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  1. Wasn't everyone on here talking shit on him last year?
  2. They do the same thing here in PA for the 410's. It's like going to a Led Zeppelin concert and leaving after Simon & Garfunkel opens for them.
  3. I here I thought Ace Lane joined the team.....
  4. John Williams

    Turn 1,2,3 or 4

    I'd say left turns with the front wheels turning right.
  5. So his name is Danny Johnson......
  6. Fosters future plans for the Doctor....
  7. John Williams

    Brett Hearn?

  8. Except the cars don't need new rub rails and sheet metal after each race.
  9. John Williams

    Brett Hearn?

    Here ya go....
  10. John Williams

    Brett Hearn?

    I'm not sure which is more impressive......Bretts 900+ wins, or the 900+ times you've talked about him.
  11. Would he have been allowed to race there?
  12. That's a shame. The place was awesome as long as you didn't mind leaving looking like a coal miner.
  13. Howard won because Gular wasn't there🙃
  14. Apparently you only watched Bob McCreadie then.....
  15. It does if your name is Sheppard9s or Foster
  16. John Williams

    From OCFS —-

    Busy day. Working on it!
  17. Great work, Detective!