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  1. 1 Brett Moffitt 921 2 Grant Enfinger 882 -39 3 Stewart Friesen 863 -58 4 Matt Crafton 841 -80 5 Ben Rhodes 773 -148 6 Austin Hill 765 -156 7 Sheldon Creed 726 -195 8 Todd Gilliland 723 -198 9 Harrison Burton 707 -214 10 Johnny Sauter 674 -247 11 Ross Chastain 574 -347 12 Tyler Ankrum 511 -410 13 Tyler Dippel 454 -467 14 Austin Wayne Self 442 -479 15 Gus Dean 413 -508 16 Jordan Anderson 397 -524 17 Spencer Boyd 338 -583 18 Brennan Poole 300 -621 19 Natalie Decker 281 -640 20 Christian Eckes 271 -650
  2. You want to see how stagnant purses are check out anything related to northeast asphalt modifieds.
  3. Sicklajoie


    I think the solution to your problem is pretty simple. Start your own vlog.
  4. I believe Chris said in this week's AARN that despite the good racing that Sunday night provided (with the rain obviously helping), he didn't see the schedule changing for next year. But at the end of the article he didnt quite say it was definite. There was a slight slight slight chance that a night race was a small small possibility.
  5. Sicklajoie

    Sheppard STSS Grand Champion

    I think he's referring to all the races he entered and didn't win - whatever the purses paid from 2nd to last.
  6. Sicklajoie


    That was for the STSS race, not the 200. I think the entire top 10 for ES 200 was Bicknell, except for Billy Dunn in 9th. Polesitter Max McLaughlin was in a Teo.
  7. I think a Saturday night big block show would definitely be the right thing to do. Would be even better if they could schedule rain sometime during the day LOL. This year's small block race was a single file choo choo train. The rain on Sunday was definitely the track's savior.
  8. That's why ESW rain date was next Sunday. Deyo was going to be in Georgetown Friday and Saturday.
  9. You want a spec chassis series??
  10. Max was at Teo practice day at OCFS yesterday.
  11. "Aggressive schedule" means that a lot of $199 weekend pit passes are going to be sold.
  12. My thinking is that there will be so much traffic around the track and that gate anyways that it will be the same time wise just to park and walk there.
  13. That's what I plan on doing tomorrow except I have to go to will call booth at gate 6 on backstretch side to get tickets thennnnnnnn go back to front stands LOL