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  1. By The Book


    10. In the event a non-regular comes to Orange County Fair Speedway to compete on a regular scheduled point show and qualifies in the top twelve, they will start in the 16th position in the feature. If more than one non-regular shows and they qualify in the top twelve they would start 16th, 15th and so on based on who signed in first at handicapper table. 11. You must be signed in for three consecutive weeks to be eligible for invert. 12. In the event a regular driver misses a week or a suspension is involved, upon return the driver qualifies in the top twelve on time, driver will start in the 16th posi8on until the three consecutive weeks are established. So this explains why Storms and VanInwegen were put back. So why was Dillon Steuer allowed to stay in the top 12 in only his second week there?
  2. OK, fair enough. But why do they issue Competitors Notes that state there will be 24 qualified cars, 2 paid, and 2 non-paid provisionals? Is it that hard to have competitors notes that agree with the rule book? So in 2019 any non platinum driver in the top 12 in points can buy his way into any SDS race, so long as he attempted to qualify. Precedent set. If Stewey can get to Charlotte in time for the Saturday B-main, and he is in the top 12 in points (after Fridays feature?) he can buy his way into the feature if he doesn't qualify. Same for Brett Hearn, Anthony Perrego, etc. Rule book says Promotor's optional starter may be added at tracks where a weekly Dirtcar Northeast program is raced and pointed. Weedsport a weekly track? I dunno, but thank you Al Heinke for adding a car to the field. John Wight and Howie Commander never do that.
  3. His favorite owner had to be the NativePoker guy. Where else can you get a chance to drive fast race cars AND smoke the Peace Pipe?
  4. By The Book

    Pereggo dq?

    I agree with you. Problem is that there is only one official who makes all the calls. The guys in the corners are flag wavers. He thinks he is so good he can do it all by himself. I don't know why he keeps letting guys pull out of line on the starts. Really not hard to see that.
  5. By The Book

    Pereggo dq?

    I watched Anthony as he walked through the pits. Morey was still out on the track, so Anthony took out his frustrations on Morey's air jack. I don't think the jack was any worse for the wear, it didn't even fall over. One of Morey's crew guys started following Anthony but another held him back and I think that was it. Yes, the announcement in the stands was that getting out of his car was what the penalty was for. Miscommunication somewhere.
  6. By The Book

    Pereggo dq?

    No sarcasm. Drivers have been getting out of their cars for as long as there have been accidents. They hold their palms upside down with their arms outstretched, they point at the offender, they point at their head as the offender goes by, maybe give them the middle finger salute. Often they are just mad in general and need to walk back to their pit to let off steam. It is a part of the sport. The fans get a kick out of it, and the officials know who to keep an eye on. Getting out of your car when the field is safely under yellow is not dangerous. Once in the pits, yell and scream all you want, but throw a punch and you are out for 2 weeks. And if you punch an official who is trying to break it up, out for a year.
  7. By The Book

    Pereggo dq?

    There is no rule in the rule book about having to stay in your car. Suitcase thinks there is, so he disqualifies people for doing it.
  8. By The Book

    CNYRP ??

    Wow, they got an 11 year deal? I think that is pretty good.
  9. After that it looks like New Egypt, Outlaw, LOL, Thunder Mountain, and back to Weedsport. Is Las Vegas offering odds on when he WON'T win?
  10. By The Book

    CNYRP ??

    Glenn has stated in newspaper articles that he was told by The State on New York in 1990 that the track at the fairgrounds was going to go away. He had 25 years to be ready. After 25 years all he had was a piece of land.
  11. By The Book

    CNYRP ??

    Carl Meyers bailed out a long time ago. He saw the writing on the wall. My theory is he probably wanted to be the manufacturer of Syndi, supplying it to racetracks everywhere and making a pretty penny while doing so. After the test at Brewerton, he was done.
  12. I would say it was more of a dust out than a rain out. Track was bone dry in hot laps. The small block consi was cut short. I think they ran about 3 laps? 1 lap, yellow, 1 lap, yellow, 1 lap, flip, done. That was 20 cars. The next race on the schedule was the big block feature. 29 cars was not going to be pretty.
  13. After going 1 for 4 at Volusia, he has entered 10 races by my count. 6 wins, 2 seconds, the annual DNQ with the small block at Georgetown, with the rain delayed Albany Saratoga feature result pending. $55,769 in purse money.
  14. By The Book

    Bob Miller Might Know?

    How much rear percentage did he have in that?
  15. By The Book


    Track surface was greatly improved. 1&2 still has a way to go but was MUCH BETTER. 3&4 looked smooth except for that one hole/rut down low that they just can't seem to get rid of.