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  1. My thinking is that there will be so much traffic around the track and that gate anyways that it will be the same time wise just to park and walk there.
  2. That's what I plan on doing tomorrow except I have to go to will call booth at gate 6 on backstretch side to get tickets thennnnnnnn go back to front stands LOL
  3. Sicklajoie


    Thank you, my original question was about will call tickets. I will hike over to gate 6 then.
  4. Sicklajoie


    You can pick tickets up at both gates?
  5. Sicklajoie


    Where is the Will Call window?
  6. Can you see all of the backstretch from the top row of the covered grandstands or is there stuff in the infield blocking it? Thanks!
  7. I think Fulton is the exact opposite. Supposedly a 3/8. If it is then it was measured along the apron.
  8. First time to Fulton for me - almost a 4 hour ride. But after watching the race, it was well worth it. What a cool race track. It's like an dirt version of Thompson, with a little shorter straightaways. My only gripe, and this is probably because I'm used to the way Lebanon Valley operates, is they could've moved the show along quicker. Especially when they announced earlier in the day that they realize how cold it's going to be and they're going to do their best to keep things rolling. Outside driver intros when it's in the upper 40's? Probably not the best thing to do. But overall, I had a super time. I sat in the Skyrise section which had an awesome view, but after walking around the track during the multiple intermissions, I realized there wasn't a bad seat in the house. I'll definitely be back, any gripes I had take a backseat to the great racing action Fulton offered.
  9. 69 modifieds here on a beautiful day.
  10. I guess when the 20 also runs the track grader he can do whatever he wants.
  11. Fonda Saturday, Stafford Sunday.
  12. Great race. I was waiting for Drellos' RR to give out - he was balls to the wall on the high side the whole race, but he did a great job.
  13. Sicklajoie

    malta weekend

    Any reserved seating or are they just allowing people to show up before the gates open and cover their seats?
  14. Sicklajoie

    Mike Stefanik

    Just one day before Teddy's anniversary. And they were practically the same age. The irony is beyond f'ed up.
  15. Then you tell them, when the pro stocks come out.
  16. If the Valley had $1 night it would be SRO and then some.
  17. I think the people spoke volumes when the track had their $1 night this past Saturday. The racing was good and everything was done by 1030, but the place wasn't even half full.
  18. Pretty frustrating. The Fonda website has a complete hour by hour schedule for their 3 day Fonda 200 weekend. OCFS, nothing.
  19. Sicklajoie

    Dippel suspended

    Reinstated by na$car. End of story.
  20. You need to try the sugar free menu there!
  21. David, you need to try a box of Doggy Downers! 🤣
  22. I wish it was still on Thursday too. But the 2 day turnaround from Thursday to Saturday is tough if you're involved in a Thursday wreck. I do wish that the big blocks would run the last 2 shows in September when it's now just small blocks.