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  1. I guess Phelps was just a little too close to going the distance last year for their comfort. Now no one will try it.
  2. Well run show, done at 10:30, and no complaints about the dust this week, kudos to the track prep crew. I went there thinking Hearn had it wrapped up, but then I found out that they had already dropped the lowest finish and that the last race could not be dropped. Probably cost the 93x a few shekels. Also found out they weren't letting Perrego drop his DQ.
  3. It will go down when Lightning Larry's Trucking arrives to put it down.
  4. There are only 5 (correct me if I'm wrong) 200 lappers. How many can he be banned from at once?
  5. You mean someone made a decision to change the rules? UT OH, hope he/she had permission!
  6. So Let us review. According to published articles, he left OCFS and was traveling west on Route 17 just before the I-84 East exit. So he must have gone "the back way" past Orange Regional Medical Center and entered Route 17 at exit 122. According to Google maps, the distance from the exit 122 entrance ramp to the exit 121E exit ramp is about 500 feet. In that 500 feet he allegedly sped up to 80 MPH, passed a car on the shoulder, and changed lanes without signaling. Unless he got lost leaving OCFS (it can happen) and ended up in Goshen.
  7. By The Book

    From OCFS —-

    Randy Fillipowski (sp?) was on the one way last night. Randy is a former racer who has worked on and off as an official at both OCFS and Accord. Also one of the nicest people you will ever meet.
  8. By The Book

    From OCFS —-

    My apologies, I hereby plead guilty to the of reporting fake news.
  9. He won his heat, was running 2nd in the feature then faded to 7th. Either something was wrong with the car, he missed the setup, had less motor, or didn't want to go to tech.
  10. By The Book

    From OCFS —-

    I was told by someone at the track that Dale is Chris' cousin.
  11. By The Book

    From OCFS —-

    It was determined that if we raced and re-sealed the track and rain started we could yellow/red flag and still recover the track but if we didn’t start and it rained we probably couldn’t recover the track and we’d have to postpone to Sunday. I call BS on this one. Re-seal the track? From what? The 5ft next to the wall that he lightly touched up? The track had been raced on all day and only the very top MIGHT not have been sealed. Like csg said, a good spin piece.
  12. A couple years ago at OCFS I saw a driver shove an official and no penalty was handed down.
  13. What happened to the Chris Larsen who just enjoyed sitting in the stands, watching and enjoying the races, without being involved? Remember that article in AARN a year or 2 ago? Chris Larsen thinks the drivers bullied Sanchelli into allowing them to work on their cars under red, which he says they have a rule against. Does he also think Allison Ricci bullied Sanchelli last Saturday, when she repaired her car under red flag for the excessive dust that was responsible for her crash? Should Tim Pitts now start calling her "Allison - The Big Bully - Ricci"? Mr. Larsen also said Sanchelli doesn't have the authority to change the rules. Nothing in the rule book about working on cars under red, nothing in rule book about staying in your car after crashing, yet drivers have been penalized for both this year. If Sanchelli didn't make up these rules, who did? Or should he have been overruled in these instances too? Remember when Stewart Friesen vowed he would never return to OCFS as long as "that moron" was still there? No standing on trailers because you block the track. Then they put up 2 jumbotrons and put Grahm's stacker in turns 1-2, blocking more of the track than ever. Plus the stackers taking away the entrance to turn 3. At least they did move trailers off of the front stretch so the drive in fans could see more. The fans in the stands actually getting riled up and vocal! They ARE alive! This new surface seems to make dust no matter what. I couldn't believe how dusty it was on the first green flag lap after the rain. Contrary to what is being suggested, after the rain stopped nothing happened for at least 20 minutes before Corcoran came out with the grader. What were they waiting for? I don't know what the purpose of the grader was, it barely moved anything - but I'm no expert and the track did come in very quickly. Two years ago Larsen put a new fence through turn 3. At that time the remnants of the old bleachers were removed and the new fence was built closer to the track, through where the old stands were. Guess what they had to move in order to put in the 4th turn bleachers this weekend? Reminds me of when they pave a road then dig it up to run new water lines. The new sound system is TOO good. They need to turn the volume down some. How much tech was done at 1:45AM? Just wondering as I, like most, didn't hang around after the race was over. As critical as I am about what Suitcase has done this year, I do feel a little bad for him. He had no choice but to resign, as now everyone who didn't like a decision he made would immediately go to Gurda or Larsen. DIRT was quick to penalize Laubach for jumping a start but no penalty for platinum driver Godown when he jumped - just a do over. Last year Kenny Tremont built a new car for the $25,000 to win race at the Valley - and won. Jeff Behrent built a new car for the $100,000 to win race at OCFS - and won. I'm noticing a pattern here. So is Howie going to announce that Mr. Dirt pays $100,500 to win? I doubt it, but I wouldn't be surprised either.
  14. Surprised no one has claimed his motor as fast as he has been this year.