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  1. While you're at it tell us what the Kardashians are up to.
  2. Yeah man. If they want it to be your business they would make a video about it. 😬
  3. He might wanna leave the Simple Green at the shop this time around.
  4. John Williams

    Billy Pauch Sr.

    That's not all they show
  5. No, but he might turn into a Danica. 🙃
  6. Some of you guys are just jealous.....
  7. John Williams

    Land of Legends 2020 streaming

    If you can watch it on a laptop without buffering, then an hdmi cable from that laptop to a TV should not buffer. The TV would just be a monitor. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your scenerio.
  8. So your friend is Sheppard9s?
  9. Because the adults racing are always fully developed and reasonable......
  10. Only this board is obsessed with Sheppard and how much money he wins.
  11. John Williams

    Land of Legends 2020 streaming

    It's 2020. No excuses.
  12. John Williams

    Land of Legends 2020 streaming

    Watching on a laptop just isn't the same as watching on a TV.
  13. I heard Florida has more trailer parks than any other state.
  14. That press release is considered fake news by the ARRA.
  15. Mehhh, that's not really big news in the sprint car world. The bigger news is Bryant Paver is tackling the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour in 2020.
  16. If Bayko says it isn't big news then it isn't big news. Get with the program, son.