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  1. With so many New York state tracks not running in 2020 due to Covid 19 how many New York teams will make the trip to Big Diamond for the Coalcracker small block race 72 laps $17,000 to win.
  2. Just wondering with several tracks announcing there reopening plans has anyone heard anything from OCFS. Orange County entered the phase 1for reopening. Would love to see some local racing.
  3. After the memorial laps there was a brief shower at around 945pm. The radar showed more rain coming from Pennsylvania. Ocfs in the interest of the drivers cancelled the remainder of the features, you don’t need big blocks going into the corners full speed and destroying there cars or hurting drivers do to rain. During the week the speedway worked on the surface and it was pretty good better then past weeks. Ocfs has had multiple weeks of excessive rain, most tracks have had multiple rainouts. It was dusty during the heat races but what dirt track isn’t. In timed big bloc
  4. I heard it is timed warmups with top 12 locking in with redraw then heat races for the rest of the field. Let them come out with the announcements and do the awards tomorrow at the car show.
  5. Wondering if August 17 will be show up points for Modifieds so there teams will have the option to go for Ocfs for the $100,000 to win race. Matt Sheppard has expressed interest in going.
  6. Kenny Tremont first car to sign up for Hard Clay Open.
  7. Wondering what the car counts will be for the bigs blocks. Is 125 to high of a number. We know there will probably be some surprise entries for this event.
  8. When Chris Larsen took over OCFS they talked to Brett Deyo and Super Dirt Series officials about there intentions to use these dates for this race and that it would be a 1 time special event like no other.
  9. Matt Sheppard said in this weeks AARN that he will skip his weekly tracks and attend Ocfs 100 Anniversary races.
  10. The Hard Clay Open at OCFS a Brett Deyo Short Track Super Series North event will be paying $11,919 to win $700 to start. Lots of high paying events at Ocfs as they celebrate their 100th Anniversary Season.
  11. The following day rain date is not for the all star race. The 2018 season had a lot of rainouts and now the 2019 race schedule has 3 built in rain dates if needed for regular Saturday races that can’t be run due to weather. Lots of complaints for not making up the shows in 2018 so 2019 has rain dates built in so all teams know way ahead of time.
  12. They should post the dates of there big 3 day show in August 2019 now so one of us can start planning our time off next season.
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