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  1. Also check out the story in this week's AARN about Kenny Weld. Another classy move. You just don't see that today,
  2. Maybe we can get an opinion from ARRA on this. Devils Bowl, August 11th, 2019. How many feature wins does MS get credit for? What was the deal, something like a small block qualifying with a "feature", big block qualifying with a "feature", then the top however many from each of those 2 "features" run together in another "feature" or something like that?
  3. Summary of Matt Sheppard's 2019 season: Winnings are close but not exact! SDS = Super Dirt Series. SSTS = Short Track Super Series Attempted to race 99 times. Competed in 82 races with 17 rainouts. Won 36. Raced at 33 different tracks, won at 15 different tracks. Rainouts: Volusia 2/12, Outlaw 4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/7 (SDS), Land of Legends 4/20, 6/1, 6/15, 7/6, 7/13, Fulton 4/27 (SDS), Weedsport 6/16, Sharon 7/30 (SDS), Ransomville 8/6 (SDS), Woodhull 8/13 (SSTS-N), 9/1 Utica Rome (SDS), LeRPM 9/7 (SDS). OCFS SDS race was rescheduled. 1 DNQ (Georgetown 3/17), 5 DNFs (Thunder Mtn 5/26, Outlaw 6/14, Outlaw 7/5, Outlaw 8/2, Oswego 10/13). Purse Winnings $287,634 (estimates applied to Utica Rome on 8/4, Albany Saratoga on 9/19, Outlaw on 10/19, Georgetown on 11/1). Hoosier Tire Bonus $5000. American Racer Cup $11000. Short Track Super Series North Champion $12500. Short Track Super Series South Champion $10000. SSTS/American Racer Bonus $25000. Land of Legends Champion $2500. Weedsport Speedway Champion $2000. Outlaw Speedway Champion $5000 Total that up and it is $349,794. Add to that second place in the Super Dirt Series. Purse winnings by track (# of races in parentheses): OCFS $80219 (7), Land of Legends $26400 (12), Outlaw $24715 (16), Weedsport $21350 (4), Fonda $12450 (3), Devils Bowl $11500 (2), Granby $10050 (2), Can AM $10050 (1), Georgetown $8370 (5), Cornwall $7550 (1), Brockville $7550 (1), Grandview $7500 (1), Oswego $6250 (1), Afton $5825 (1), Airborne $5000 (1), Big Diamond $5000 (1), Delaware Int. $5000 (1), Albany Saratoga $4500 (3), Volusia $4450 (4), BAPS $3500 (1), Port Royal $3250 (1), Charlotte $2800 (2), Mohawk $2500 (1), Brewerton $1800 (1), Eldora $1800 (1), Fulton $1600 (1), Accord $1500 (1), Utica-Rome $1500 (1),Drummond $1300 (1), Lebanon Valley $700 (1), Merritville $575 (1), Thunder Mountain $425 (1), New Egypt $415 (1). Worst SDS finish was 31st at Oswego. Worst SSTS North finish was 16th at his home track Outlaw Speedway. Worst finish on the SSTS-South was 16th at New Egypt, where he is a former track champion.
  4. http://raceproweekly.com/rpw/2020/01/ocfs-adds-dirtcar-sanction-for-weekly-big-block-modified-action-eastern-states-200-returns-to-sds/ Been 1 month since the announcement that Hearn was hired and the handicapping would change. Still no information on what that change is.
  5. From the OCFS 2020 Season Pass order page: Season Pit Pass - $570 Includes OCFS pit license. This is a 35%savings off regular admission. Big Block modified drivers will also be required to have a 2020 DIRT license.
  6. Banning the 4-link is one thing, but what they have there also eliminates the ball bearing birdcages, "ladder" bars, and torque tubes as well. It has been a while since I have seen a torque tube but I have seen guys trying the bearing bird cages. I think they went a bit too far. Everyone make sure your BRP417S is in the center - having it on the left or right will get you a DQ!
  7. I see in AARN where he is going back to a handicapping system - FOR THE HEATS. Doesn't say what it will be or how the feature will be lined up. Hopefully he will let that information out in advance rather than just before opening day. Show points on 4/11 when the SDS is at Can-Am and for the OCFS Battle of the Midway, and no racing at all against Howie on Labor Day Saturday. The races on July 2nd are non-points.
  8. Have mixed emotions as well. Generally the event runs off smooth now that the track has run it themselves for a few years. Now Dirtcar's officiating team will be taking over running the event. I know they do a similar race at Oswego, but, I've seen bad things in the past at this race when they ran it. Apparantly Larsen feels the increase in car and fan count will pay for the sanctioning fee? Then again if they charge the same amount for admission I might just skip it.
  9. What about attendance at the event they agreed to attend when there is no competing event? That's OK?
  10. Sorry in advance for the negative post, but here goes... Did you ever notice what a bunch of tough guys Dirtcar Northeast officials are when their corporate fathers are watching? Penalizing Hearn and Mahaney for some rule most don't even know about - OK, rules are rules, I'll give you that one. Moving Mat Williamson back a row for jumping the start? Come on now, he does that at any other race at any other track and they don't even throw the yellow, much less penalize him one row. (Although it was a perfect time for them to remind him they are in charge after he dropped off the tour a couple years ago after what he termed "poor officiating" at 5 Mile Pt). Tap a guy in the back bumper after a race and you are DQ'd for the night? Gotta show the bosses what a tight ship we run, how we are on top of things - heck, we even penalize our point leader - no favorites here. Out of provisionals? (AARN said max of 5, rule book says 4). No problem - if you have perfect attendance we'll just give you more? Really? And finally: The highest driver in SDS points who didn't qualify gets added. Where did that rule come from? Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, as we all do, but if he didn't qualify then he shouldn't be out there. Now we are making up rules as we go? Is Glenn back running things again? Why don't they just come out and say it: John Wight owns 2 DIRT sanctioned tracks that run 3 series races a year, John and Larry Wight put the clay down at Oswego for us, we borrow all of John's equipment to maintain the track at Super Dirt Week, so we are adding his car to the show. Period. It's called politics. Deal with it.
  11. With one less weekend between Labor Day and Columbus Day, been wondering what the schedule will look like. I thought 9/11 and 9/12 would be Granby/Le RPM, 9/18 and 9/19 would be Brewerton/Mohawk, 9/26 would be Albany, then no series race on 10/3 when the Fulton 200 is run. So with LoL now on 9/19, what happens to Le RPM and, more importantly, which weekend will Fonda run the 200?
  12. Ugh, homework. Thank god for Speedhive. Start is where he crossed the line on the green flag, not necessarily his official starting position. Based on that he started in the top five 3 times, and in the top twelve 11 out of 12 times: Old surface: 4/13: Start 7, fin 2. 4/27: start 8, fin 4. 5/4: start 11, fin 5. 5/11 start 24, fin 6. 5/18 start 7, fin 2. 6/1: start 5, fin 2. 6/15:start 7, fin 4. 6/22: start 5, fin 6. New surface: 8/3#1: start 12, fin 5. 8/3#2: start 7, fin 4. 8/24: start 3, fin 1. 9/7: start 9, fin 1. Average start 8.75, average finish 3.5.
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