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  1. $25,000 to win latemodel race at Bedford this weekend , right up your alley .....headin down ?
  2. Damn it Bill !!!!! You just opened yourself up to an ass whoopin' for agreeing with me.....LOL A few of these guys have been trying to beat the $hit out of me , feeling a little punch drunk but so far I'm still standing.......LOL
  3. I would tell you except for one minor problem..... just kidding.....have a nice day...LOL
  4. Look.........you don't have to try and bait me into an argument by putting words in my mouth. Where did I make a comment about fan taste ? My question was about the physical location of Big Diamond Speedway . I live in Western NY and to get my race fix I attended several races in PA in the year 2020 as the NY tracks were shut down due to the pandemic . I hit Selingsgrove , Big Diamond , Williams Grove , Lincoln and Port Royal . Saw Lates , Mods , and Sprints as headliners , I must be a weirdo because I enjoy all those classes . Each had a separate fan base....not just Big Diamond , they w
  5. Did you pass geography class ? Per Google maps measuring tool , Selingsgrove speedway to Big Diamond speedway , 30 miles . You can measure it yourself.
  6. Agree on the calendar issue , disagree on where modified country is . Awful lot of PA and Jersey cars out there . 3 of the top 5 finishers in the 200 were not NY cars .
  7. Can't say enough about how much I echo your thoughts . We will not be returning next year either . We are at Port Royal now enjoying a real race weekend at a real track.....😊
  8. John , ever heard the expression don’t judge a book by the cover ? It pertains to this directly . In my line of work I have heard many rumors about employees that we’re not favorable . As it turned out they were great employees and the rumors were bogus .There are always 2 sides to every story . Considering you have never met Eric your bashing of him is not credible . As for Brett Deyo , your the one who posted shit about him right here on this forum in Oct 2020 . If you didn’t want to share that information why did you post it here on a public forum ?
  9. WTF man , you just got done posting you don't know him. For someone you don't know you have a lot to say about him......But then again you had a lot to say about Brett Deyo and some (supposed) shady dealings that never came to be .
  10. Sounds like you have a personal problem with Eric . Was he or was he not involved in the track prep 2017 , 2018 and 2019 when the track was in good shape ?
  11. That depends on what's more important to the employee.....credibility and a clear conscience is more important to me . I don't get those of you who think hiding the conditions of the track is something positive . The casual fan might wonder if that debacle is normal for dirt track racing while those of us who live it know better .
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