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  1. John Williams

    Brett Hearn

    Richard Petty
  2. My favorite race was at Penn National when Richie Tobias took the hauler out for a few laps.
  3. So which one of you that replied was the race director of SDW?
  4. Do the tent campers ever complain, or is it just the RV folks?
  5. Always picking on the little guy!
  6. Either way, you'll still find something to bitch about.
  7. John Williams

    Chassis at SDW?

    They're all Bicknell.
  8. Hell, might not be anyone watching now......
  9. John Williams

    Outlaw 200

    Professional live streaming, duh.
  10. Big Diamond on Friday Grandview on Saturday Penn National on Sunday 😎
  11. John Williams

    Outlaw 200

    I'll always remember a stock black 80's Camaro trying to drive up the cliff in the parking lot. Good times.
  12. John Williams

    Fonda 200

    Excuse me Sir, where does the line start to kiss his ass?
  13. John Williams

    Fonda 200

    How ya doing buddy? Are you gonna be okay?
  14. Jesus Christ......here we go......