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  1. Sheppard isn't allowed to race at Fulton or Brewerton because he was in an on track physical altercation with the owners son. Which I believe is a much better reason to banned from a track rather than just because he hurt someone's feelings. His chance of winning the outlaw 200 is not the reason he doesn't race there.
  2. What else are public forums for?
  3. I don't see where anyone is "fact bending"? The only one saying we don't know the facts is Dale Larsen and he clearly feels he's above everyone stating the public is not entitled to the information he poses. I think it's pretty clear what happened, the track management made a big mistake. Some time later the OWNER caused a huge controversy by over ruling the mistake made earlier. It was a complete shit storm from the start but its certainly not a complicated situation looking back on it. Seems the only people "spinning" this are the people who are related to Chris larsen or the true sheppard haters. The same way the track is trying to derail the attention of their faults and blame Matt for it and banning him. Dale doesn't have a choice to put up with this or not, he and OCFS will hear about this for a long long time no matter how short term he thinks social media is
  4. Well for one I'm not as biased towards the hallmar cars as you've mentioned Friesen multiple times and horton. Secondly, I don't think anyone has ever heard of repairing a car and getting your spot back. But when that's blared over the loud speaker do you think people are going to argue that? Sheppard didn't only fix his car because he thought he'd get his spot back, but after they bust there ass's, along with all the other teams fixing there cars it's a huge disappointment to find out the call had been changed. So obviously you as a Larsen will defend this to no end but trying to make this a "not what it looks like" situation doesn't help your case.
  5. Never said the original call was the right call. Clearly that's where the entire issue starts is with a BAD call. My point is no where else will you find the owner of a track stepping over his race director long after a call was made. Yes it's an extremely rare case, but in the end two wrongs don't make a right, so ousting Sheppard is pointless. There were a lot of bad decisions made in one night and I believe most people would agree with that.
  6. I don't agree that a track owner overruling a decision made by a race director during a race is good management. That person was hired to make those decisions and must be trusted to make the right call. How many times has John Wight overruled calls made by his team during a race, how many times has Tyler Siri jumped out of his car during a race to change a call. The owners have people to make these decisions, if they dont like the decisions made then they get rid of them and find someone else or do it all themselves. No Sheppard was not right calling anyone a piece of shit but it also shouldn't have been a surprise why he was upset. Also I wouldn't consider some name calling "violent"
  7. If your naive enough to think social media is short term, well then I guess that's your OPINION.
  8. It may have been the best race of all time, unfortunately it's forever tainted with piss poor management across the board. It's like the 01 Daytona 500. No one ever talks about the race, only the tragedy that happened
  9. I first saw this statement posted on the OCFS Facebook page, I first thought it was a fairly professional thing to do. But after reading the hundreds of comments and seeing the smart ass and childish responses from the OCFS official page makes it easy to think the incompetency of the ownership and management of the race track. The track made huge mistakes and seemed to only take responsibility for them until they were blasted on Facebook and then they pushed back. I've seen it compared to John Wight banning Sheppard, John said his peace and that was the end of it. Didn't have himself or his cronies posting stupid remarks on social media. Also referring to the drivers as employees of the track seemed like the absolute worst comparison the owners could make.
  10. I don't believe Teo promised Graham results, It was told Danny wanted teo's because he was so pleased with his friday night Siri car. Hard to blame the chassis for lack of results. Danny has won in all the chassis. Graham gave Danny good equipment to race with, the troyer had lots of issues but thats more than likely the weekly preparation. Curious to see how long he lasts in the sweetners ride before he and Vic have another battle
  11. Who's preparing these car's for Graham? Hard to believe these broken shocks are just happening. Last year when Jimmy Phelps won the brewerton championship in a teo he had zero DNF's. I believe Matt Hearn has a lot to do with the HBR cars weekly.
  12. I don't know about Danny closing a gap, looked more like Sheppard ran him down and sailed on by as he as pretty much everyone this season. Any way point was yes people break, Danny just seems to break a lot lately.
  13. I don't think Danny runs that much harder than everyone else. Billy Dunn was driving the wheels off trying to catch Sheppard at LOL saturday night and he finished. Stuff breaks eventually, just seems to happen quite often on the graham racing troyer
  14. How many races has Danny dropped out of because the car failed in the last year? Seems like an unacceptable amount of broken shocks, rear ends or just suspension failures. I don't think Graham supplies sub par parts and equipment. Just bad luck or poor weekly maintenance?
  15. Anyone know if Chuck Bower will be back racing? Thought he took a year off for a work commitment, that was a couple years ago now. Enjoyed watching him at Brewerton