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  1. Just let me know when it is REALLY SAFE to go back into the water?
  2. I guess he will be racing a lot of sprint car races when ever we all get back to our everyday lives.
  3. You people that want to see late models, go down to Charlotte for the World Finals. There will be 70+ l/m there for that weekend. And for a 3 day race weekend it will cost you less than it will for Super Dirt Week, $100 for a ticket and that includes a pit pass with your ticket purchase. Also, don't forget the 410 sprint cars and the big block modifieds are on the program.
  4. Tracks that run multi divisions should condense their race program by running just features for some of the support classes and starting time pushed back an hour.Most likely you will make the race fans happy and they can get the hell out of there at a decent time.
  5. After the bullshit that took place for the SSTS race I have had enough of that place. Siri tries but first you better know what you are doing and he sure the hell don't know how to be a good promoter and a race track operator.Glad I missed that mess.
  6. Lets hope for the best weather wise.Just in case,Bob, have your rain coat ready. The forecast is not looking good for Saturday night.
  7. Intellicast weather is showing that the rain dies down after 3:00 pm and partly cloudy skies at Outlaw Speedway.Maybe there is a chance they can get their opener in?
  8. I remember when Will Cagle and Richie Evans won all the time and the fans bitched but you know what,the fans were right back there the next week to see if they could be beat.
  9. Saturdays weather calls for only a 20% chance of rain but with cold temps and strong winds will make colder than a well diggers ass in the Klondike!!!
  10. Back when I would go to 3 to 5 races a week I took a lady to the races on a warm Saturday night.Her reply about that night was ''that was fun,what are we going to do next week?'' Well guess what,she did not like the idea of doing that every week. This is my 56th year going to the races so why stop now!!!
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