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  1. Drink some hemlock. The Dr makes house calls until he decides to turn in his medical license of big block ology
  2. Not if we the fans buy rolling wheels and get it up and running by next year
  3. I'm not driving 5hrs on a Sunday to watch a race and then another 5 back. Many others will share this same thought.
  4. Ive never been to Charlotte and was pondering the idea of going for Saturday of the world finals. is it worth going ?
  5. Where are the internet track prep expert engineers?
  6. I stayed at a holiday inn so now I'm an engineer and set up shop on this forum to espouse engineering principles As far as the diaper, I'm waiting for my caretaker to come over but they are busy reading the engineering topics on dtd.
  7. With the are you an engineer quip is the bs I say is starting in here
  8. Hospital ? Raceproweekly reported he walked away under his own power and was being evaluated by the onsite emts.
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