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  1. His last year was the first year for the Modified Tour. He won 12 out of 28 races (no one else won more than 4) and won the title by over 120 points even though he missed the last race because of his accident.
  2. I second Bridgeport Speedway. Just absolutely awesome racing. Even watching the videos is edge of your seat excitement.
  3. A) No one is putting a gun to team's heads to show up. The track says plain and simple it's a practice day. B ) Most tracks do days like this to start the season. C) Would you be happy if the track paid 5K for the fastest time of the day?
  4. Lebanon did 2 shows with spectators in the infield and 9 shows altogether.
  5. They use passing points in a couple asphalt modified series over my way. It's just single heats and that's it.
  6. Passing points suck, too. You draw the front row you're basically screwed no matter what you do.
  7. Never fails... same goobers over and over again that can't stay away from politics.
  8. Of course I'm biased but you can never go wrong with Eddie Marshall's cars that have been hand lettered by Dennis Smith for almost 40 years!! A simple classy design that is easy to see on the track.
  9. Chase might miss a week or two at Lebanon because Stafford has a Saturday show at the beginning and Tri-Track might have a Saturday here or there, but definitely a good opportunity for Chase. Good shoe with a good head on his shoulders.
  10. The championship is a na$car style playoff format where the top 8 are locked in after 7 races then the top 4 locked in before last race. Then those 4 will race for the 25k.
  11. If you look at Google Earth pics the only thing that's changed the last year or so is that grass is growing back where all the dirt was pushed around.
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