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  1. I know there aren't a lot of asphalt fans here, but just the Stafford broadcasts alone are worth the subscription.
  2. Yes, really.. When you have as much time invested in the sport as I do, I still know what's going on. I pretty much gave up when stage racing started. I know what's going on by following Jayski, but as far as watching?? I watched maybe 30 laps all last year.
  3. You got the NASCAR part right. Too many gimmicks have turned off a lot of the audience. Myself included. Used to eat sleep and crap Winston Cup racing since 1975. Been a slow decline since 2003 for me with the Chase era to the point where now I don't give a crap. It truly amazes me that they took something as simple as going around in circles and made it so gimmicky and complicated.
  4. Sorry, but the last thing we need are radios. Teaches you to race farther than your radiator cap.
  5. Steve Barrick has a good article in this week's AARN explaining what penalties were handed out and why.
  6. New details in this week's AARN: S&S Paving has ended their association with Tremont and they will own the new team that Dowling is driving for. 2 new Bicknells with BtK steam.
  7. From Feb. 7th: Brewerton Speedway family: We are currently working on our 2021 schedule with an anticipated release date in early March. A steady diet of DIRTCar Big Block Modifieds, DIRTcar Sportsman, STARS Mod Lites and 4-cylinders will be on the menu. We thank everyone for their patience as we get back in motion.
  8. He definitely deserved a beat down after that LOL incident
  9. I saw replays of the wreck only because my FB feed was blowing up for awhile about it, but besides that I've been entertained by watching "Full Color Football - The History of the American Football League" on YouTube.
  10. Here's the problem right here. On top of social media and the fact that everyone has a camera everywhere. How do we know that stuff like what happened the other night didn't happen in the past? There's a little known fact that one time at Rockingham in 1990, Harry Gant layed out Alan Kulwicki after a race for an incident that happened out on the track. If that happened today that would get more coverage than the race itself. Imagine the firestorm if we had a scenario like 40 years ago with Horton waiting for Hearn and planting him in the wall happen today?? Would you rather see
  11. Chris Larsen explained it in last week's AARN. It has to do with 2 promoters he won't be exchanging Xmas cards with any longer.
  12. Cale, Bobby and Donnie took NA$CAR to a whole different level with what they did. Don't recall any shots being fired afterwards.
  13. Are you talking about Bubba? Here's why. https://youtu.be/EPMJgoBS8lU?t=931
  14. By now I'm sure most of you have seen his video last week at East Bay about Fear vs. Respect. The reaction that I've seen has been mostly in Tim's favor. I think he is spot on also. Now FF to Volusia's Matt vs. Max incident and the reaction is the exact opposite. Is it because of the Matt's reputation? I'm not condoning what Matt did, I'm not the fighting type. But I can certainly see why he was angry. He worked and set up Max's car. Last night was probably Matt's best shot at winning and he was taken out on the first corner of the first lap by the car you helped make fast
  15. I'm sure everyone's seen Tim McCreadie's great interview last week at East Bay about Fear = Respect. I think he's spot on. What's everyone else's take on that?
  16. The racing's been good for both series so far. To me that's all that matters.
  17. Should've used Enrico Pallazzo to do the anthem. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!: The American National Anthem. - YouTube
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