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  1. I think there probably were as many at that time and throughout history. It's just that the people you likely came in contact with had some sort of connection to you. And because of that, there was a mutual respect for the relationship. Whether it be due to a work connection, living in the same towns, having the same hobbies, etc. Now with social media and the connectivity of the internet, you have the ability to be in contact with a ton of people who honestly don't care at all about you. And because of that, they are willing to say whatever they want and not fear the consequences. People have been living/working/surrounding themselves with mostly people they align with in opinions since the beginning of communities. Now we are bringing together people from all over the country, the many different cultures and upbringings that have shaped their vision of the world and their country in their own minds and opinions. And a lot of time, these things clash. This forum is a perfect example. The political sides that have shown themselves on this message board would likely have never happened before this connection. The guys arguing back and forth here, would have only been able to communicate at the race track. And because of that, they'd likely have talked racing and come away from it enjoying each other's company and communication. They'd have thought, "that's a good guy right there" when I would be shocked if they thought that now. In fact, it wouldn't shock me if some of these people arguing back and forth on here have crossed paths before without knowing. But the message boards give an avenue for these things to take place and for you to see opinions (both that you agree and disagree with) from across the country. I think there are still a lot of good people out there. And many more that would help you with whatever they could. But at the same time, they most likely wouldn't be afraid to put whatever opinions they have that benefit themselves out there on the internet for everyone to see.
  2. I think you need to cut the moderators a little slack here. They can't spend all day on here choosing which comments to delete or what threads to lock and as a group, we've shown to be unwilling to stop politics from infesting every other thread on here. The alternative is just shutting down the forum and I (and I think most people) don't want that. I understand it's frustrating. I know I put my opinions out there when nothing was going on, but ever since local racing started back up I've tried to stay out of the politics. But to put the blame on the moderators for the people posting about politics seems wrong.
  3. I know it was a debate born out of another topic, but something I've always wondered as I've never been behind the wheel and never thought to ask a driver, how visible are the flags from the flagman to the drivers? At some of these tracks I look at where the flag stand is relative to the track and I wonder if it is difficult for the drivers to see. Especially the flag that comes out for the lapped cars to move over for the leaders. Can they see that/do they actually look for it during a race? I would think if you are looking up at the flagman every lap it would definitely slow you down on the track.
  4. Unfortunately as people became used to social media and public forums, I think they feel less of a reason to act with decency as 1) it is hard to get traced back to them 2) they feel as though their opinions on everything actually matter and 3) they likely don't know or won't ever meet the people they are talking to. It has now exposed the fact that most humans don't really care about other humans that can't directly impact their lives in a positive manner.
  5. Stewart-Haas makes sense in NASCAR as Kyle can run with Haas on his hood. I could see that happening, but what about Tony expanding his WOO Sprint team and putting Larson in it? Then he would have Schatz and Larson running for the WOO title. Or have Schatz in the WOO and Larson run with the ASCoC. He could have someone competing for the title in both.
  6. Was only saying what I said to avoid politics talk on here and so the moderators don't shut this place down or ban/suspend anyone. It seems as though it is going back into the politics of the lockdown and why certain info is released and isn't, and of you are all fine with it, go for it, I guess. Stupid me for trying to follow the rules. Sorry for being a curmudgeon.
  7. Any chance we can just lock this thread before it devolves? Nobody has to get banned/suspended and we can just forget about this and move on as more racing starts to happen and we are able to focus on that.
  8. Eagle, were you watching DTD on your phone as well? Or was it on a computer? I know that I have an old laptop and whenever I try to watch dirtvision on that, it struggles and I am constantly refreshing it. But when I sign in on my phone it ends up working better for whatever reason. Not really a technical person so I never know how much of the buffering comes from the streaming company vs the internet at my house. Either way, I hope someone smarter than me has a solution for you. Thank you DTD team. Great to see racing again.
  9. I knew exactly how this thread was going to go the minute it started. I used to enjoy learning about events, learning from people who know things about the cars that I don't know, hearing stories of old drivers and racetracks. But I don't know how much more of this stuff I'm willing to see. Over the past month and a half I've learned that the users of this forum believe the n-word is fine to use (especially if it was in a phrase that's been used for a long time, doesn't matter it originated in a racist way), are completely fine with calling our 1 black president a religion he isn't, complained that the only reason the 1 black nascar driver was in the cup series was because of the diversity program (despite the fact that he has a very similar career so far to Ty Dillon, who used his grandfather's connections to get his ride. I doubt anybody on here really cares about that though because at least he didn't have to "use" a diversity program). I don't see the humor in "All white lives matter too", I guess I'm in the minority here. I know I can't convince a group that is most likely all older white guys that racism exists. And that I'm probably a "snowflake libtard" for pointing this stuff out. What's sad for me is this forum could be used for people to become new fans of dirt racing. I've learned so much on this site. But imagine a black man coming to this forum and seeing what has been said on this thread and other threads over the past few weeks. Do you honestly think that they would become dirt racing fans? Or even if they loved the racing, ever return to this website again? I would like to believe that both dirt fans and those that run DTD would love to welcome any racing fans, of all cultures and races, to join in and become fans of the sport and continue to help it live on into the future instead of die out. But I just haven't seen that. Then again, who knows if anyone really cares on here about that anyways.
  10. I hope they can figure out the money and have some sort of season. It would do a lot of people good for them to be able to have some baseball to watch every day.
  11. What is it that you want then? Do you want him to come forward and say "Hi, I'm Darrell Wallace Jr and although I may look black, I'm half-white which means I am not allowed to have any opinion on race in Nascar?" Honestly you are making it seem as though he should be grateful to have a ride. He relied on the diversity program? Did Kyle Larson "rely" on the diversity program too? 62 drivers have been in that program. Only 3 have made it to the cup series. Only 10 have even made a truck series appearance (not a full time ride, just at least 1 race). So it isn't like the diversity program gifts you a ride anyways. You might want to actually learn a little bit about his past successes before you go online and bash a guy.
  12. Your first sentence is pretty laughable when you go on to say some of the things that you say in this post. White males are not the "most underprivileged group alive today." That's such a ridiculous statement. You're only saying that because the balance has shifted from everything being great for the white male compared to every other group of people to being closer to even and not like it was in the good ol' days. Do I think that some people push this too far? Absolutely. There are some things that are made about race when it should have no bearing at all. I think this is stupid as well. Things should be based on merit alone, not gender or race. But to say white males have it the worst today is ignoring both history and the reality of today. Nascar has a history. And whether you like it or not, there is the generalization from the outside that Nascar fans are white trash racists. Does it really hurt your feelings that much that they made a drive for diversity just to get some good PR with people outside of nascar? It isn't like it has changed a whole lot anyways, it was mostly for publicity. There is one black driver for a mid-level team and one Mexican driver for a team that doesn't even have a charter to guarantee them into every race. Are you mad that they have these rides? Should they go to more rich white guys using daddy's money to get them in a ride? Don't know what colleges you are speaking of. Are you referring to HBCUs? Because those historical black colleges are not "all black". For example, North Carolina A&T State is a HBCU with 6% of the student body being white and another 4% being Latino, North Carolina Central U has 5% white and 6% Latino, Prairie View A&M has 9% Latino and 1% white. Just because many white kids don't want to go to HBCUs doesn't mean that you have to be black to go there.
  13. The rich fund both parties. Yours isn't any better than the other. It's a system set up to help the rich and powerful stay that way. The best thing for both of the parties is that they create as wide a division in the american people as possible. Because the more you dislike the other side and think your side is needed to save the country, the more likely people are to donate. And not only that, but the more likely people are to overlook the wrongs that the politicians on their side have done because "at least he/she isn't a _________ (fill in the blank with whatever political party you don't like)" This means that politicians can continue to help out the rich and powerful on their side regardless of whether or not it's actually better for the country or the people who voted for them. Because at the end of the day, you probably won't question the politicians on your side. One side will watch Fox News and trust it while thinking that CNN is fake news, the other side will watch CNN and laugh at what is going on at Fox. They want exactly what is going on in this forum. Side A person says something negative about a politician on side B, and a side B person ignores that and attacks side A with something else. It's just a back and forth that will never end and that's what they like about it.
  14. Any comment on the facts I gave you to tell you you're wrong about Obama's religion? Especially considering the irony of you complaining that other people are too "narrow minded" it is pretty laughable that you refuse to acknowledge that you are wrong and will continue to refer to one of our presidents as "the Muslim".
  15. I agree with the point you are making but it is likely you that is hard to have a conversation with if you are choosing to describe one of our presidents who attended the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for 20+ years as a "Muslim". Some of you people are so set on false "truths" it amazes me. I was never a big fan of Obama. I didn't agree with many things he did, but I find it a little racist that the first non-white president we have had in this country is thought of as someone who cannot be christian and he must have a secret Muslim agenda. Nobody would question if George W Bush was Muslim. Yet, only one of those two mentioned Jesus as "our savior" at the Easter Prayer Breakfast and it wasn't W. In fact, that "Muslim" Obama created the Easter Prayer Breakfast as a yearly tradition in 2010 where he would bring Christian leaders to the White House for a service. Trump ended that. Would you question if he is Muslim? Then again I'm sure you believe that this was all an act and a cover up for some secret plan to take down 'Merica. Don't let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy though. It's more fun to hate someone for things that you decide in your head are true, instead of the actual truth.
  16. I don't at all want to come across as argumentative here but you did imply debate might happen. I think that was a great period in sports all across the board just like you said. But I do think that argument could be made for any period going forward if you just switch the names around. I think this period helped bring sports to the big time. TV helped with that obviously as it began to create stars. Spearheaded by ESPN that was created in 1979, sports became a focal point of an entire television station and leagues began focusing on TV rights and having their games played on TV (and not just on tape delay, but live!). From 1960-1980, sports were shown more and more on TV, growing the stars of tomorrow (80s-2000s). While I do agree that this was a great era of sports, the same argument will be made every 10-20 years in the future. I think it was a pivotal era in sports, but one could argue that all of today's athletes are bigger, faster, stronger and that makes it more exciting and a better era. In 20 years they will be saying "the 2000s-2020s were the best era in sports. Look at who they had: Manning, Favre, Brady, Tomlinson, Ray Lewis in the NFL. Bonds, Mariano Rivera, Jeter, Ichiro in the MLB. Kobe, Duncan, LeBron in the NBA. Gordon, Johnson, Busch, Stewart in NASCAR. Hearn, Sheppard, Friesen, Johnsons, Decker on the dirt. In 20 years time people will be talking about the athletes they grew up watching and their legends will grow as the greats of the past fade away. It's how the world turns.
  17. Dan Dan, that could be completely possible too. I don't pretend to be a doctor and I only know about the strains after reading an article a couple days ago about the differences in the strains and how fast it is mutating. But I don't think it is unreasonable to guess that someone living in those conditions may have an immune system that is more inclined to handle it compared to those protected from similar diseases.
  18. I think you are 100% right about the TV ratings, probably best for them to act quick compared to the other sports leagues so that they can get a few races in with no competition. I also would have liked a new guy to get a shot in that equipment, but I have a feeling that the sponsors probably wanted someone like Kenseth in the car. Older guy that is steady and does not come with a bunch of controversy or baggage after the Larson situation. It will be interesting to see who is in the car next year as I can't imagine that Kenseth does anything more than finish out this season.
  19. Homestead Miami is another possible location for the first race back I believe. For the 42 car, I think many believed it would be Ross Chastain considering he still has a contract with Ganassi due to the fact that he was supposed to run an Xfinity car for them this year. DC Solar was supposed to be the sponsor on that car, but they were raided by the FBI before the season started and that was the end of their involvement in NASCAR. Because he wasn't going to be in a racecar full time entering the racing season, he signed a deal with Kaulig Racing to run in the Xfinity series full time for the championship. This is probably why Kenseth gets the spot over Chastain. Ganassi wants someone in the car that can compete for the championship (having someone driving that isn't receiving points or fighting for a championship isn't a great way to hold on to sponsors) and Chastain would either have to run without the team earning points, or he would have to switch from Xfinity to Cup and would now miss out on a potential xfinity championship. And if he were to switch, it is very likely that he loses that ride with Kaulig and Ganassi would have to buy out that contract. It will be cool to see Kenseth in the car again. I did read a rumor that Carl Edwards was also asked about the ride and that he declined it, not sure how true that is.
  20. Medicine and science will tell you it likely has to do with different strains of COVID-19. In late March they had confirmed 8 strains, all with different levels of symptoms and threat. At this point, scientists estimate that there are over 30 different mutations that have occurred. The most recent study has one strain having 270 times the viral load of the more weak strains. Most likely this homeless shelter had one of the weakest strains.
  21. Technically, I'm pretty sure they handed out the same punishment that Nascar did. Both suspended until he completes the sensitivity course. Nascar put "indefinitely", but Jeremy Clements missed 2 weeks or something along those lines for the same course when they also "indefinitely" suspended him. He has 30 days to complete it for WoO, and it likely would have taken the same time for Nascar. The difference is that he still has sponsors for his dirt, and he lost his for Nascar. Which means he can still run with the Outlaws, but was fired from his Nascar ride. Don't get me wrong though, they know what they're doing and are also hoping to profit off of him being on the track too. Not like we are going to see an Outlaws race in the next 30 days anyway.
  22. And where do you think that phrase came from in the mid 1800s? You think it was just pulled out of thin air? Done out of love and respect for black people in our country in the mid 1800s during slavery? Here's a history lesson for you: the phrase can be seen as far back in the early 1860s (when yes, slavery was still allowed). In fact, it was used in a comic put out by the opposition to Abraham Lincoln's presidential run because they claimed he was hiding that he would free the slaves. Where did the term come from? It is very likely the phrase came from fugitive slaves trying to escape and hide and getting caught. Both in the literal sense of hiding in a woodpile. And also used to describe the pulpwood transportation on railroad cars that fugitive slaves would attempt to hide in to reach the north. Thank you 11th grade US History class. But what would I know, I'm one of the sheltered ones.
  23. I don't get it. It seems pretty clear to me that no version of the word should be said. It doesn't matter that some people still use it. It doesn't make it right. You can decide that I'm sheltered, whatever. But I read books, I studied history, I learned about our country's past and decided for myself that I wouldn't use it. Everyone has a right to do whatever they want according to our laws in my mind. If you are comfortable using the word, go for it. I think it's incredibly disrespectful to an entire group of people and completely dismissive to the past atrocities of our country. To the people complaining that PC culture is ruining family values and hard work, that's complete and utter crap. Sorry your racial slurs are being taken from you. There are so many words in the English language, there's not another word we can use to replace these versions of the word? Just because it was used in the past, we should hold on to it? Doesn't matter if it offends 1/5 of our society, as long as you get to still say your slurs? And if someone tells you the word is offensive, it means that we have lost respect, hard work and family values in our country? get out of here with that.
  24. From what I found, the two owners are Dave Kaemmer (cofounder of company that made NASCAR Racing: 2003) and John Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox. Henry is the co-owner of Roush Fenway Racing, is that what you are thinking of? Maybe France invested, but I can't find that. I would say that it's impossible to know that Chip wasn't going to release Larson anyways. That next morning he was indefinitely suspended without pay. Before Nascar came out with anything and before any sponsor issued a statement. Obviously we aren't behind the scenes so who knows what happened in what order. But it is entirely possible that he would have been fired regardless.
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