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  1. John Williams

    The all New Fonda

    Don't let it happen again.
  2. John Williams


    Except East Windsor 🤣
  3. Jesus Christ this God damn thread really went to Hell. Lord have mercy.....
  4. Not qualifying last saturday probably helped them make the decision.
  5. So are landlines, VCR's, and mullets.
  6. John Williams


    Fake news! They did so! They painted the railroad ties yellow that separate the turn 4 and front stretch bleachers!
  7. John Williams

    Aluminum block

    I happen to think your posts do have value...
  8. John Williams

    Aluminum block

    Don't be so hard on yourself Bob. Perhaps everyone around you had better hunting equipment or they were cheating.
  9. I heard on Fox News that admission is free because the Mexicans are paying it.
  10. Says the guy posting bullshit on a message board.....
  11. John Williams

    Dr. In the 66

    Thanks for clearing that up. Wasn't sure if you were a fan or not beforehand.
  12. Leaf spring on the right.
  13. It was on Facebook, duh.