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  1. People are upset about the advertisements. we follow a sport that each car is announced as “the Bicknell chassis, Intergra racing shocks, Hoosier racing tire, Napa oil, extreme lubricants, Keizer wheels, number 91…. Etc. advertisement is our sport. It helps keep flo racing price lower than it could be without
  2. My bad. Sorry - thought it was interesting. Maybe we talk about getting rolling wheels back open again?! Is super dirt week 2023 there?
  3. Curious thoughts from Georgetown on the restart. It wasn’t the aggressive dippel bump, but slid him off the track costing the lead.
  4. This really isn’t that much damage. Gonna have to fix yes, but it’s not terrible
  5. So what was the difference from Oswego with Britten/dippel and Williamson/godown in tonight’s races ? Pretty similar to me?
  6. Never been- if I sit in the regular grandstand, can you see around the haulers in the infield?
  7. In my opinion the move didn’t need to happen then. He should of let off and go at it again another lap. On the other side, he’s the reason I didn’t fall asleep towards the end of the race. After the incident did anyone watch him work through the field. He was the only car to pass and I thought he would have another chance at the lead of cautions fell right
  8. I would have feel asleep if it wasn’t for dipp Where was this?
  9. Appears a couple holes are developing. Anyone there that can talk more of the conditions?
  10. How are the camping sights/pits looking? Lots of rain today
  11. Not sure Facebook is the only problem. I’ve had to swift through many trump/Biden comments on here just trying to see what kind of engine someone won with
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