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  1. I love that they had 16 in the redraw. Back in the day redraws always where 18 but at some point it became 12. Sounds like there was a ton of cars with a lot of passing. Has there been a modified race anywhere this year with more then 87 cars?
  2. Run it against the world finals. $35,000 to win or go travel 12 hours to race for peanuts
  3. So teams having to buy tires I guess isn’t the reason then? Hmmmm
  4. Maybe $10,000 is better then $53,000? I don’t know I wasn’t much of a math student
  5. 87 cars!!! You know what that is? That’s a lot of cars with big small blocks that had to buy AR tires 🤣
  6. So stew is leaving His ride? And now going back to Teo ?
  7. Personally if he retires I think it is HUGE NEWS. Sense I was a kid I was always a huge Dave Lape and Brett Hearn fan. I can say I’m a semi regular At best now at fonda now that he doesn’t race, and I ever missed a race at fonda the same will be true once Hearn calls it a career. I might hit a few End of the year big shows a year but I can’t see myself going to Malta or a SDS event if he isn’t there. Yeah he isnt a threat to win like he once was but he is still the reason I go to the track.
  8. I totally agree. I have seen a lot of drivers hang on for to long. But I get both sides. It’s in there blood. Personally I hope I haven’t watched Bretts last race
  9. I hear what your saying but to say what class brought in more money is totally not true. You think the sportsman car made them more money? Car wise sure. Take the mods out of it and u get what 10% of the fans to show up.
  10. Reading the article in area auto sounds like Hearn is retiring at season end? Or maybe just running a limited schedule? he was quoted as saying it would have been pretty embarrassing to not qualify in your last one with all the success he has had in this event
  11. After the race I brought my son in the pit to meet Brett. I told Brett you win everytime my son comes to Fulton with me, Brett smiles looks at my son and says so how did you like your first race at Fulton. Then looked at me and said I hope u 2 will be back next season 🤣 unfortunately we have not been back to the Fulton 200 sense.
  12. People are complaining about a dry slick track and now we want to bring in sprint cars 🤣
  13. Think there was only what 4 fonda mod drivers there. More would have gone but they didn’t have Hoosiers. They would have gone if they could have used there old AR tires 🤣 or maybe Deyo asked them to stay away . Maybe he said why support a series that won’t support u
  14. 2 laps to open the pits and 2-3 laps to let them pit. I don’t see what more time they need. Is OCFS on a mile? Do they run 10-12 laps under yellow for every caution
  15. I would just love to hear DIRT’S thinking on why they thought it would be a good idea making drivers drive around a track for 4 laps with a flat before they could go in
  16. Well if they didn’t take 4 laps to open the pits it should only take 1-2 laps u could have it wrapped up in 4 laps anyways
  17. What does live pit stops have to do with it? If a driver gets a flat or spins out there is going to be yellows no matter what.
  18. I could be wrong but I believe the reason for not opening the pits for 4 laps was because after 4 laps the laps where frozen. U then could pit and didn’t matter how long u where in there u wouldnt lose a lap. But either why it was a freaking joke. A guy spins out and we are under yellow for 5-8 minutes
  19. Oh please don’t take a break at the halfway make. 🤦‍♂️ Pit stops are what makes these 200’s exciting and different. It makes it a team race
  20. But that wasn’t the problem. They ran 4 laps under yellow everytime until they opened the pits. Then another 3-5 laps while cars pitted. So every caution they ran 8-10 laps under yellow. Absolutely no reason they had to wait 4 laps to open the pits
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