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  1. 22racingteam

    malta weekend

    $9 more for a reserved seat? Wow. Nope I will sit on the 3rd row instead of the top 2 rows. $35 for a 10k win race. I guess fonda’s Admission is a steal next week compared to this
  2. 22racingteam

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    That is so true. Now drivers want to know how much u get for taking the green and what 10th pays.
  3. That’s the part I don’t understand when they blame it on tires. U where going to have to buy new tires either way. Idk maybe I just don’t understand that part. Maybe a few drivers can reply to get me to understand the logic
  4. Maybe someone can help me understand. Now I get the motor rule is keeping some away but the big blocks have run good and won a lot of races this year against those big small blocks at fonda. Why is it drivers figure they can’t compete against them? Now the other question is tires. We hear all the time this driver or that driver isn’t coming because this track is American racers and this one is Hoosiers. Now that to me would make sense on a regular show. However this is a 200 lap race. So those guys that won’t come because of tires would have come if the race was Hoosiers? What where they planning on doing running old used tires? Maybe I’m wrong but wouldn’t u need 2-3 sets of brand new tires regardless of the brand? What I’m I missing?
  5. Hearn, decker, Friesen, Perrego, fuller, Warner, Sheppard, Mahaney, Bachetti, Drellos, Doctor , Gular, DeLorenzo who else
  6. 22racingteam

    malta weekend

    I see Stew ran a coni. Did they not end up letting him take Hearn’s spot? Hopefully that was the case. Allowing fill in drivers is the dumbest thing I have ever seen allowed in dirt racing.
  7. He picked a off week this year and then LoL scheduled against him.
  8. 22racingteam

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    I absolutely agree. Maybe not forcing them but definitely asking them to stay away.
  9. Honestly this is really starting to look ugly. 36 cars start and it’s looking like 36 is about all that will even show up. Looking like a regular Saturday night feild with 5-8 invaders.
  10. Anything from the Pauch’s? Ryan Watt ? I know after his first ever visit he was thinking about it
  11. 22racingteam

    malta weekend

    Friesen will be there tonight filling in for Hearn
  12. Will RJ come back to fonda? Would be nice to see him make a return but I’m not counting on it
  13. Hearn, decker, Friesen, Perrego, fuller, Warner, Sheppard, Mahaney, Bachetti, Drellos, Doctor