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  1. when your car owner has 2 car dealerships money isn't an issue for diesel fuel and tolls.
  2. You can only run Hoosier tires at DIRTcar events and VP fuel. Traditional 358's would have to weigh what a big block weighs and you would get eaten alive if track were to be heavy. There is no love from DIRTcar for STSS. Completely different rules for engines.
  3. I have these lenses https://www.adorama.com/ca75300afuf.html https://www.adorama.com/ca55250sf.html EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens This light https://www.adorama.com/ca430ex3ua.html Camera - Canon t6i
  4. Mortgages are under 3%. Now if you were to lease with an option to buy you would surely have a contract and it would lay out what your rent/lease is and how much is going towards purchase. I sought out legal advice on a house once that had this set up and my real estate lawyer said under no situation would he advise me to do it. You want to buy a house you get a mortgage and that mortgage is recorded in the county clerks office and you make payments. None of this lease to own bs. Who holds the mortgage whether its a bank or Cole is not important because if you dont make the payments the parc
  5. I have a new Canon camera and I want to be able to shoot some racing photos that are not for sale just for personal usage. Can someone tell me what lens I would need and speed to capture at speed the hoosier tire logo on the tires ? I always felt that was a super cool image. Much thanks in advance.
  6. Your thinking is on some what the right point d traxx. Gas is nearing 2.50 already and Cuomo is in power till 11/2022 however that aside, I dont think you have to go to 3 nights every week. Sportsman teams that are going home from Fulton or Malta or even the Ridge may consider running a 2nd night especially if the purse was right. Need to be a thinker outside the box not just following along with the rest of the tracks. Be a leader, an innovator not a follower. Set your track apart from everyone else.
  7. When you see during Octoberfest there was more than 100 sportsman cars to try and make a feature event you should be thinking to get in on that action. Never mind what other tracks are doing, focus on your business. Like Grant Cardone says, people focus on the smallest piece of cheese and a little bit of money when you should be focusing on the refrigerator where the biggest piece of cheese is. The sportsman class isn't going to bring the likes of Dr J or whomever you want to see from the ranks of the mods but these guys are the future of the sport and they run just as hard if not harder. Keep
  8. can am - the previous poster had mentioned racing against can am. see rmitchell post.
  9. when your in the dark about how your going to operate in 21 buying a race track isn't actually a good investment. You would be hard pressed to get financing too without a massive down payment. Move off Sundays and race on Fridays. Yes its against someone else but its not like its close by its about 110 miles from each other. Id also think about racing crate sportsman. There are so many of them that they could certainly provide full fields each week. And if you pay them what your paying 358's you will have no problem attracting cars.
  10. Eastern States is the best value. Plus its the oldest and the fairgrounds just has that old old feeling to it that makes that race so special. The track is a mess though and the "hard clay" is no longer there. What you have there now is a sand pile disguised as a race track. The 31st lap is where the action is after the racing and let me tell you about them egg sammy's you can get till the dawns early light. The down fall to going to ES is that you need a large amount of cash to go because everything is expensive but f it you only live once and this race only happens once a year so f it spend
  11. does anyone miss octoberfest 350 at hagerstown? I dont miss the 6hr ride up 81 and 88
  12. Hearn wants go to Florida and run Oswego with Madsen. Nothing else mentioned tonight
  13. what I said was nothing compared to bringing up a man's indiscretions
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