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  1. I watched Friesen make contact with the 2nd turn wall, stayed on the gas and continued to attempt one more late race charge. Didn’t even know the Yellow came out because of the brief wall contact until after the race. Buffalino’s spin out was impressive and absolutely needed a yellow
  2. I like your math ... OCFS Saturday’s 8-10-19 regular show drew 40 Modified drivers. I think you’re going to have to sharpen your pencil . Lol
  3. Added to a Small Block, Sportsman and Street Stock Program. OCFS also dropped admission price the second time this season to $10. Free for Fire and EMS personnel
  4. I didn’t know rescheduling a DIRT series event was so easy. Guess it must happen all the time. The plan is two major events over the course of 3 days.
  5. Bob, you’re 100% correct ... with the addition of clay at the beginning of July it will only get better
  6. Mr. xYz, I think your “inside information” is a little off from center. You want to start a post about protesting. Check out the track’s purse structure and then let me know how you think there’s no effort to make the track better and that driver’s are not appreciated. You might be surprised what a 7th place finish pays out. Opinions are one thing but posting about hoping you can create a financial hardship on a track is not really constructive. Good luck on your mission
  7. Two Modified features and two Sportsman features. Each division has a held over feature from Saturday’s program
  8. Right ... the #44 of Perrego was the first car walking into the Bldg. Next car was the Small Block Champion’s car. There was a third car after that one ( can’t remember exactly who’s car). If this is “top billing” then no Halmar car took up this real estate. You’re right... no need to keep it going.
  9. Top Billing? Where does this thought come from ?... it’s a surprise to a race fan that Halmar sponsored cars may actually park next to each other. Thanks for the humor about where Hearn chose to park his race car ... he should have left a cover over it just to mess with you some more.
  10. In the old “ I Love Lucy” show they would take a upstate vacation to Westchester. There’s Upstate , North Country, Western NY and The Power Lines of Buffalo
  11. I use my real name to make posts ... too lazy to be creative. I’m not an employee of OCFS. You’re thinking of Chris Larsen. I’m just looking forward to OCFS Opening Night’s 71 lap race in honor of Carl “Fuzzy” Van Horn.
  12. Horton’s 2017 Championship was worth $10,000. A multi millionaire “hundreds of times over”? Not sure where people get their info but it is entertaining
  13. $40,000 for the Modified Championship. 2nd Place $20,000 and 3rd Place in Points $10,000
  14. I thought the two SDS events I went to had a solid car count and a healthy turn out of spectators. Running the complete tour is not financially affordable for most drivers but it's cool to see the local talent mix it up with the tour drivers
  15. Dale Larsen

    Tyler Dippel

    Same equipment .... Halmar/ Friesen Racing Team utilizes GMS support. Dippel will drive for GMS. Dippel is 18 years old and it will be great to see him mix it up with the Truck series regulars in an extremely competitive truck with top notch GMS personnel