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  1. Apparently you didn’t witness the beat down he put on Stew and the rest of the field at this year’s STSS. And in my opinion he was the fastest car on the track during last year’s Eastern States, terrible pit strategy though.
  2. Do you mean ALL 35 of them? (Attendance seems a little low this year)
  3. blowinblackboogers

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    If I’m not mistaken it was a Kevin Kovac article in AARN years ago where he quoted the late Charlie DeAngelis as saying the same thing when comparing who cost the Freightliner team more, Brett or Danny. Charlie said he thought Danny’s driving style was unfairly criticized to a correlation of being tough on equipment. It always seemed to me Danny and Alan never put too big a priority on the cosmetics of a car, more concerned with what’s underneath it all, but gave the inclination that their cars were beaten.
  4. blowinblackboogers

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    Last year around this time many of you here said Danny was done (go ahead, read last years forums) after some DNF’s starting with the Eastern States 2017 in the Shackelton ride through his bad crash at the SDS at OCFS in July of 2018, and failed to acknowledge or realize he and the car were fast while able to race. Then he goes on to finish just outside of 3rd in the SDS points, winning 3 features, with only Sheppard (4) and Freisen (5) winning more. (Fuller also won 3). Then finishes 2nd at the Eastern States. Sheppard is in a league all his own these days. But Danny is still a top 5 contender on the SDS tour. So for all of you who said Danny was done (Stewyfan) raise you hand, raise it real high, then come down real hard and smack the back of your head and cough up all that bias, because you just might have to eat more crow this year.
  5. blowinblackboogers

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    Thank you foster for setting the record straight. I believe this was the Troyer with Danny driving at CanAm. jumper keeps putting fake news on this forum.
  6. Brett Hearn not winning at OCFS and finishing 2nd... is that considered a good thing Bob?
  7. No time trials at Big Diamond last night. Show starts at 7:30. Mod feature ends at 10! Sheppard...well, I’m sure you read the results. Keep telling yourself the WRG business model and the SDS is widely successful. You are fake news after all. Eat your heart out! The STSS is much more entertaining! Oh yea... oilman called you a jackass? That’s uncalled for! I think more appropriately jumperjackass!
  8. Ok. The track slows down. So those that want fair, begin the TT with the drivers last in points and end with Sheppard. Instead Sheppard draws in the first group to TT last Monday at Weedsport and gets the fastest time of everyone. He apparently got lucky then to draw in that group! My point pertains to SDS vs STSS entertainment factor. The SDS is thinking about “fairness” as opposed to the “the luck of the draw” for heats which the STSS mostly does. So the SDS institutes TT (not entertaining to me), then drivers in TT groups race against the same drivers in heats (redundant, not entertaining). In their attempt to attain “fairness”, on a midweek event, it seems drawn out. I get it, drivers want a fair playing field. So let’s have sealed engines all by the same manufacturer, have Teo, Bickell, etc. bid to supply frames for drivers, same with shocks, limit overall spending per team, drivers can only have 2 team members with them in pits at one time, no haulers with sleep units, on down the line. Oh, too much for you? That’s my point as someone paying to watch a race, in SDS attempt to make things fair, you are losing fans, it’s not entertaining (and like it or not, drivers are still using the luck of the draw for TT). How’s “fair” working out for NASCAR these days? How many more variables can they add to make things “more fair”. Oh yea, they’re removing whole sections of stands these days. And then we wonder why another dirt track closes. OCFS, been going there since 70’s, went to TT this regular season (along with other issues), is the worst racing I’ve ever seen there.
  9. Respectfully, yes you’ve missed my point. I agree, track conditions change, something as simple as cloud cover has an effect. With the SDS model there isn’t just one variable during TT (1. Track conditions) but two (2. Driver competition). Both dependent on a draw. Then you race those same drivers, which seems a bit redundant as a fan. Not so entertaining. If the SDS wants TT, get rid of the groups. Reduce the variables if you want “fair”.
  10. Yes, it is a stretch. Yet, someone sooner or later always seems to win the Powerball. My point is if time trials are to be used, the SDS model is flawed, a waste of time, and not entertaining. So let’s go over some facts from Mondays SDS at Weedsport. In Group 5 time trials, Coffey was 4th fastest with a 17.497. If in Group 1 he would have been 8th fastest, Group 2 (9th), Group 3 (9th), Group 4 (6th). He finishes 4th with the same group of drivers in his heat and qualifies for the feature. On a track with very little passing in the heats, it’s doubtful he would have qualified for the feature if in any other group. Hence, he didn’t get in on merit, he got the luck of the draw! Perrego, in Group 2, time trials 8th fastest with 17.163. If in Group 4 and 5, he would have been 3rd fastest and instead of Britten passing AJ for 2nd in heat 4, with the luck of the draw, Perrego could have been redrawing for a top 10 feature spot (a possible pole)! Instead he’s going home. Remember, you saw his hauler leave. Still, too much of stretch? I would do away with all time trials at a mid week event, but if the SDS wants to have TT, do away with the Groups. The DIRT series was much more entertaining years ago without the time trials and the STSS in more entertaining today than the SDS.
  11. With the qualifying procedure used at Weedsport Monday did the drivers draw for their group time trials? Then those drivers raced in heats against the same drivers that they just qualified against, with the fastest starting up front, and the top 4 finishers of the 10 or 11 drivers in each heat qualify for the feature, with the top 2 able to redraw for the feature? Ok, what if all 11 of the drivers in the first time trial group were faster than every other driver in groups 2 - 5? Not only do drivers 5 - 11 in group one not qualify and have to go to a consolation race, they don’t get to redraw for the feature, and drivers 10 and 11 fastest overall probably don’t have a chance of qualifying in the consolations. Yet the fastest time trialer in say group 5, is 42nd fastest overall, wins his heat, and redraws for the pole. Sound fair? No, but it does prove no matter how far we try as people to make things fair, we will never be able to take good or bad luck out of racing. Congratulations to Rudolph for winning, leading every lap. A better story, a better race? Billy Decker still redrawing 10th, and making the pass on the last lap to win!
  12. blowinblackboogers


    I think we might have to assign Robert Mueller to get to what really happened at Weedsport on Monday night?
  13. blowinblackboogers


    I hear ya jumper. Arguing whether or not The Jet was driving the hauler, his personal vehicle, or left on a tricycle, that’s what’s important to me. Thanks
  14. Whether it be STSS or SDS, these events for the most part are on weeknights and most people have to work the next morning. Don’t make these shows more than what they need to be. No support classes, save em for the regular weekend show, this is a special event. US Anthem only and first, sorry Canada, we’ll listen to yours when the race is there. No time trials. Top point drivers draw first for heat races. Make the heats worthwhile and give the drivers who got an unlucky pick a chance: 15 laps. Same for the consolation(s). No redraw. Start the feature according to how well you qualified. But invert heat order in feature. Example: Winner of first of six heats, starts 6th. 30 minute intermission. No long driver intro, we know who they are. Feature: 75 laps, cautions don’t count. Done. Make your 2-3 hr drive home safe, you gotta get a few hours of sleep before work tomorrow.