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  1. Interesting discussions. I agree with everyone. Matt Crafton and his team are a great reminder to everyone: "It's very important to know the rules so you know how to play the game." Result = Third championship... “If you race a train to the crossing and it's a tie - you lose.”
  2. The comments from those that didn't attend the race at Outlaw this past Saturday are greatly valued and appreciated. Your insight and hindsight (no pun intended) has given me a new perspective and shed new light (again, no pun intended) on the situation. For myself and those of us that did attend we share a strong common bond with those of you who did not attend - neither of us saw the race. The drive by Alan Johnson from last to second place was truly epic, so I'm told. Until the caution flag, I didn't know if he was even in the race as in addition to not be able to see the track, the public address system had crapped the bed earlier in the day and if not for the roar of the racecars, I wouldn't have known that I was at a racing event. I read the race summary article on the Outlaw Website and it sounds like it was a fantastic day of racing at the Dutch Hoag Open. Respectfully, J. Langford Ratzso
  3. I'm a race fan, but yesterday at Dundee was a challenging day. I've always enjoyed the racing at this facility having attended races there starting in the late 1950's with my father. I'm not posting to place blame, just telling what my day was like. Deciding to get to my money's worth, I parked my butt in the stands starting at 2:00 p.m. and left the racing venue sometime after 11:00 p.m. My butt can't take 9 hours sitting in the stands any more. The dust was there from the start of the heat races but fortunately there was a good breeze that kept clearing the track dust. Then the wind died down. The dust. The dust. I expect to eat some dust on my racetrack hot dog when I go to a dirt track, but at one point the entire track became invisible. There may have been some great racing going on, but I missed it. Just a fact. To me, the highlight and positive part of the event was when the Sportsman drivers had the courage and sense to refuse to race their feature when they realized it was impossible to see going into turn one with the dust and the setting sun causing a total brown out situation. The cheers from the crowd showed the support for what they were doing. I don't what the solution is to reduce the dust... That's for someone else to decide... I will decide if I will go back for another race... J. Langford Ratzso
  4. Excellent point, Bob. Five years ago Bristol had 170,000 fans attend the race. This past weekend there were 462 in attendance.... Would have been 463 if Mr. Googles Pissano had attended. J. Langford Ratzso
  5. Oddly, as the vacant seats appear at each NA$CAR event and the rumors of the sport's decline abound, the stock (International Speedway Corporation) continues to do quite well, trading today at $43.44 per share. Five years ago today, It traded at $32.45. Five years ago, Kodak stock closed at $30.64, today the shares trade at $2.90. Go figure? I think it should be clear that this financial stuff is all done using mirrors and ball bearings... J. Langford Ratzso
  6. I believe the races were held at the Corning, NY War Memorial Stadium, Quarter-Mile track. J. Langford Ratzso.
  7. I like to roller skate and do macaroni art. Last week I did a Diorama of Custer's Last stand using colored pasta. It turned out great.
  8. Some great readin' on these six pages of thoughts from the denizens of DTD. Reading the rules for the World of Outlaws Substance Abuse Policy, it seems clear that only those who desire to participate in events held by this organization need to adhere to the policy. Seems fair. If you don't want to compete, no testing is required. Should Scotty decide to take the Wizz Quiz and pass the multiple tests outlined in the policy, he'll be back in the seat to compete again in motorcar racing with the Outlaws. Seems fair...
  9. Ben-Hur, MCMLIX. Judah Ben-Hur and some local hot shot driver named Messala face off in a winner-take-all chariot race on a flat dirt track. Sold out crowd. Its fan appreciation night. No horsepower limits, track tire rules or tech inspection. During the chariot race, Messala drives a chariot with blades on the hubs to tear apart competing vehicles; he attempts to destroy Ben's chariot, but wrecks his own instead. Messala is fatally injured, (no helmet, seat belts or roll cage) while Judah wins the race. Before dying, Messala tells Judah that "the race is not over." Uhh,.. yeah it is, Messala, you crashed out and Ben is in the winners circle kissing the track queen and thanking his sponsors....
  10. Changing the name of the track to "Not Rolling Wheels" would solve this dilemma.... Ratzso “Gambling isn't a problem unless you are losing.”
  11. Not sure what the debate is about. The sold out crowd, NA$CAR, France Family, broadcast network, advertisers, drivers and car owners don't seem to have any problem with the current get-in-front-and-block to (hopefully) win strategy, so I'm good with watching the sparks fly. It ain't racin' but it's entertaining. My television didn't sustain any collateral damage in any of the, as Jackie Stewart used to refer to them as, shunts. Everyone can now return to their lives until the next restrictor plate race.... That's all I got. Ratzso
  12. Googles Pissano and Glenn are really close friends. In fact, I sometimes wonder if they are really the same person. That said, I wonder if Googles has any thoughts on this? Ratzso “I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey but I turned myself around.”
  13. A thread about nothing seems like the perfect subject for Goggles Pissano to jump in and offer some of his guidance and wisdom? Ratzso “The accepted 'laws of physics' which scientists agree, describe or govern the behavior of the cosmos, do not, of course, apply to goats.”
  14. My real name is J. Langford Ratzso. My great-grandfather was the Vice Emperor of Antarctica. We believe he was originally from New Jersey. My parents were poor sharecroppers and couldn't afford to give me a full first name, so my daddy thought J. was good enough. My close friends call me J. Lang.
  15. Mr. Pissano, sorry to correct you, but I believe you were referring to Unobtainium rather than Titanium. Metallurgy 101 - Titanium is a metric metal so it shows up as kilograms on a scale and needs to be converted using the Mendenhall Order which is 2.2046 avoirdupois pounds equal a kilogram. Unobtainium , on the other hand, does not register on racecar scales. This is probably the source of the confusion... Ratzso “Moral victories are a myth.”
  16. When you multiply any number by 9, then add the resulting digits and reduce them to a single digit, it always becomes a 9. For example, 6 x 9 = 54, reduce 54 to a single digit by adding them together: 5 + 4 = 9. Goggles Pisano has 13 lucky letters in his name. 13 x 9 = 117. 1 + 1 + 7 = 9. What does all this mean to the average race fan? Absolutely nothing.... Ratzso “Genetics and culture explain most things.”
  17. The petition of protest is not purchasing the admission ticket to attend this race....
  18. Any truth to the rumor that Danica will be driving for Uber in 2018? Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care? - Chicago Transit Authority
  19. Question - With the return to DIRTcar in 2018, will there be a necessary increase in the cost of admission to see Matt Sheppard devastate the competition each week? “Never trust an atom, they make up everything.”
  20. "Illegal distributor." Really? Haven't we reached or gone past the rational limit for rules? Help me understand the performance gained from this? Ratzso
  21. Mr. Pissano brings up a great question. Marco and Danica serve a useful purpose and are both critical to the sport of motor car racing. They are both famous for being famous and without them, the winner of the race would have no one to pass and the fans would stay home and do crossword puzzles or watch Cake Boss on the Food Channel. “You can't be part of the elite unless you have someone to look down on.”
  22. Shazbot! Learn something every day. I always thought it was spelled Dikes....
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