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  1. It absolutely can’t hurt. On a couple of weekly nights having Friesen in the line up too should make the racing interesting.
  2. I would go with a Full Floater suspension on rough track surfaces.
  3. Dale Larsen

    Billy Pauch Sr.

    Billy Pauch is a beast with a heavy right foot ... it never takes him too many laps to figure the fast line around an unfamiliar track.
  4. Just my opinion ... It appears his father has the confidence in his son to step up to the Modified ranks. It also appears his father has enough experience in racing to make that decision. The kid can’t buy a pack of cigarettes until he’s 21 years old. Let him at least enjoy life behind the wheel of a race car. I think it’s a good move.
  5. Thursday’s tentative schedule is for Sportsman qualifying. No set date posted for the ESW Sportsman 50. Friday’s schedule is TBA.
  6. Dale Larsen


    Tap ...Tap ... Tap ... Send
  7. Lol ... there’s no way that surface will provide great racing. Damn it ... disregard. It was a great race
  8. Eagle, the Conspiracy Theory started with you. You claimed the track’s FB page deleted comments and you claimed that this “fact” is because the track had something to hide. I think your theory didn’t last too long. I answered JohnyC’s question. I don’t need a PR firm. I’m not affiliated with the track. I think for a first year effort OCFS has done a great job of creating a decent points payout, new clay which also created less tire wear, a $100,000 to win race and improved overall facilities. Car counts are healthy in all divisions and I’m looking forward to ESW. $21 would have given you 3 nights of racing this season. The track doesn’t need me. They did an awesome job in their first year. That doesn’t mean 2020 can’t be better. I expect constructive criticism and a dose of negative comments too. “Facts” that are not facts don’t need clarification. The best remedy is continue to give it 100% and move forward.
  9. I’m not associated with OCFS. No need for a PR firm. Eagle brings up some great Conspiracy Theories that are worth reading and it almost sounds like he’s using facts until ....
  10. Fake news ... lol. I’m enjoying your Conspiracy Theories too much. Why do you think admission is only $1? Why is the points fund so high? Why does Friesen run Fonda if he’s sponsored by Halmar? Why would the track favor Hilfiger if this is his first year running OCFS? We need you Eagle to get to the bottom of this. Where are you sitting tonight? 1st turn, 4th turn? Let me know Brother
  11. Delete to cover up? .... lol. You really have no clue. That DQ for an Invitational Sportsman Race was a costly $2000. Eagle, You might want to read comments and language and decide for yourself what is appropriate and what should stayed posted. I’m rooting for you!
  12. Dale Larsen

    Dippel suspended

    Well played ... looks like you used the common method of a sledgehammer and two railroad spikes to impale Dippel’s palms to that cross. Amen Brother ... lol.