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  1. Ive seen some things in my life but this topic has gone right off a cliff. Or in laymans terms, its gone as well as a swift driver in Chicago's low bridges.
  2. Who would you get on fridays at utica when your competitors are malta, brewerton, dundee and accord to the south ?
  3. And Bob, dr j is on the list to race. Hes a series regular. Maybe a few others cherry pick too for the $1200
  4. Take your sjw bs somewhere else.
  5. why do you have to be such an ahole ? if someones opinion isn't in line with yours you have to resort to sh like this ?
  6. and once again those with the least in the game continue to make the worst comments ever. if i were a promoter i would see just how low i can go before the teams wont come and then bump it up just enough to the where they will come. id pay like $10 to take the green and 400 to win. id bet id get sheppard, and the rest of the series regulars to come since its not about the money.
  7. Sometimes a voice of reason is what you need to hear.
  8. Keep supporting these peanut paying races. Promoters love the money they dont have to pay out. I cant understand why you would tow all the way to Florida for such putrid purses vacation or not. A lot of you didn't support devils bowl with $10k and now you want to tow 3000 miles round trip for $1200 to win. Keep setting modified and crate sportsman back to the stone ages. And that comment youll race in front of a ton of people means what ? It didnt put anymore money into the purse.
  9. rjo dont you ever listen to tim pitts make the driver annoucements.. everyone has an ughh at the end of there last name. specifically he elongates andy's last name consistently.
  10. Bacccchhhhhheeeeettttttiiiiii uuuugghhhhaaaaa
  11. its the same with the big blocks. 2k to win each night except saturday which is 5k while late models and sprints race for 10k each night. the start money is putrid but like many have said its a vacation and an opportunity to try your equipment out before things unfold in the northeast.
  12. As long as it dont end at 2am monday
  13. i tried raceflix.com i was ok with a few of the races like the july race from bport and the fonda 200 but other than that its a lot of fulton and little of anything else. nice idea but needs a lot more content in order to be worth 99 a year.