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  1. 22racingteam

    Pereggo dq?

    I’m surprised nobody hasn’t said they DQ’ed him so Hearn could get the point lead 🤣
  2. Looks like they can’t catch a break this season either.
  3. Scott was that your dad that won the 50/50?
  4. So first you said charging $1 wouldn’t make a difference in attendance now you say let’s see what the attendance looks like next week? Make up your mind🤣 it was GREAT to see all the people there but it was even better to see how many kids where there. Families that haven’t been there in years where there, and I think that was the goal. Kids are the future of this sport and for a family of 4-5 to be able to come and check it out for $5 was a big deal i got in for $2 for me and my son instead of $22, by the end of the night I think I spent more money at the track then I have all season as we decided to eat dinner at the track as well
  5. 22racingteam

    Rocky wins fonda

    Oh boy, lets just say you weren’t even close to being right🤣. By far the most fans at fonda sense the first thunder race which was over 20 years ago. 50/50 over $4000.
  6. And who said charging $1 wouldnt increase the crowd last week? I think they said $11 wasn’t the problem. Well think again. By far the most fans that fonda has had sense the first thunder race. I would have to think even after losing $10 a person at the gate at the end of the night that was probably Brett’s most profitable night of the season so far. I don’t know that for sure just a guess on my part. If so maybe we will see another $1 or even a $5 night in the future all in all a great night. The track was MUCH better this week imo. 2-3 grooves of racing. Great job to Brett and the rest of the fonda staff
  7. So double mod features this week or just the held over race?
  8. I agree no doubt. I was just saying track conditions drives fans away after a while. I would have been pissed if I was at ocfs this week. I wasn’t happy with what I seen at fonda Saturday but your right I atleast seen a race at the end of the night
  9. I funny thing is most are saying the same thing. The track was garbage. I bring up a bad racing surface about another track and I’m the ahole. It’s “springtime racing, to much rain, etc etc etc. and from what I read sense week 1 to now a lot of fans have already been not returning exactly what I’m concerned about with my home track I wish ocfs the best. And if they ever decide to stop doing timed hot laps and everyone runs a heat race I will make a few trip but until then I will only make the 200
  10. Show was over halfway. No different then any other track that gets rained out mid show. Only difference is it didn’t rain. Double features you get to pay again. Great for the ones that didn’t go and now get 2 races for the price of 1
  11. If this was about fonda he would complain that there is 4-5 different fonda topics. Sometimes you just can’t win
  12. 22racingteam

    Rocky wins fonda

    Agree. I expect to see the biggest crowd in YEARS this coming week and I hope it’s a huge success. For $1 I might even get my wife to go. She hasn’t gone to a race in about 10 years
  13. 22racingteam

    Rocky wins fonda

    Like I said blast away. Lol. Im sorry I don’t enjoy a night out just because they got a show in. I was just offering a little advise. Like I said jmo but a track like that is why the fans stopped going in the past and I don’t want to see it happen again. Also didn’t realize a 50/50 made the race better but thank you.
  14. 22racingteam

    Rocky wins fonda

    Tell that to a family of 5. $55 and this week cost them $5 That’s a pretty big deal in the fonda area.
  15. 22racingteam

    Rocky wins fonda

    I don’t care what the weather is. After 3 laps of pro stock warmups a track shouldn’t be black and dusty already. That tells me that track wasn’t tore up after last week However im going to give him a pass on last night as I didn’t realize that Heroux had quit doing the track prep after opening day. Hopefully Brett can find someone with experience to do it.