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  1. I always enjoyed the Race of Kings - Paid a minimal small block purse, got a ton of cars and offered like 10 Syracuse qualify spots. I am all for more 200-lap races, but can they be a 200-lap race, not a 200 lap race with a break after 100.
  2. This Leo Boyer photo was from the last year of dirt at Flemington Speedway. Would this be considered a rough race track today?
  3. 7 Division Weekly show - sounds like a long night of racing. Definitely get your monies worth.
  4. Oh I thought it was the Mike Kelly owned Z-95, must have got bad information....
  5. Thank for the clarity Keith Flach - Sorry to see the bruises. Didn't hear much about that before you comments.
  6. Hence were I got the idea from - Mat Williamson - but as Spinnin_Tires says I am clueless....Maybe if guys actually fabricated something instead of making a phone call and waiting for UPS to show up, cars would have some more ingenuity to them and the class would be more then 24 different wraps racing around in circles on a skating rink!
  7. There are a lot more variables to preparing a race track then there are to building a durable car. Promoter can't control, rain, wind, sun, humidity, but a driver can put a shock on a car with a stronger shaft can't they?
  8. I have read so much bashing of Oswego and WRG for what happened during Super Dirt Week. Many people who know me, know I am not the biggest fan of today's modifieds. My question was when 200 lap races were put on schedules, it was about drivers and crews being able to race and have a car that can last 200 laps. It wasn't always about being the fastest, but being around at the end. Why can't today's DIRT Modified drivers plan for that? It seems that as soon as a track has some character, it needs to be changed to accommodate the cars and drivers of today. Don't todays driver
  9. I can also make the same correlation that lower cost doesn't attribute to more revenue. You have a finite audience for Modified Races, with Fonda on Flo, SDS on DirtVision, then the option of Grandview on DTDTV, you are saying you should charge less to get more? What do you recommend as the price point? With the other options on Saturday, I believe you need to maximize the revenue from the viewers that you get. You can tell me with me conviction cutting the cost in half would double the views to make the same money?
  10. Maybe it is your insistence in changing the business model to what you feel is the right way. They have been doing this for a couple of years now, so there must be enough customers that are ok with the model as it currently is. If you don't like it, you don't like it, but please stop trying to convince people to change what they are doing to suit what you think is right!
  11. Would there be, or would guys have to change the way they raced and build stuff that is more durable?
  12. For the most part would arrive Friday morning, walk around the backstretch for Sprint Car inspection and check out what everyone did to run the Mile. Watch mile activities, then head to the Wheels for 100 plus small blocks. I stopped going when the Outlaws stopped racing the Mile.
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