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  1. I like the idea and plan on going. As mentioned, it’s unclear the costs. Is it per night, weeks pass? Etc. I won’t pay 39 for a night that’s for sure. I do worry the attendance will be small. Maybe I’ll be surprised and it will bring a lot of new interested people? We shall see.
  2. Put the monster trucks in the carrier dome and you have 30,000 +. “no one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded”
  3. Wondering information on the track as I never been. Do haulers park in middle and if so, are views limited? race rules- is it pit stops or halfway break? Qualifying for heats based on time or draw? thanks!
  4. 6 feet with the pits and the food lines, and the bathrooms, and the Ticket booth and the.... I want to go racing too, but realistic they don’t even know about the nba, so we aren’t going anywhere soon.
  5. Wow. The strangest topic I ever thought I’d say. I think it will be August. These tracks are not going to run with no fans. It’s all or nothing. But this could make for one of the craziest falls!
  6. Can someone explain the coil car. What exactly do they mean rather than bars? Also, is it to the point where teams will need a coil car, and a car on bars?
  7. Sheppard has a bicknell. Sheppard is fast. Be like Sheppard
  8. This is over exposure? But then we debate these next questions- How come car counts are down? Where are the fans? No one want to be sponsors anymore? Why do racetracks close? Where are the high purses. I'm not affiliated with the Vlog at all other than a viewer, but some of the comments towards it have me confused.
  9. hmm. We won't agree here. I highly doubt the other drivers have a problem lol.
  10. It's her vlog. She tells it from her side. What am I missing here? These Vlogs 1000000% help the sport.
  11. I drive overnight, lot less traffic. Requires a good nap once I get there though ha
  12. From the vlog, Mahaney and Williamson talked after. Williamson said he "wrecked Mahaney due to a Fulton 200 incident, and wouldn't get out of his way" Wins a couple races, and now hes going to do this when he doesn't win.
  13. Any ideas heard of what will happen with the weather forecasted? Monday rain date? Can they do everything on Saturday? Come back another weekend?
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