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  1. FYI , I have had frame-rate issues while casting to my TV vs using an HDMI connection . May or may not effect others but I thought it might be a helpful tip.
  2. I totally understand what your saying . I just wish Deyo would have had the courtesy to tell us the race wasn't going to happen. He hasn't said a word about it and It's still showing on his web site as an active race.
  3. Not dirt but at least we got our foot in the door πŸ™‚
  4. Logistically that kills the tiny bit of hope that the STSS race at Thunder Mountain on 5/24 was going to take place.
  5. Selingsgrove officially cancelled http://www.selinsgrovespeedway.com/
  6. As of 5/10 Selingsgrove in Snyder county is in a yellow phase and Port Royal in Juniata county is in a red phase.
  7. Thanks , I wondered if anyone had kept track of that data. I will tell you that I thought the $15 you charged last year for the Gerald Haers Memorial race at Land of Legends was very fair , I bought it and I am sure you wouldn't have charged that rate foreseeing a loss.
  8. Outlaw , I feel like I am beating a dead horse with you but I'll try one more time. If you cut your price in half you very well could more than double your number of subscribers resulting in a greater offset to your costs. Not scientifically proven that's how it would play out but it might be worth trying at a future event .
  9. BINGO ! Thank you , that's the same point I was trying to make. I don't get the "our company is small so we have to charge more" theory , please explain . Unless there is a bandwidth problem with the equipment why would you not want to increase your number of subscribers by charging a more affordable price ?
  10. I agree I e-mailed Brett Deyo after there extremely high PPV pricing for the All-Tech races , tried explaining that they would most likely make more money by having reasonable and competitive PPV prices which in theory should result in a large increase in there number of subscribers . Apparently my suggestion fell on deaf ears.
  11. Your calendar is awesome. Are you going to keep it updated ?
  12. Very nice , thank you for putting in the time and effort.
  13. I don’t like the dark skin so I have not tried it but there is still problems with the regular skin
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