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  1. how much did you charge for this pr
  2. The closer this race comes to the date of happening the more I get that it may not happen. 45 days until the scheduled race happens. Not 1 ticket sold, camping spot, parking spot, etc. Are the people from Rolling Wheels in their prize patrol mobile running this show ?
  3. i cancelled my hotel for this event. cant just keep waiting around. im going to work this week. I had planned on using a week of vacation but the lack of info has cancelled that idea . Ill just drain my employer out of $1700 for the week hope everyone enjoys themselves and the race is the best ever.
  4. In defense of the owner Chris Larsen, this race on Saturday pays $100,000 to win. Thats double what Oswego pays. Where do you think the money is going to come from besides lap money and sponsors ? I cant do all 3 days but Ill be there Friday and Saturday even if I have to bring that cardboard sign I mentioned earlier to get in.
  5. Im going to work extra overtime every week so I can afford to go. I may even have to get a cardboard sign and hang out on everett rd in albany by the i90 interchange..
  6. The ticketmaster ad for the big country show in August is listed as "House of Power Stadium"
  7. premiumdiesel


    there was a discussion here about how ocfs was named house of power in a thread here not to long ago. btw, seen a post today that says you can most certainly bbq in the drive in section. that was another post here too that said that got outlawed.
  8. yan came to middletown for eastern states so it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.
  9. premiumdiesel

    Best dirt race

    USNA at Malta
  10. williamson has a big block gary lindberg has a big block
  11. where has fuller been running ? he hasn't been on the SDS tour and hasn't made an apperance at Fonda.
  12. hey valleyfan you want to get a room ?
  13. premiumdiesel

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    why would danny travel all the way from Rochester to go to the valley when he can to the home track for sweetners - canandaigua ? If anything go to middletown where 1- it pays 3k a week to win, and 2 they pay the top 35 in points at the banquet, 3- dj vs hearn..
  14. do we expect any canadian invaders to show up ? besides friesen
  15. Heard at the Valley last night he had stents put in his heart. Get well soon. Stents maybe from all the rainouts.. I know bad humor.
  16. when your car is on the trailer broken from front to rear tell me again about that win ?
  17. with track conditions like they are who in their right mind wants to race there ?
  18. allison ricci is going to fonda, horton to bridgeport, stew usually goes to fonda on saturdays.
  19. still not 1 peep about admission costs. Also, just announced for your country music lovers, huge concert on Wednesday night 8/14 https://www.recordonline.com/news/20190604/country-music-star-mcgraw-to-play-at-ocfs-in-august
  20. premiumdiesel

    Pereggo dq?

    still have yet to see perrego in a graham racing car.. whats up with that deal ?