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  1. if your tossing the idea around of going to Daytona yesterday word was released that you will be required to wear a mask at all times and there is a cap on admission this year.
  2. Is there a point fund ? Also, do you need VP or Sunoco and can I use a 4-link in this series ?
  3. Why lock it down ? If someone chooses to respond great if they dont thats cool too. A forum where all voices are heard is the ultimate goal. Not just 1 person or owners view and all must follow or be banned.
  4. https://motorsportstradeshow.com/ppb-motorsports-race-car-trade-show-fueled-by-sunoco-postponed-to-2022/
  5. ban 2 piece fire suits immediately and ban the use of non racing gloves ie mechanix wear gloves
  6. a lot of negative mfers in here. track is giving sprint cars a chance to race weekly and is making improvements to the facility and right out of the gate you get people that take shots at the place. can we at least get to april to see how things are going ?
  7. you to brother. hopefully you'll be taking more photos in 21 that people will want to hang on there walls.
  8. and modified drivers get excited for 10k or 20k. time to treat the mods with some better purses. no show on the SDS should pay less than 10k. wrg needs to get some sponsorship for the mods.
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