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  1. DaRooster’s got a spare bed in his house too.
  2. blowinblackboogers

    Brett in a bicknell

    Yes. And he was wearing Danny Johnson’s fire suit and helmet.
  3. blowinblackboogers

    Brett Hearn?

    Driving time doesn’t factor in with the GOAT. It’s not like he’s gotta get up early and go to work the next day. And I’ve heard riding along with the GOAT in that big party wagon compares to rockin with Aerosmith. Actually more like Bon Jovi, both being from New Jersey and all. “Cause I’m a cowboy, a steel horse I ride...”
  4. blowinblackboogers

    Friesen In A Bicknell?

    Now he just needs one of those C.C. motors to keep up with Superman down the straights!
  5. blowinblackboogers

    Brett Hearn?

    Lighten up Francis
  6. blowinblackboogers

    Brett Hearn?

    You’re memory isn’t too bad either since you’ve got all 900+ remembered. I respect the GOAT, but some loyal fans just can’t let Brett to be made fun of. You of all people shouldn’t be surprised when someone uses mockery on this forum for some humor. Make another one of those photos for the 900+ time. I like the humor.
  7. blowinblackboogers

    Brett Hearn?

    Perhaps some of those in favor of Brett running with the sportsman should inquire as to why that's not allowed by DIRTcar.
  8. blowinblackboogers

    Brett Hearn?

    In a recent post on this forum while discussing Brett racing his sportsman car at the Devils Bowl 200 versus racing the SDS race at Utica Rome, it was mentioned by some that Brett races from a business standpoint where the chances of a higher payout is conducive to his racing for a living. Not sure why he wasn't at Brewerton Friday for the $7,500 instead of Albany Saratoga's $4,000. He could of raced his sportsman at Brewerton as well that night. It has been mentioned that the talent is much better where Brett is racing opposed to those racing on the SDS tour, so it's not like he's cherry picking or anything like that. Also been said that by racing with the sportsman class it gives them the opportunity to race against more experienced talent, thus making the sportsman better drivers. Why stop with the sportsman class? I'd like to see him kick ass in the street stocks and slingshots too! I mean he's won everything there is to win already in the modifieds, he's got nothing more to prove.
  9. blowinblackboogers

    Duel predictions...

    Not the same without the GOAT Brett Hearn.
  10. Makes me wonder if the horse race fans were saying the same thing about us automobile race fans 100 years ago?
  11. blowinblackboogers

    Duel predictions...

    Well in that case I’ve gotta go with the Doctor!
  12. blowinblackboogers

    Duel predictions...

    Brett Hearn! He wins both the modified and the sportsman races at Brewerton to make it Dual Duel wins!
  13. blowinblackboogers

    Sheppard and Middletown

    I didn’t realize that the last couple of beers in the fridge that were drunk when he decided not to drink didn’t actually count...
  14. Just curious rpm, do you include Hearn as one of those teams?