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  1. premiumdiesel


    she needs to be on the cover of a magazine. something like the swimsuit edition of SI would be a good start.
  2. premiumdiesel

    Eastern States Weekend

    new egypt on saturday
  3. https://www.leaderherald.com/obituaries/2019/10/lawrence-joseph-larry-dalmata-sr/
  4. I was given a list a year ago and Ill be damned if I can find it Anyone got a list they can share ?
  5. yes your eyes didnt deceive you. Mahaney was doing his best imitation of Rocky and Watt was supposed to be Apollo.
  6. mike mallet, he can wheel a wheelbarrow 🤣
  7. some of the worst racing I have ever seen. Dusty, one lane dump. Then you add in that you had to change tires because the hards were creating one lane train racing.
  8. premiumdiesel

    OCSF seating

    party deck is highest seating available at the track but its going to cost you dearly to sit there.
  9. Be careful if you ask for what your entitled to, a refund. Things happen to those who ask for refunds. A grudge is held for life with no reasons given.
  10. if you go you will park near the pit entrance and hoof it in from there. A LOT of walking just to see the racing. Save your $35-40 and put it in your 401k. The track is a dust hole with multiple grooves. They will drag this show on till the wee hours of the morning to drain your wallet of the cash it has with the excessively over priced concessions here. Go to the Valley where the food and beer and soda are cheap and you dont need a loan to get in.
  11. how much did you charge for this pr
  12. The closer this race comes to the date of happening the more I get that it may not happen. 45 days until the scheduled race happens. Not 1 ticket sold, camping spot, parking spot, etc. Are the people from Rolling Wheels in their prize patrol mobile running this show ?
  13. i cancelled my hotel for this event. cant just keep waiting around. im going to work this week. I had planned on using a week of vacation but the lack of info has cancelled that idea . Ill just drain my employer out of $1700 for the week hope everyone enjoys themselves and the race is the best ever.