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  1. Justracing44

    Big show 11

    assuming Decker and Wight will be there too?
  2. Justracing44

    Utica Rome Cole Cup

    so. first things first. the 10 minute intermission where the ESS crews came out onto the track and worked on the cars in front of everyone was great. Neat to see, really bring the experience of the pits to the average fan, which ultimately grows the sport. but 11pm modified feature start. come on, its Sunday.
  3. Justracing44

    Utica Rome Cole Cup

    2 hours, 40 min in... no features yet, headed to intermission.
  4. Justracing44


    I'm out. Ill pay $12.00 and watch hard racing for 35 laps somewhere else. Maybe grab a hotdog. then decided what to do with the remaining $$
  5. Won’t be attending. I’ve been fooled before there. Limit classes on work nights. 4:30 am comes early.
  6. Justracing44

    Fonda Speeedway

    the guy that pays $12.00 only to get in and wants bent race cars is typically the same guy that wants 1st place to pay $10,000 and 2nd place only $200 blah blah if you want participation trophys blah blah send unqualified cars home blah why are car counts down? "
  7. Is this still on? If so, how many mods expecting?
  8. Cant wait. I have yet to see a lap this year anywhere, The nights it doesn't rain, couldnt make it
  9. Last 10’laps wow. If you spin a lap car, on purpose, in your way, I get it, but should t you go to the back?
  10. no favoritism to me on this one
  11. Tough one to decide this weekend. Fonda is closer to me with the big race, but fulton is SDS.
  12. Justracing44

    Fulton SDS

    any field without sheppard is considered a "weaker" field in my opinion.