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  1. The first 40-50 laps were downright dangerous. Couldn't see a damn thing.
  2. Just shows you how stupid the state is. At least in Connecticut it's 14, even then I think that's pushing it. The kid's a good driver, no doubt about it. Not arguing that point. To me it's just stupid to let someone that age in a full size car. JMO, your mileage may vary.
  3. We only ran 9 races at Lebanon Valley this year so I was able to venture out to 3 new tracks for me, Bridgeport, Devil's Bowl, and Grandview. I had so much fun at Bridgeport that I'm going again in a couple weeks!
  4. Wow, did Max burn your house down or something?? I agree, the move that Max made on Rudolph last year was pretty bad. Show me a racer that somewhere along the line screwed up. Everyone does it. The good ones learn from their mistakes. It looks like he's he's got a terrific future.
  5. First time in an SK modified he finished 2nd at Thompson last year to Ryan Preece. First time in a Whelen Tour car and first time ever running Stafford he had a top 5 last month.
  6. Mike definitely got ratted out by a fellow competitor. On the other hand I have seen in the past where an inspector has seen an illegal part on a car, not said anything about it at the time, and kept it in their hip pocket until when it counted, like on a championship/last points night, then dropped the hammer. Equally dirty.
  7. How often do shocks get checked after heat races? Sounds like someone ratted him out.
  8. I can't believe I'm agreeing with rpm's post, but what part of "New suspension configurations lead to numerous changes with shock packages and spring packages." don't you understand?? Everything happens in cycles, and the fact that a good majority of the field is running Bicknell's doesn't help. If racing was easy, everyone would be doing it.
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