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  1. You sure? I havent seen an official cancellation statement, just that for right now 2020 events are postponed. Postponed and cancelled are 2 different things. And FYI, it wouldn't surprise me if the season did get cancelled.
  2. You do realize this pandemic is affecting the whole world and the world doesn't revolved around your orange haired buddy??
  3. With all that's going on in NY, I don't think Oswego would get the funds necessary to convert the track from asphalt to dirt then back again.
  4. Just hours after Kyle Larson won there last night, the state has shut them down until further notice. Looking at pics from last night's event, it looks like there was little effort to socially distance and very few masks. Like it or not, you have to at least make some sort of effort that you're trying to follow guidelines. Otherwise the powers that be will drop the hammer.
  5. Copied from an accomplished writer friend of mine: Judging from the whoops and hollers wafting in via the Facebook news-feed machine, I figure the entire population of this roiling country is split into six groups when it comes to what intellectuals call “this here pandemic.” (1) Those who think the whole thing is a hoax tied to the U.S. presidential election. You’re better off debating this point not on social media, but in person, so you can watch these dopes go slack-jawed when you ask them exactly what all the dead in Brazil, the UK, Spain, Russia, and India have to do with Trump and Biden. (2) Those who “ain’t gonna wear no damn mask” because it’s somehow their right as “Amuricuns” not to wear no damn mask, and blah, blah, blah. Their apparent strategy is to talk real loud, sneer a little bit, maybe flash a tattoo, and hope that COVID-19 gets scared and runs away. (3) Those who snicker about what a dope Dr. Anthony Fauci is, despite the fact that this man has headed the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases through 36 years and six presidents, while most of these people cannot spell hard words like “infectious” or, well, “Fauci.” (4) Those who, judging by their constant posts about rates of infection, rates of death, and, gosh, all sorts of rates, are clearly eager for us to know that they can operate calculators. (5) Those who are still convinced that once the warm weather gets here, the virus will disappear “like a miracle.” They tell you this as they mop the sweat from their foreheads. (6) Those who are quietly making an effort to do their parts, wearing masks in tight quarters, using soap and hand sanitizers, social-distancing whenever possible, and generally conceding that scientists and medical professionals know more about this stuff than the rest of us do. – Bones
  6. Practice day 3 weeks ago there were cops all up and down Rt 20.
  7. As things start picking back up in NYC, how can you possibly social distance on a subway?
  8. It's nice to see that they've stepped up their game this year. They've won the last 4 races at OCFS The Jeffer won in Palmer's car at Fonda Saturday.. They don't have as big a presence at Lebanon, but the cars have speed there also.
  9. Despite the fact that drivers have a harder time seeing out the cars with all the safety stuff nowadays, I think spotters would have a negative affect on racing. A) It leads to drivers looking at their radiator cap instead of looking far ahead. b) It leads to more blocking and lack of respect. Depending on the track, I think most flagman are little more than puppets for race control. Back in the day, the flagman ran the show and had to have a big ego. Not so much anymore. Again, it depends on the track. I think most places could get by with lights on the dashboard, the flagman is used as a visual for the fans.
  10. https://www.law.com/newyorklawjournal/2020/06/26/federal-judge-rules-against-new-yorks-outdoor-gathering-restrictions/
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