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  1. blowinblackboogers

    Time To Retire?

    Brett got hit in the left quarter panel, messing up the quick fill hose. Sometimes luck isn't on your side. The rumors of retirement surround Hearn right now, but if there's a 200 to be run, he's still in my top three.
  2. blowinblackboogers

    Time To Retire?

    Hope you sensed the sarcasm. Decker, Johnson and Hearn all proved they belong on the track if they wish to do so. A 200 lapper isn’t you’re “just the average race”. But nobody, no-body had anything for Stew last night. Dominant!
  3. Let’s give a big round of applause for two old guys who should probably hang up their helmets after finishing 3rd and 4th in this year’s Eastern States 200 - Billy Decker and Danny Johnson.
  4. Thanks Captain Obvious. But that doesn’t explain why someone felt the hole between 3-4 was going to fix itself overnight. All due respect to Gary Tomkins, but if the track prep crew had any pride in their product, (and yes, I believe they did), they would have stayed up all night, drinking all the coffee from Oswego to make that track ready for race time on Sunday. Instead, someone made the decision not to prep the track at all. And the track started off as crap! Crap started at 7 PM with no sun or crap started at 2 PM with lots of sun? It’s All Crap Captain Obvious! And someone needs to own that pooooop!
  5. Right on racermurray! Watched the whole week of Super Dirt Week on Floracing. Track conditions were remarked as flawless all week before Sunday... and they were flawless except for a hole developing between turn 3 and 4 at the end of the small block 150. That race was awesome! The 200 suuuuuucked! Those responsible for not doing any track prep for Sunday and not having the foreseeable knowledge what problems that hole between 3 and 4 would pose should respond and own that poop! Worst 200 I have ever watched! Orange County, Eastern States, I hope you were watching and saw that shitshow. Please, learn from that mess. Minus some bad decisions during the Centennial, caused by an act of God (the rain), that race was (as Hearn said) one of the best races to watch as a fan ever at OCFS! The track conditions were perfect, making for fan-tastic racing! With some help from mother nature, show the doubters why a 200 is still a race the fans want to make a weekend out of
  6. blowinblackboogers


    Perrego is an up and coming star. Something you can’t fault Ray Graham with is recognizing talent, and he saw that in Perrego. Perrego could learn from Hearn that by going a little slower he’d be faster in the long run, but he’s young, a great talent and worth the price of admission to watch. With a little bit of luck, we’d be talking about Perrego winning the $100,000 Centennial Race and the $50,000 Super Dirt Week 200 instead of Williamson.
  7. DaRooster’s got a spare bed in his house too.
  8. blowinblackboogers

    Brett in a bicknell

    Yes. And he was wearing Danny Johnson’s fire suit and helmet.
  9. blowinblackboogers

    Brett Hearn?

    Driving time doesn’t factor in with the GOAT. It’s not like he’s gotta get up early and go to work the next day. And I’ve heard riding along with the GOAT in that big party wagon compares to rockin with Aerosmith. Actually more like Bon Jovi, both being from New Jersey and all. “Cause I’m a cowboy, a steel horse I ride...”
  10. blowinblackboogers

    Brett Hearn?

    Lol ur sharp!
  11. blowinblackboogers

    Friesen In A Bicknell?

    Now he just needs one of those C.C. motors to keep up with Superman down the straights!
  12. blowinblackboogers

    Brett Hearn?

    Lighten up Francis
  13. blowinblackboogers

    Brett Hearn?

    You’re memory isn’t too bad either since you’ve got all 900+ remembered. I respect the GOAT, but some loyal fans just can’t let Brett to be made fun of. You of all people shouldn’t be surprised when someone uses mockery on this forum for some humor. Make another one of those photos for the 900+ time. I like the humor.
  14. blowinblackboogers

    Brett Hearn?

    Perhaps some of those in favor of Brett running with the sportsman should inquire as to why that's not allowed by DIRTcar.