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  1. I just read on Facebook that Lucas Wolfe has multiple compression fractures to his back from that flip.
  2. They paid $1500 to win each. I wouldn’t say that’s terrible. I believe fonda pays $2300 on a normal 30 lap race
  3. That just means if stew is willing to pay and bring sponsorship with him he can drive the car a few times. No different then the rest of the guys that have been driving his car
  4. Unless you have the ESS most tracks in NY struggle to get a full feild of sprinters
  5. Ya I remember the night kinser won and got $10k and him saying crap the 50/50 winner gets more then me
  6. If I recall that was the man reason why the outlaw drivers always hated going there. The speed of the 410’s are unbelievable there but it’s not really ever much of a race. However when it was the WoO the place was jammed pack.
  7. 22racingteam


    Totally agree. Honestly like I always say if that’s the kind of tracks we are going to have u might as well have the crate Sportsman be the headliner division. Why waste $40k on a motor that does nothing but spin a tire.
  8. So we want to turn it into the xifinty series and have a bunch of start and parks show up?
  9. The problem with the 410’s at the valley is your not bringing your 360 sprint there where a lot of the other races some local 360’s show up and fill out the feild.
  10. Bid difference between the WoO and the all-stars imo. Sure some say they put on a better show but the outlaws draw the fans.
  11. 22racingteam

    Fulton Finish

    I I call BS too. I keep hearing how dry slick tracks produce better racing yet they had fast track and it sounds like it was there best race of the year 🤷‍♂️
  12. 22racingteam


    I would be paying the $30 no doubt myself
  13. You do realize they have 24 cars at a track that doesn’t run mods weekly. So they have no weekly guys there. All invaders.
  14. 22racingteam

    Fulton Finish

    Would you say it was the “best race of the year “ at Fulton?