tried the procedure of only counting the first 3 laps but they failed at that because they never opened pit row until those 3 laps were run , it was a disaster and the SDS boys excuse was it took that long to sort out the cars. Interestingly enough last night at Port Royal they also used the 3 lap rule and there was no problem what so ever opening pit road right away . Hat's off to Mr. Deyo , hoping the SDS boys can learn from you .
  4. Are you really trying to compare being at a race vs watching a PPV ? Good Grief !
  5. Been to all 4 years of the Oswego weekend , IMO don't change a thing except the caution flag rule . Cautions were brutal last year .
  6. I am camping at Port Royal . Send me a message If you feel like shootin the breeze at my camp site or we can watch one of the races together .
  7. Hoping for the best for your personal issues . I just wanted to clarify before someone was about to spend a lot of $ to the wrong company. 🙂
  8. I believe you meant DIRTVision https://superdirtcarseries.com/news/live-and-local-central-new-york-talent-takes-center-stage-on-dirtvision-broadcasts-for-six-nights-of-dirtcar-oktoberfast/
  9. Anyone notice the purse dropped from $40,000 to win down to $25,000 to win?
  10. Considering there are no fans the general parking lots can be used as pits . Would not be ideal but they could make it work if needed .
  11. 1,405 people in Orange County were tested yesterday not 100,000 ....... I am glad your not my tax man.... 🙂
  12. Perhaps your calculator needs fresh batteries . This ny.gov web page shows Orange County postive rate at 4% https://forward.ny.gov/percentage-positive-results-county-dashboard
  13. Orange County NY is currently a Covid hotspot . Might have something to do with a delay in an announcement .
  14. 116 sportsmans on the list. Hope they are starting the heats early or there are going to be some late nights !
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