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  1. Rumor I heard was the possibility of running 8 or so races for richard childress' xfinity team next year. Halmar would sponsor those races on the car, I think. Just a rumor though, I have absolutely no clue. I do know that they have a #2 car that is run full time by Tyler Reddick (who is in the championship 4 and has won 5 races this year) and the #21 that has been run part time by at least five drivers this year. I just wonder if the Halmar team is looking to take baby steps in moving up again, or if they are done with running Nascar full time and are letting Stew run whatever his 8 favorite races are with a new challenge.
  2. Some people will pick at anything. He obviously has a whole team that helps him set up for each race. As a team, they made a mistake. He would be the first one to tell you how much of a help his crew guys are to him. But instead, let's stick with the narrative he's a terrible guy and allude to the fact that he's blaming this situation on his team. From the interactions I've had with him, it seems like he will give it to you straight and without sugar coating it (there's a pretty good recent example at a big event where he doesn't mince words). If he was going to blame it on someone else, I have a feeling he'd say something like "a member of our crew made a calculation error". Could he have taken all the blame? Sure. But I don't see why he has to, unless he was given advice by his team to run at a heavier weight and decided to go against their suggestion.
  3. I get that you are defending the track because of your relation, it makes sense. But I don't think people have to run a race track in order to see that things were not well run the night of the big race. Do you believe that it was well organized and ran correctly? I didn't go, so I'm not going to attack anybody as I didn't hear any announcements from the bleachers like other posters here. But from what I can tell, nothing went smoothly. Do you think Matt acts differently if there aren't cameras? From talking to him a few times before and after different races, I think he acts the same way regardless, but I'm not going to pretend that I know him well enough to be sure about that. Everyone besides you seems to be on one side of the aisle on this issue, so I'm by no means attacking you, I just am curious and want to know your point of view. Thanks.
  4. I don't think this matters. It's a dirtcar rule, so it has nothing to do with what state he purchased or used it in. I could be wrong though. Also, even if all the states were to legalize it, it doesn't mean that dirtcar has to change their rules. Pretty sure they could still drug test for it and penalize a driver for using it.
  5. Congrats to Max. If Nascar is the route he wants to go, I hope he climbs up the ladder! Anyone know what happened with his truck deal last year? When he signed the deal with Niece Motorsports I thought he was supposed to get 4 races in the truck and as far as I know he only ran Eldora. Was it a sponsorship $ issue? Watched a few of the truck races at the end of last year and saw other drivers in the 38 that I thought he was supposed to be in.
  6. Unless I am not understanding the initial post, the question was asked who was the best driver in the modified division this year, so all of the other kinds of racing (midgets, late models, NASCAR) shouldn't be a part of the equation. If only we had a series or two where we could have many of the top drivers consistently run against each other to determine who is the best... Rudolph had a great year, Larry had an outstanding end of the year, Friesen was a threat any time he wasn't racing the truck series. But only one driver was in the top 5 of both of the North and South Regions of the STSS (would have won the south if it didn't conflict with SDS on the 10/12 race), and on top of that, he won the SDS Championship. I would think if you are trying to figure out who the best driver of modifieds in the northeast this past season, it would be that guy.
  7. Not a great look on Matt's part when talking about Sheppard9s, but pretty much every single one of us would be lying if we said we've never said anything or texted anything about someone that we wouldn't want them to see, especially when we expect it to be a private conversation. Plus, we don't know what lead up to that in the conversation and if the other person tried to get that response out of him. Still not the best look when that person obviously supports you.
  8. Great point, he's fallen fast. It will probably be a better race without him anyways, wouldn't want him holding up the leaders! Where is he in the SDS standings now anyways? (And before you tell me that Friesen is much better, which I probably agree with, that would still put him in second and I'm under the impression that a top 3 driver in the region is still pretty "super")
  9. What exactly are they having to wait for? Hasn't Matt won 6 of the last 8 SDS championships......? Hasn't Stew won more races than anybody in the SDS this year? Rudolph is ahead of Danny in the standings. Max is right there with him. I guess I get what you're trying to say, but I think you're holding on to the past a little too tightly. The younger guys are here now and performing just as well if not better than the veterans. They don't have to wait for anything.
  10. Pocono, Dover and Indianapolis are the 3 not owned by ISC or SMI
  11. This is just such a dumb response that I wonder if you are doing this on purpose to piss people off. If someone wants to throw a nerf football before a race while they are hanging with friends and family then they must be some kind of loser who didn't make a team? Maybe I'm different from others but I could not care less what anybody else wants to do before, during or after the race as long as it doesn't have an affect on me. Why should I look down on someone because they want to have a good time with friends? Are we getting back to that stupid "I'm a better race fan than others because ________" topic that was on here awhile ago? Congrats, you're the best race fan! You win!
  12. Matt and any driver you don't like is supposed to be good enough to go around the lapped cars. If it is a driver you like, then they are allowed to move them. Those are the rules apparently.
  13. What exactly would keep the grandfather clause going? Would it have to be an official event? Or if a couple drivers just put some laps in would that satisfy it for another year? I know a lot of work would have to be done even for that, just hoping that there is some way this track survives.
  14. Didn't they have some modified and double sportsman feature show last summer? One time the sportsmen qualified and raced on Hoosier and the other time on American Racers? I was at that show and there weren't many modifieds and if I remember correctly it was a pretty weak show (I think I remember it being the most boring race I went to last summer). I think it was after the Sheppard/Wight incident at UR because Sheppard broke and I remember a group of Larry fans cheering their heads off when he was getting towed to the pits! I also remember that there was some promotion based on both the number of cars and number of fans and I don't think they reached either number. I hate to see Rolling Wheels look like this.
  15. dirt54

    Tim fuller

    I wanted to recreate this and change the dynamic a little bit. I think each year there is base group that attends a majority of the races so here is a year by year view of amount that starts a majority of the features. It probably isn't fair to count out guys that might miss either due to missing Canadian races or having some kind of circumstance occur where they were in attendance but couldn't participate in the feature. Again, I don't know exact info so I'm just going by the numbers. 2011 - 9 races, 13 drivers started 5 or more races 2012 - 14 races, 14 drivers started 7 or more races 2013 - 16 races, 14 drivers started 11 or more races 2014 - 18 races, 16 drivers started 12 or more races 2015 - 24 races, 13 driver started 16 or more races 2017 - 27 races, 13 drivers started 21 or more races 2018 (so far) - 11 races, 13 drivers started 7 or more races Now you can see both how many started every feature in a season and how many were likely in attendance for almost all the races. Again, I don't know if this is either bad or good. Just wanted to throw some numbers out there.