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  1. When Friesen first made the jump to trucks, his modified game suffered just a bit. Those issues seem to have been sorted. Since unloading for the OCFS Hard Clay Open in 2018, where he dominated, he has been a top major threat each time out. Even more so with the Deyo rules.
  2. My favorite races usually involve a local racer beating national tour drivers in spectacular fashion, such as Pauch’s WoO win at Syracuse in 1994. But there is one race day I am most grateful for. In 1992, the CRA made an eastern swing into Pennsylvania. I was too young to drive but had a real passion for the wingless sprints. They were racing at Susquehanna on a Sunday night. My dad had recently been laid off in the economic downturn that year, but also knew how badly I wanted to see the wingless 410s in person. We hopped in the car and he drove us the three hour stretch to see the CRA sprints. We arrived and what do you know, it started to rain. After warmups, the race was cancelled and we were left to drive three hours back into the night without having seen a race. A couple of years ago I had the chance to make it up to my dad on Father’s Day. He’s suffering from an aggressive case of Alzheimer’s and I had already known that each time in the stands with him could be the last. This time, I drove my dad three hours to BAPS (Susquehanna) to watch the USAC sprint cars with him in person - nearly the same show that he so generously took me to see in 1992. This time, it did not rain, and I was able to watch the show with my dad. I will always be grateful to him for taking me that day in 1992 (and so much more), and for having the chance to experience it with him more than 25 years later. His health has continued to deteriorate since that Father’s Day USAC show at Susquehanna and it will likely be the last race that we attended together.
  3. Is Sheppard running big blocks alone, or 358s too? Both divisions pay well at OCFS.
  4. No Merrittville date either. Will it get a 358 race? I guess we’ll have to wait and see if some of these small block tracks are moving to 358 only DIRT series races. Glad to see Ohsweken return to the schedule. I thought attendance at the 2017 race was decent given that the grandstand is large and it ended up raining a bit that night. Moving it up from late August, so close to the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals, to early July along with a bigger purse could help things.
  5. I for one thought that the D/A mods were an excellent division, especially at Flemington, where they put on some highly entertaining 30 lappers. Our mods make for great looking race cars on the asphalt too, all cleaned up and shiny with rims, (no wheel covers). Again, I thought they were a terrific division, certainly as likable as USAC sprint cars or crown cars on pavement.
  6. Here’s a few: Bridgeport (5/8 mile) - has come a looong way over past 30 years (facilities and very fan friendly) Grandview - not a bad seat in the house, just watch out for splinters in your rear! Orange County Fair - dirt-caked-on-face fans looking like fire survivors Williams Grove - classic track, doesn’t always live up to the hype but great place to take a first timer! New Egypt (dirt) - could be great, wish the grandstands were higher and more vertical like Grandview Ohsweken - checks every box, one of the two or three best tracks in our region Susquehanna - wingless sprints totally sideways and red dust covered car in the parking lot Oswego (SDW) - better than asphalt by such a wide margin! Merrittville - big blocks in the grandstand before the SDS race making me feel like a kid again Can-Am - meh Big Diamond - surprisingly really good Brewerton - good location, great view of racing, cool shape and that demon sign! Selinsgrove - do the 410s ever lift there? Scary fast
  7. How cool is the Rocky Warner story this year? In the off-season it was announced that he’d be returning to sportsman, but then he convinced Jake to give him one more shot in a modified. A few weeks in and Rocky has two wins at Fonda and running competitive at Albany-Saratoga.
  8. This site has a pretty good count, at least for dirt modified shows: http://jw4.proboards.com/thread/319/2019-small-block-modified-schedule Quick count of NY tracks, not including May 10 rainouts: 18/44 (18 races in, 26 rain outs). If tonight is a wash statewide, it’ll be 18/52.
  9. Great pic of Bob. This car is awesome. There is no aero on this car! (except the headers, lol). Anyone ever see film of this car running? Guessing it ran more off the right rear than current Modifieds?
  10. Very sad. Brenn Jr. was a fixture on the NJ modified scene for over two decades, winning races on dirt and asphalt and at Syracuse too. More importantly, he was a really friendly driver, honest and easy to talk with, and a joy to watch on the racetrack.
  11. Weather Channel is predicting 90 percent chance of rain in Malta at 9 PM.
  12. Just heard the report on Doug’s Dirt Diary... Rocky was able to convince Jake to give him another shot in a modified. This is a good story, and I’ll be pulling for Rocky this year.
  13. $20 might seem like a lot compared with Fonda, Brewerton, etc, but in the NYC metro region it’s not unusual. I think NES is $20 for a regular show. Wall is probably like $18. Heck, I think East Windsor and Flemington used to be $14 in the early 90s, which is about $25 today. Plus, OCFS has big blocks and the 358s as an undercard, but paying the 358s headliner money.
  14. Would limiting the amount of body work on these cars, particularly the inner wing and the doors that extend to the front wheels, serve to equalize engines and limit costs, at least a little? Limiting downforce - and how much power can be put to the ground - could make lower buck engines more competitive. (Plus, IMO the modifieds look better with less bodywork).
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