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  1. who is going? How many we expect to see?
  2. And we're going racing?! Whose going up north?
  3. just so everyone knows it is a day race. Dont come on here the next day and say there was dust. It starts in the day. its not their fault. If only outlaw would fly a plane with a banner over the track.
  4. Justracing44

    Aluminum block

    Exactly. You see it in small block. Bring a W16 in onecar and a 358 in another
  5. Justracing44

    Aluminum block

    No heavy block is going to watch a 450 lb block go win and not do anything about it. One win on coils and everyone already had a coil car on the ready. Am I wrong?
  6. Justracing44

    Aluminum block

    But then you have all existing teams running out having to buy one?
  7. 450 lb aluminum block possible by super dirt car? just say no.....
  8. Justracing44

    Rocky and Jake

    kind of wish dave didnt go 358 now......
  9. Justracing44

    CanAm opening

    Guess Ill bring my ice fishing stuff!
  10. Is there a time set for this race yet? Day racing is tough, but cold at night :)
  11. Justracing44


    thats a bad rumor lol.
  12. Justracing44

    Can-Am SDS

    well 60 degrees tomorrow. that can certainly help!
  13. Justracing44

    Can-Am SDS

    Potentially fast drying land up there?
  14. Wait what. How do you expect everyone to get their share if not?
  15. I don't see any instance where sheppard or rudolph think they cant win the points lol