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  1. I don't believe Teo promised Graham results, It was told Danny wanted teo's because he was so pleased with his friday night Siri car. Hard to blame the chassis for lack of results. Danny has won in all the chassis. Graham gave Danny good equipment to race with, the troyer had lots of issues but thats more than likely the weekly preparation. Curious to see how long he lasts in the sweetners ride before he and Vic have another battle
  2. Who's preparing these car's for Graham? Hard to believe these broken shocks are just happening. Last year when Jimmy Phelps won the brewerton championship in a teo he had zero DNF's. I believe Matt Hearn has a lot to do with the HBR cars weekly.
  3. I don't know about Danny closing a gap, looked more like Sheppard ran him down and sailed on by as he as pretty much everyone this season. Any way point was yes people break, Danny just seems to break a lot lately.
  4. I don't think Danny runs that much harder than everyone else. Billy Dunn was driving the wheels off trying to catch Sheppard at LOL saturday night and he finished. Stuff breaks eventually, just seems to happen quite often on the graham racing troyer
  5. How many races has Danny dropped out of because the car failed in the last year? Seems like an unacceptable amount of broken shocks, rear ends or just suspension failures. I don't think Graham supplies sub par parts and equipment. Just bad luck or poor weekly maintenance?
  6. Anyone know if Chuck Bower will be back racing? Thought he took a year off for a work commitment, that was a couple years ago now. Enjoyed watching him at Brewerton
  7. It appears it has everything to do with chassis. Starts with a T, just not troyer
  8. Hondo

    SDS Brewerton

    The favoritism is still prevalent here. Maybe in the feature they'll extend the laps so Larry can try to pass more people
  9. Heard a couple different rumors in the pits this weekend at Oswego. Anyone else hear the track was possibly sold? I heard 2 different names of potential buyers
  10. Can't expect guys racing for $50k to not run hard and make some contact. Didn't look like an intentional dump to me. I was hoping Britten was gunna put the bumper on Roberts when he couldn't hold a line anywhere around the track
  11. All this will do is get Larry less respect than he already has. Most people that watch him weekly boo him on the track and this will get him a few more boo's. It will still be a good race regardless and I dont believe this will hurt the turn out.
  12. Not top tier..? How many Fulton 200's has Jimmy won? Jimmy knows his way around Fulton