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  1. Watching the asphalt race in Canada last summer was well worth the watch of dirt guys trying to run on asphalt. its not something you can see every weekend.
  2. Going to be a great show can not wait! hope to see the 2 in Victory lane!
  3. Higfab12s1023

    Danny Varin

    he was fast and moving but with out that caution to allow him to get to his bumper and Varin's tires to cool off it would have been a different race. Varin was doing well in lap traffic and was rolling the bottom unlike most of the others.
  4. Higfab12s1023

    Danny Varin

    Late race caution defiantly hurt him, like he said after the race just couldn't give up the bottom. Was bad fast for sure
  5. For those of you who left outlaw early before the Street stock race was good one! for most of the race you could throw a blanket over the top 3! The move for the lead about half way mark that the 7 car made was a beauty! The Factory Stock was pretty decent too! Some good full fender racing at outlaw last night.
  6. Jeremy Smith and family owns Smith site development. out if Triangle NY http://www.smithsitedevelopment.com/
  7. C'mon mother nature cooperate with us!
  8. i would say he ran just a bit to hard a bit to quick for a 70 lap event. a 30 lap or even 50 sure he would have been a shot but there were a few other cars that did the same thing. we see this time and time again.
  9. Tommy did he was racing for say with Dave
  10. As a friend and crew member of the 713 i don't think their is a plan for him to be in the car all year. it was just a deal that was hashed out end of last year. They did do some tuning to the car to get it to go better.
  11. Tommy was able to make some good changes to the car from then(Last year) and now and has it rolling a little better. it will cool to see how he does in the car.
  12. No Tommy Collins is he will have is own 02 car.
  13. My picks, mods Costa street stock: Cecce sportsman: Collins IMCA: Morgan Late model Knowles