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  1. Sicklajoie

    malta weekend

    Any reserved seating or are they just allowing people to show up before the gates open and cover their seats?
  2. Sicklajoie

    Mike Stefanik

    Just one day before Teddy's anniversary. And they were practically the same age. The irony is beyond f'ed up.
  3. Then you tell them, when the pro stocks come out.
  4. If the Valley had $1 night it would be SRO and then some.
  5. I think the people spoke volumes when the track had their $1 night this past Saturday. The racing was good and everything was done by 1030, but the place wasn't even half full.
  6. Pretty frustrating. The Fonda website has a complete hour by hour schedule for their 3 day Fonda 200 weekend. OCFS, nothing.
  7. Sicklajoie

    Dippel suspended

    Reinstated by na$car. End of story.
  8. You need to try the sugar free menu there!
  9. David, you need to try a box of Doggy Downers! 🤣
  10. I wish it was still on Thursday too. But the 2 day turnaround from Thursday to Saturday is tough if you're involved in a Thursday wreck. I do wish that the big blocks would run the last 2 shows in September when it's now just small blocks.
  11. Doing fireworks at 130-200am was pretty freakin stupid.
  12. You might have felt that it was a completely stupid decision, but you know what? They made it. It was stated by numerous officials numerous times that it was ok. Then it was reversed. Don't blame the drivers for their reactions. They got screwed.
  13. A few people were Facebook Live-ing the race and they would show the rain in the spot lights almost as much as the race itself. It was WAY more than a few sprinkles. The race should've never went green to begin with.
  14. I'm sorry, but this all goes back to the track's complete lack of organization. You've got the biggest race in your track's history. You've got a schedule already printed up. You've got weather coming in that everyone has access to on their phones. Why in the heck are they running an hour and a half behind schedule?? Why is their not even a hint of a sense of urgency to move the show along quickly? You've got ONE division for crying out loud. ONE. And you can't get the feature out before 10PM??
  15. The point is the drivers were told one thing from MULTIPLE sources and it was overruled by someone else. Can you honestly tell me if you were in that situation you wouldn't be pissed off too?