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  1. Sounds like you need one of her tampons.
  2. New York tracks : shit holes Sincerely, Tim Fuller
  3. That's how I like my women, too.
  4. Now it's a threesome!
  5. John Williams

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    Mind if I order my tickets now for the bashing?
  6. It's always a great race when CVD doesn't win!
  7. Tim has a ride. Junkyard Gene has plenty of cars in the stable for him.
  8. Topless spectators would be more entertaining.
  9. We respect it, we just don't fall in love with it.
  10. John Williams

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    Foster is currently out buying sugar to coat this one.
  11. John Williams

    Fonda Speeedway

    What's wrong with sending unqualified cars home?