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  1. Higfab12s1023

    Chris Hile

    Chris has definitely had a solid year! he been right there in some big races. has had a fast car all year. Chris has always been a good clean racer and been there but off just a little bit and now having some results to show for it. For a bit sure the race yesterday i thought he was the second best car to Williamson but he couldn't get around Godown. then it seemed to looking like his tires faded and Anthony was able to get around him and he dropped back but i sure was pulling for him to get to that 2nd spot for a big finish.
  2. Higfab12s1023


    He was sputtering right before the last restart.
  3. Higfab12s1023

    Chassis at SDW?

    Bellinger Bicknell or Troyer?
  4. Higfab12s1023

    Chassis at SDW?

    Varin was in a higfab i don think a pmc made the show there was a couple there and Dkm Horton and constintino.
  5. Higfab12s1023

    CNY ESS Speedweek

    He has it going in the right direction that is for sure! great kid and team and had a couple of bad breaks last year and its good to see him bounce back. Last nights race was defiantly a good one. rare when you see Barney outside the top 5 let alone the top 10 and even more so the top 15 Paulie was lights out and 2nd through 15 were very good cars. some fast close racing all over the track off to Brewerton tonight
  6. Higfab12s1023


    wouldn't say clean by any means he defiantly used mad up going into 1, because max definitely wouldn't have done what he did other wise.
  7. i wish to bad he just missed a little bit
  8. Who wins it? Going to be a first time winner as the former two winners were the same two people.
  9. Saturday night, Colton Wilson and Jeremy smith battling to the very last lap at thunder mountain. both are very fast right now!
  10. who was the other car out?
  11. Like Devin said you forfeit your starting money until you get to the point of position where you are more than what you paid for. like if you start 28th and paid 50 bucks to start and the race pays 50 bucks from 28th to 24th you wont make money till you place better than 24th. the buy in also goes to the first person in line out side of making the show through heats, consi, provisional. so she just happen to be that person. some people take that opportunity and some dont. track time and seat time is what it is cant knock someone for doing it especially going as far as one may go for a series race.
  12. Watching the asphalt race in Canada last summer was well worth the watch of dirt guys trying to run on asphalt. its not something you can see every weekend.
  13. Going to be a great show can not wait! hope to see the 2 in Victory lane!
  14. Higfab12s1023

    Danny Varin

    he was fast and moving but with out that caution to allow him to get to his bumper and Varin's tires to cool off it would have been a different race. Varin was doing well in lap traffic and was rolling the bottom unlike most of the others.