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  1. IMO it doesn't matter what guidelines you have. Fonda was as strict as you could get and they got shot down. Plain and simple, this administration puts dirt racing at the bottom of their priorities.
  2. I think what this site needs is a BAC level reading under everyone's profile. Reading some of these posts, there's no way, NO WAY that some of you guys are sober. And if you indeed are sober, God help the rest of us. 😄
  3. Unless you're a goddamn horse, Cuomo is gonna make damn sure there's no racing in NY this year!!!
  4. After what happened at Fonda, Cuomo's cronies have shut down ANY racetrack activity in NY until further notice, unless you're an f'in horse.
  5. And all a protest would do is make the whole racing industry look bad and there would be chances that reopening would be pushed even later.
  6. Back in the 80's between the ages of 15-18 I worked 75 hrs a week during the summer picking corn by hand. A lot of high school kids used to do that. I'm still friends with everybody at that farm and keep in touch with the owners there. Fast forward to now and the corn is machine picked. All the workers have to do is bag it. And they still can't find high schoolers that want to do even that anymore. It's all migrant workers there now. And for the most part they're good workers.
  7. He said word for word in his State of the Union in February that the US economy is "roaring" and "the best it has ever been." You saying he meant something different?
  8. I highly doubt Lebanon Valley would've cancelled and hell yes I would've been there.
  9. Totally agree. Even though I think the chance of racing in NY this year is slim to none, all it takes is one track being defiant against the states rule's, no matter how frustrating they may be, and the state gov't will lump the whole racing industry together and it will hurt ALL tracks. And I forget where I saw the video, I'm pretty sure it was a track in NC last week, where there was a pretty big fight in the pits afterwards crews with multiple teams involved. Needless to say social distancing was not being adhered to. Anyone on the reopening board can see this video and kick racing further down the essential list for reopening.
  10. One of the stupidest sayings ever. I'm a delivery driver who bends over backwards to service my customers well. And sometimes, no matter what you do, the customer is an asshole.
  11. See? You get it. When there's no fans, no concession $$$ from those no fans, and a limited amount of people allowed in the pits, this show will be far from a money maker to begin with.
  12. I imagine mostly the track. Considering there's no spectators and no revenue from concessions from said spectators the only $$$ they're taking in is from the back gate from what it sounds like right now is just one division running.
  13. I read the Saratoga article too and that is definitely not a good sign for any type of racing activity in NY.
  14. Anybody that doesn't think that social distancing doesn't make a difference should just google Vietnam and coronavirus. Yes they might've been at the extreme in what they did as far as shutting things down, but look at their results. Their first case was January 23rd and they still have zero deaths.
  15. Yes we are all entitled to our opinions but please keep this thought in mind every time you post.
  16. Dude, seriously. Put the damn crack pipe down. I deliver to St Francis Hospital practically every day so I see it. You are so disconnected from reality it's beyond sad.
  17. You do realize that you can be carrying the virus without any symptoms and transfer it to someone else, right??
  18. Just skimming through both the competitor and spectator guidelines, I don't see how much of this can get done in NY. Seems to me it will be more of a hassle than anything and there would be no way that it can be profitable to promoters and operators.
  19. You sure like to paint things with a broad brush, I guaran-damn-tee you there are some sheep that hang on his every word like he hung the moon that believe him and in some cases might even try it.
  20. Just because someone doesn't like the president doesn't automatically mean they are from the other party. Sometimes it's just because the supposed leader is a frickin idiot.
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