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  1. C'mon mother nature cooperate with us!
  2. i would say he ran just a bit to hard a bit to quick for a 70 lap event. a 30 lap or even 50 sure he would have been a shot but there were a few other cars that did the same thing. we see this time and time again.
  3. Tommy did he was racing for say with Dave
  4. As a friend and crew member of the 713 i don't think their is a plan for him to be in the car all year. it was just a deal that was hashed out end of last year. They did do some tuning to the car to get it to go better.
  5. Tommy was able to make some good changes to the car from then(Last year) and now and has it rolling a little better. it will cool to see how he does in the car.
  6. No Tommy Collins is he will have is own 02 car.
  7. My picks, mods Costa street stock: Cecce sportsman: Collins IMCA: Morgan Late model Knowles
  8. Going for just the 410 or the 360's also. as of right now i may be heading out for the 360's with a few from this area to race.
  9. First time for an indoor race for myself thought it was a good couple nights of racing the champs carts made for some good features. The 2nd features of the night with the slingshots was interesting. narrow and short track was tough for them. The tq races i thought were good and great at times. I actually like watching them. if i had to take something from it a 5 foot wider track may have mad for a touch better of racing, but with indoor racing you deal with the space you have. The lights going out Friday night made for a long night glad they got them figured out, I have actually been to the races where they had to cancel the rest of the show because the light went out so that was great to see fixed. Low number count for fans in the stands friday but saturday was packed, part of it would be a side effect of having the show that day also. Over great weekend.
  10. still can hold a crate race
  11. Higfab12s1023

    Online coverage

    i could be mistaken but its 39 for a month i got it either way last nights racing was well worth it so far and the big blocks start tonight!
  12. Higfab12s1023

    Volusia Racing On Steriods!

    The Stremme and Strickler rivalry continues!
  13. I remember this and then at a different track an altercation happened between two people involved in that night. Needlees to say that altercation was very entertaining.
  14. car show the same weekend might get more than you think