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  1. Not a dumb question , probably many others also wondering 😉
  2. DV is showing everything at Volusia's DirtCar Nationals except the AllStar Sprints.
  3. DV is showing every lap of all divisions except the All Star sprints at The DirtCar Nationals at Volusia .
  4. Dude , what's your beef with W16's ? I think it's pretty cool to see such a small engine competing .
  5. $20 for the year , now that's a Great deal ! Thank's for posting that , I am signing up !
  6. I thought Pauch"s interview was great. He gained a lot of respect from me by giving his thoughts on Big Blocks being dinosaurs . It's nice to hear a guy who doesn't feel the need to be politically correct in what he has to say .
  7. I really want to support DTD.tv and was looking forward to watching the All-Tech main event until I saw the cost. $35 ? ...... Sorry but that's way to rich for my blood , Good Luck in your endeavors.
  8. Unknown , This is a first time for The All-Tech event.
  9. racermurray

    DV Fast Pass

    Thanks Jumper , that's good news as Floracing has had very affordable pricing last couple years.
  10. racermurray

    DV Fast Pass

    Does anybody know who is doing the majority of SuperDirtSeries for 2020 , FloSports or DirtVision ?
  11. Maybe somethings changing , number of laps have been removed from website.
  12. Not quite , the majority of there races used to be 100 lappers . I wonder why they cut back on laps ?
  13. http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/New17/?p=34892 All events 50 or 75 laps except Oswego
  14. Not to bad just a couple end of season dates . Canandaigua , The Fonda 200 and Grandview all on Sept 19 and the usual SuperDirtWeek , Afton conflict in October .
  15. Agreed , something smells funny about this . Also surprised Ohsweken is back , I attended there last SDS race which was run in 2017 and a dismal 25 cars showed up in front of a pretty small crowd.