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  1. That's a good start , maybe by Memorial Day we will be in a good position to move the % up a lot more.....😊.....stay positive !
  2. And don't forget ........ Covid viruses could never survive in the dust and dirt produced at most dirt tracks !! 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Found this article quite interesting , Although the article keys in on latemodels some of the setup tips could be applied to the modifieds heading to bristol. https://www.floracing.com/articles/6960317-crashes-show-bristol-is-different-animal-on-dirt
  4. If you want feedback I liked the old format better. Having to look in 2 spots for Friday and Saturday I find to be confusing . One week at a time using the old format would be my recommendation.
  5. Unrelated to the issue at hand but curious.....What would be the native resolution and frame rate of the cameras being used for a DTD.tv produced event shown on FloRacing ?
  6. My recollection is Bristol races were invitation only for fear of having to many cars to fit in the pits. Thought they wanted the car counts around 40 in each class ?
  7. I was unable to watch Thursdays Bristol free preview on my Roku app . Before the apps came out I was able to watch dirtvision on my i-pad through a browser but it now requires the app which also did not work. I was however able to watch it on my laptop through a browser . I also e-mailed their tech-support telling them I did not want to fork out the $ for a subscription if it wasn't going to work on my Roku. It appears to me the issue is indeed on their end . My FloRacing Roku app works flawlessly at all times .
  8. Way to many people watch Faux news not realizing it's an entertainment channel and not a news channel .
  9. I have been getting online only for years . What I don't like about it is you can't download it , you have to stay logged in to read it. This is not ideal when you are away from home and have to burn through your data using a hotspot to read it. I get several online papers and this is the only one not downloadable. I have spoken a few times to AARN about this but there answer is they don't want it being shared. I said I have no interest in sharing it , I just want to read it with my morning coffee . I reminded them that hard copies get shared all the time. I asked what's the difference ? They
  10. Great chart , contrary to what FoxNews wants people to believe , The President of the United States does not control gasoline prices . People should do their own research , you can expand that chart to the last 10 years which shows the same up and down fluctuation throughout .
  11. Hey Leroy , good shows at Port Royal April 17 and 18 , I am going , are you ?
  12. Recently watched a documentary on N Wilkesboro , the place is a mess and in disrepair , another rolling wheels.
  13. Grandview is paying $7500 to win , OCFS is paying $4000 to win , could be a factor....just sayin.
  14. Agreed Leroy , The post someone made about NHMS is irrelevant to the topic at hand as would be Pocono , Dover , Watkins Glen etc. My point was a simple one , if Oswego already has dirt on it from SuperDirtWeek why not use it for another event as Bristol is doing.
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