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  1. Whatever happened to promoters and series working hard and finding a sponsor to cover the purse increase vs just passing it on to the fans?
  2. Pretty typical of this forum. People bitch and complain that the SDS purse is too low. It then gets raised and all then its bitching and complaining about that the price at the gates are going to go up. You friggin people are unbelievable.
  3. Just the mention of the word Beer in the title will probably get this post shut down by Mr. Miller.
  4. Someone tried to build one out between RFH's and Fulton Speedway. From my understanding the local laws and Insurance Companies where not having it. They didnt even get to run a single race.
  5. Call me sick but i love the "oh its definitely kevins baby" to paternity test, its not kevins baby. LMAO. "It even looked like kevin" well, when you want to believe in something so much, you can see anything. lol. And then the story moved on to something else. Would of loved to of seen the look on mamma wards face when them paternity tests came back. Best part of the whole story. So was his girlfriend banging someone else before he passed? Or was it a post death banging I wonder? Was she out for a money grab too knowing what ever son she popped out would of been an heir. Did she get prego after his death or before as it was revealed a month later. Then paternity test backfired that stunt and shes stuck with a kid. hhhmmmm
  6. So posting racing information at racing events to racing people only, good way to draw new people to the sport and get your info out there. Major major major problem with the short sighted people within this sport. Have not heard one radio ad nor seen one sign around Syracuse advertising such a show. Shame, I would of liked to of gone but already made other plans. And if you dont know about the event, how would one know to look for a website? Same with the facebook page.
  7. Theres a racing show this weekend? Have not seen any advertising for it anywhere.
  8. I wonder if Dean is reading all this just shaking his head and thinking, wow these fools have no clue what it takes to run a successful series. Or is he thinking, wow, these are all great ideas, i shall try them all and then wait for all the complaints at how i ruined the series. LOL
  9. Absolutely correct. Why is it an acceptable model for NE Dirt mods and the series to be sanctioned to have a race but any joe blow track out there can get a WOO sprint or LM race. why is there no track to track sanctioning for them. And do not use the national vs regional logic as that makes zero sense and holds no water.
  10. oh i wasnt aware woo lms and sprints are national and the sds is only regional. SMGDH. I love this cop out excuse whenever comparisons are being drawn. And why are they a regional series? I tried to explore this in a previous thread but must of been too high level of a conversation for the dunces that troll this place. Someone in previous posts made a comment, actually theres been several now, that if no sanction, no series race. And that would be the dumbest thing for any series to lay down as a rule.
  11. Get rid of big blocks all together and just have the small block class under the current 358 rules. Or change the modified engine rules to mirror the late model engine rules. Let any track that wants a series race, have one. Screw that membership nonsense. Again, thats only a North East Stupidity money grab rule. Is every track the WOO sprints and WOO LMs run at country wide dirt sanctioned? NOPE!!!. So why does that rule have to apply to mods? Guess what? It dont. Lastly for the next money grab thats currently killing racing. Tires, tires, tires. Most tracks above the thruway are hoosiers. Most below are American Racers. Fractioning cars and counts. Want to boost series drivers, get everyone on the same tire or open up the tire rules.
  12. Maybe fans dont want to sit through a normal saturday night of 75 sportsman cars so they stay home?
  13. Thats just not true. Ever see a sprint car or late model. Id bet they have as much or more downforce as a mod. Its the way the track is being prepared. to think any differently is foolish.
  14. Reminds me of a saying i heard one time. Something to the effect of: "Racing, the only circus where the clowns pay to put on the show"
  15. You missed the point. Racing mods doesn't pay like late models do.
  16. He said he wants to spend time with his family. Not throw away his life savings.
  17. yes it would be big money. The whole pits wouldnt have to be covered. just sections. Would have to work out cars getting lined up and such, if that would be covered or not. They would hit some rain leaving pit stall on way to lineup. check out the pic below of philly lots. sure hauler would be in the rain but car work area would be covered. they even have solar on the roofs. if a track did that, sell back to nat grid, making money year round. The track itself would not have to be indoors. think of a giant pavillion with a vacume attached at the top center of the roof. the sides would still be open. could even collect the rain fall into a basin for......... watering a track. Imagine how many green credits a track could apply for? Or just being able to boast that your a green facility. All power for the track could be ran off that solar or paid back, ect ect.
  18. I'd build something the size and shape of Brewerton. I'd have some sort of a dome/retractable roof. I say dome but i picture something more like pavilion. There would be some sort of blower system that would collect up the dust and deposit it into a bag or pile. (think carpentry tools sucking up the saw dust) This would help keep it off the fans and a way to recycle/recoup something that can be put back on the track thats normally is lost. Could literally race during the rain. Grandstands would obviously be covered. As for the pits, I picture something like at the Philadelphia Eagles football stadium parking lot. Basically long carports where teams could pull in, sure their truck or trailer may be in the rain but there would be a covered area to work on the cars.
  19. "Dalton Sargeant" Sounds like a rich spoiled kid that i would love to hate. hopefully im right, cause i already dislike him. Must be his name.
  20. Give me 300K and Alan Johnson. How many track championships do you want?
  21. 1/2 mile track, with a dustless surface called Syndi. There would be an accompanying road course and facilities for year round events.
  22. No, because its glass. USAC and the majority of the country does not run on glass. Its mainly a north east thing.
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